Reviews for Trust Is A Relative Thing
Guest chapter 51 . 3/21
Wow this is a good story I really like this harry
I enjoyed reading your version of events and I do agree that the wizarding world is too bias against houses
Hope you update real soon
ambersnowflake chapter 51 . 3/22
Please continue the story soon. I'm completely in love!
X chapter 51 . 3/7
While there were a couple of slow spots in the story, overall it has been a very enjoyable read. I especially appreciated the different Harry and the fact that you didn't slavishly follow JKR's plot, although yes, you did use bits of it to pin your story to. I find myself disappointed that - for whatever reason - you were unable to finish the story, but I understand that life happens.
Guest chapter 24 . 3/5
Hate to be pedantic, but 'manse' is the Scottish equivalent of 'rectory' ie the house belonging to the minister of the local church and definitely NOT the home of a lord,
X chapter 21 . 3/5
Although an interesting read, I've found a number of Americanisms (and you probably don't care). A couple of examples: In a previous chapter you referred to the Dursley's 'back yard'. In the UK it would be called the back garden, regardless of the fact that what it's growing might only be grass and possibly a few flowers (or a weed bed in a rundown neighborhood). In this and other chapters you've referred to children as 'kids'. A kid is a baby goat. They have their own slang words, but most of those are usually only used by the lower classes (as a side note, the Dursleys would be lower class, regardless of having money). Finding all of the proper slang words would likely be too much work for the purpose, so finding one or two and sticking to those would have been acceptable - or just stick with 'child', 'boy', 'young man', etc.
Since this note is probably going in one ear and out the other (so to speak), I'll stop now.
TheButterflyComposer chapter 8 . 3/4
Good lord, most of the teachers in this fic are WORSE than the canon ones.
I don't know whether to be shocked or impressed...
liz.barden chapter 51 . 3/1
good story, hope you continue it sometime.
Ayemorena chapter 51 . 2/18
No more? :-( When's the next update coming?
Ayemorena chapter 27 . 2/15
I just stumbled across this story two days ago while browsing for new HP (Black) Fanfics to read.
I love the perspective this story is coming, from beginning with an assertive yet vindictive Petunia taking control of her home and family [which includes Harry (!genius!)]...followed by a very intelligent, focused, strong, healthy, well-read and TOTALLY prepared Harry arriving at Hogwarts with a massive chip on his shoulder and fostering intense dislike of both APWBD and MMcGonagal.
Really great story idea and a good example of how to properly write AU fanfic. Good Job
Scamander chapter 51 . 2/2
Any chances to see this story updated?
I'll be happy to see how this Harry handles Triwizard tournament.
Joshua Finnigan chapter 51 . 1/20
The author of this fanfiction did an excellent job of writing it, but I hope that you can get it finished so others can find out what the ending of the story is.
Angelina Roongta chapter 51 . 1/16
one of the most amazing stories I have ever read, and I love the way Harry is and how he gave Moony and Pads another chance but can't he and Ron be friends? Please? Love your story any case!
draconin chapter 51 . 1/15
I just discovered this story and I'm blown away! Outstanding idea and really well executed. I'm very sad to see it hasn't been updated for some time; if your muse happens to strike, please don't fight it. ;-)
HPMARIE chapter 51 . 1/14
This story is amazing, too bad it seems abandoned :'(
Angelina Roongta chapter 26 . 1/14
awesome story and all but is it Harry and Luna? Not that I mind the pair but aren't the Potter men supposed to be cursed to love red heads or something? Love your story BTW!
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