Reviews for Some Enchanted Evening
damncritic chapter 1 . 5/10/2014
I can already imagine livingstons moms expression when she sees rusty in handcuffs on the bed with danny in d room and livingston about to go in. Nice. Though i still cant wrap my mind around livingston x rusty. For me, its dannyrusty all the way. But i still liked this story.
ladyowl chapter 1 . 9/24/2013
About 80% confident that this line: "More like the mano y mano stuff anyway," Danny explained. "Sparring." should read ... mano a mano. (hand and hand, vs. hand to hand).

anyway. this is cute fun. thanks, LO
InSilva chapter 1 . 1/21/2011
Nods. Quite right.

And smiling and thank you and a shade earlier than last year and also and most importantly, Livingston fic!

Love the way you write Livingston. I can hear every word in his voice. Remember reading "How Livingston" a small lifetime ago and I swear Eddie Jemison was doing all the italics in my head.

Sigh for the opening and the worried and the overthinking and the dilemma. Because he knows all he has to do is ask and that in itself is a problem.

And can see Danny watching him and calling his name and just getting no response and being intrigued and amused and wondering about the what and the why Livingston is so wound up.

Livingston laying out the problem at hand. The overshadowing and Livingston mostly doesn't mind that. He doesn't want the spotlight on him. But year after year of being overlooked and taken for granted and dismissed by his own family as easily as Feds who call him Radioshack... Can understand the motivation not to go through the humiliation yet again.

And much love for the "Because Danny suggested it and it sounded insane-but-reasonable, same as everything else Danny suggested." Quite right too. And giggling for Danny answering for Rusty. Also quite right.

Amusement for Rusty checking exactly what the game plan is. Because he really could swing either way.

Meeting Livingston's parents and the introductions and Danny and Rusty can see the unintentionally hurtful for themselves. And imagine this only makes them more determined that the evening is going to go the way they want.

Small sigh for Livingston unused to seeing his Mom laugh. Not right.

Pleased to hear that Livingston had a happy childhood with his grandparents. Although he always seems to have been overlooked. Have visions of Lawrence and Leyland being apportioned and his parents frowning at each other going "We've forgotten something". Livingston could have been "Home Alone" kid.

Giggling for the fight over who gets the bed. And smiling for the "Why don't we wait and see how we feel tonight?" because it made me wonder even then about the sleeping arrangements.

Oh, I'm with Livingston. Rusty in black tie is definitely something. And what I like is that Rusty has exactly the same thought about Livingston.

Love the "L" naming convention. And yes, you make it clear that none of the relatives set out to be vicious or nasty. Just that their remarks and their comments *do* hurt. And I hate that they start on Rusty too with the oneupmanship. Of course, they're going to lose that battle very quickly.

Still love the trout up a waterfall dress description. Can picture it. And much sigh for Louisa and her "brown little sparrow" remark. Because Rusty scores 38 out of 10. And so pleased that Livingston has his own memory of time with Rusty to push that thought away.

The meal. And Danny and Rusty doing their very best to enhance Livingston's professional and personal standing with his family and am so pleased he has them as friends. Much amusement for the mmms. Yeah, any time, any place.

Smiling for Livingston getting drunker and losing inhibitions. And that goes for punching Lawrence (much cheering) and what makes that scene brillianter? Livingston apologising the second he's hit him. And yes, getting Danny away from Lawrence is a very, very good idea.

Love Danny adding to Livingston's reputation with the kiss. Also, can imagine Livingston's eyes are as wide as Louisa's.

And much amusement for Danny listening to how Rusty is the ultimate sex god. From Livingston. Really not a comfortable moment for Danny. Or Livingston when he recalls it undrunk. And Danny would completely agree that Rusty is the guy. And that times are amazing. But that's about as much as he wants to hear.

Later and the party continuing with illicit whisky and icecream and going on from there. With only one small hitch. And I love the sudden sobering up when Livingston realises the keys are missing. And the "You can get out of handcuffs right? I've seen you get out of handcuffs." comfort that is of no comfort.

Danny accompanying Livingston back again and naturally no embarrassment from Rusty and lots of Dannyamusement. And Livingston's relief disappearing in a heartbeat as his parents walk in on the tableau.

"As bright sides went, that was about the equivalent to a single match in a black hole" That's such a great line.

Smiling for Livingston's dad drawing his own conclusions about his son and these newfangled computers (nearly newfanged. Huh.) and Livingston's family will never ever look at him the same way again. I count success and triumph.

And thank you again. Lovely fic.
Nanu chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
This was completely adorable, of course Danny and Rusty would make Livingston's holiday a lot crazier and so much better. Love this!
Maia2 chapter 1 . 1/3/2011
Awww, Rus and Danny are so sweet! And really, of course they are looking at him. Always nice to read something from Livingston's POV. He's so different, so insecure, he always gives a different perspective.

I love all the impressions they gave without really lying. Hong Kong and the Chinese. Hee. So D&R.

Anyway, thanks for the seasonal fic!

Guest chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
"Want us to come next year?"

Hijokugei chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
Hilarious, sexy, and generally amazing, as expected from the great Otherhawk.