Reviews for The Point of No Return
NextChristineDaae chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Crucial point all right! (Mind you, makes a change from thinking of England (France) or doing one's shopping list ...)

In all seriousness, though, speaking as someone who knows The Phantom of the Opera inside-out (well, not literally ... though if Ramin is offering to sing with me in a strange (yet heavenly) duet, of course ...), your take on it is just stunning. Stunningly written, poised and apt for the (very) end (discounting Love Never Dies).

I've come to find that there is little you can read or experience and not develop it in some way for the better - indeed, I've yet to come across anything you CAN'T develop for the better; not everything in the world of fiction needs extra comment, of course, but your language and ideas' skills as such that, even if something said "The End. Finito. No more. Nothing. Zilch. Cannot be added to in any way, shape or form", I would be willing to bet that the one and only Kimmeth could wipe out such a line and replace it with an extra paragraph of truly matchable - if not better - standards than the original, not least because, hey - you just did!

The famed novella of this - my so adored love story - was in itself a work of art, but its written way was not the most eloquent of books. But - guess what? - yours flows with raw, impassioned emotion beautifully.

And, from you, I don't think you could ever damage any original work by placing absurdities into the minds of the readers. Plenty can and do - but you are and always will be the ultimate exception.

Do I have to remind you that you are born to write? Or would you like it in non-electronic writing, as well? ;)