Reviews for Trust Is A Relative Thing
Freddie Rindklip chapter 2 . 10/13
Just finished Chapter 2. Petunia is a Slytherin muggle/squib. Thank you for writing?

BTW: are you still active?
Guest chapter 13 . 9/15
Thank you for explaining What they are, I was wondering,... "what are those things for?"
just a lone wolf chapter 51 . 8/17
Love the story!
I wish you could continue it, despite it having been years since you last updated!
mathildem73 chapter 51 . 8/14
Is it foolish of me to wish you will update the story after almost 10 years...?
Such a great story, but I find it really sad for Harry to always be so businessy, cold, independent and distant from everyone... i really hope he will warm up and trust (at least) Remus and Sirius...
J.E.P 1996 chapter 42 . 8/11
Go Petunia!
tec4cleveland chapter 44 . 8/11
PALATE. A palette is flat surface used by an artist. If you want to learn to drink wine and savor it, you need to develop a PALATE. Oy ...
moodysavage chapter 51 . 8/5
Sooooo interesting
DODO chapter 42 . 7/24
Its funny, but nothing says "American background" more, than a menue, with several dishes containing pecans instead of walnuts!
Pecans are native to North America and therefore Americans use them in baking and cooking, where an European (including UK) would use the native European Walnut.
Of course they are available in Europe, thanks to international trade, but usually eaten as is, mostly as part of a snack bag of mixed nuts or trail mix.
Anyway, I enjoy reading your story very much, thank you!
Temple chapter 1 . 7/10
Found listed on Darth Marrs Well of Lost Fics. Wow.
Guest chapter 13 . 7/9
Wonderful story. I want that wardrobe!
Lord Harold James Gryffondor chapter 1 . 6/23
Thanks for this story ! I hope you will finish this story !
Kayleigh J chapter 51 . 6/12
I really enjoyed this. I got so into it I didn't even realize it wasn't finished until I got to the last chapter and I'm a tad disappointed given how long it has been since you've updated. I was really looking forward to seeing how THIS Harry could handle the TW Tournament and Voldy's return, but I suppose I'll just have to hope you return at some point to finish your masterpiece.
dorenflak777 chapter 51 . 6/5
You know my thoughts
thinker0 chapter 51 . 6/3
Has to be the most interesting version of Slytherin Harry I have seen. Love your characterizations
Guest chapter 51 . 5/29
This is a wonderful story.I don't understand and am sad that this hasn't been completed.
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