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Fish Stick Friday chapter 1 . 1/4/2011
Are you sick of me...NOW? Teehee!

Is it just me, or are you really trying to lay on the guilt with your author's notes? Maybe it's my guilty conscience, but I feel oh-so guilty for not being one of your loyal reviewers (in my eyes). *dies*

To people who have never experienced a Midwestern winter, they are probably wondering why Kendall got so bundled up just to get the mail. My response: "You haven't experienced a Midwestern winter, have you?" Seriously, you hit the nail on the head. You really DO have to bundle up just to walk what, twelve feet (give or take, depending on how close your mailbox is to your front door...) to go and get the mail!

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when you said Kendall and his two best friends. I was literally like, "Who did you kill off this time?"

I loved how you mentioned Katie getting a Pop Tiger magazine in the mail.

It was Logan. Of course it had to be Logan. Honey, your FCMD is getting way out of hand here!

That's horrible that they never got to celebrate Logan's birthday!

That was so heartbreaking when Kendall was tracing Logan's face with his fingertip.

Kendall's "Logan." did me in! :(

I felt bad for Kendall. He was crying. He almost never cries.

I liked how you mentione "Swirly" and how it was "a more fun alternative to getting downstairs." :)

Carlos isn't hard to please. Ain't that the truth? ;)

Even James' remark about not getting his beauty sleep made me smile. And that's an improvement. Usually, I'd just roll my eyes at that.

The mental image of Kendall stumbling around like a drunk is hilarious!

I liked how Carlos was making faces on his pancakes with butter and syrup.

My breath seriously hitched in my throat when Mrs. Knight called out Logan's name.

Carlos frantically searching the room for Logan incredibly sad! :(

"Evidence"...What did you do to Logan, Laura?

I liked how you said that Mrs. Knight dialed the three numbers that everyone should know but no one should ever have to use.

The part where you said that each movement hurst like James was an old man, but he wasn't; he was seventeen.

Oh no! What is it with you and James resorting to self-harm?

I liked how James couldn't have the picture distorted by being cracked, so he just took it out of the broken frame.

Of course Logan is between James and Carlos in the picture! Jagan and Cargan are the best!

Wow! That picture was taken four days before Logan went missing? Wow!!

Why would someone take Logan? Aside from Carlos, he has to be one of the most innocent characters on the show!

Aww! Poor James!

Come on! It wasn't bad enough that Logan got kidnapped or was missing or whatever, but you had to go and have him get stabbed too? You're Logan... :(

I liked how you had different scenes from different people's POV. Like we got to see what Kendall thought. What James thought. What Carlos thought, etc.

Ew! Please don't have Carlos hurl...

That's so sad how Carlos' father isn't his hero anymore because they still haven't been able to find Logan.

Carlos was so precious when he was all, "Don't say that!" when Officer Garcia told him that Logan might not even be alive anymore. *sniffles* That was really hard to type...

OMG! Poor Carlos! I feel so bad for him! See? See the mess Carlos is, Laura? You caused that! Happy now?

That was so sad how Carlos was like "Don't touch me!" and then "I hate you!" to his own father. :(

At least Officer Garcia didn't believe Carlos when he said that he hated him. He knew Carlos regretted what he said, and that he didn't mean it.

I couldn't imagine Kendall beating up or yelling at Logan either, kidnapped or not. Bromance FTW!

You really know how to tug on my heart strings (wait, is that one word?) don't you? All you have to do is write about how Carlos curls himself into a tiny ball, and I go, "Aww!"

Sadly, and maybe this is just because I watch shows like CSI and CSI: Miami, but most criminals aren't so sloppy as to touch a knife without wearing gloves. I guess what I'm trying to say is that of course there wouldn't be any fingerprints.

Aww! Kendall and James were both hugging each other and crying! :(

Random thought: I'm sure using a lot of emoticons in this review, aren't I? That was a rhetorical question, so don't feel obligated to answer that, okay?

I don't see why BTR couldn't go on without Logan. I mean, sure it wouldn't be the same without him. They could make it work...unless they were too broken to make it work, which they probably are. Wow! How awful do I sound? Even talking about something like this. I should be like "Yeah, that's right! There's no BTR without Logan!" But I'm not. Though I could be...Time out. Can I change my stance? Or is it too late?

Time in.

Wow! That's a pretty detailed account of how long it's been since Logan went missing. Down to the minutes as well.!

Haha. Of course you would find a way to include Guilty James in this...Wait. Was I not supposed to laugh about that? Don't mind me. I am working on my second can of I really shouldn't though. I gotta work at 7 tomorrow morning...

That's sad how James no longer has anyone to be an insomniac with. If I keep chugging soda, I can be James' insomniac buddy person thing...

No, no, no! Stop having James cut himself! I know he's not my favorite character and all, but I still don't like it when you have James cut himself! :(

That is so incredibly touching how James wants to keep the phone line open just in case.

I liked how through everything, Kendall still looks out for Carlos and James and makes sure they're properly dressed to go outside in the cold.

Holy cow! The candlelight vigil darn near did me in! Even all caffeined (is that even a word?) up and such like I am right now as I type this, I was literally on the verge of tears when I read that candelight vigil part. Really.

Oh no! Guilty James is bad enough. We don't need Guilty Carlos too!

In spite of everything, when you wrote how Carlos was squished between his friends as they cry, I smiled. Then again, that's probably just my caffeine talking...or whatever the appropriate verbage is...

Holy cow! I forgot all about how Camille would take this until you mentioned her!

I loved how they were all holding a different picture of Logan.

Aww! Poor Kendall!

"...wrapped in a triangular hug that used to be a square." Talkk about a tear-inducer...Who even uses words like "inducer" when they're on a caffeine buzz? Only me, I suppose...

So, I'm confused. Is Logan still alive? Or is he dead? Was he tortured? Or killed quickly? And has been dead for months? There are so many questions again! You seriously can't stop there.

This is seriously my favorite of all your Christmas presents EXCEPT the one you dedicated to me, "Only Seven." Because you dedicated it to me, and I choked on all the Cargan, but in a good way, and you included Power Rangers, and yeah.

Anyways, I think, unless I'm mistaken, this is the longest review I have ever left. Ever. It says I have under 3,000 characters left. Pay no mind to like the latter half of this review. It was the caffeine talking...I cannot be held accountable for anything that I may or may not have said whilst on a caffeine buzz.

Would it be completely horrible of me to ask you to do a story about Logan's kidnapping from Logan's POV? You know, like his thoughts on what is happening while it's happening. Maybe answer some of the unanswered questions I have in the process. This is the really awful part: I actually want to read about Logan getting hurt and tortured and maybe even killed. Wow! That is really my caffeine talking...well...mostly...:)

Okay, so can I change my mind? Maybe this is my favorite oneshot that you have ever written ever. I mean look how long the review is. Caffeine buzz or not. I now have less than 2,000 characters left. But don't get me wrong. I still LOVE your Christmas present to me! SO MUCH! Because you dedicated it to me, and it had all my favorite things when it comes to BTR stories.

Amazing, incredible, wonderful, fantastic, terrific, superb, excellent, phenomenal job on this! I'm seriously jealous of you. You get so many reviews on your stories! Like the only time I came close to you was 'Big Time Disaster,' But "Little Hollow" still trounced me by a good 300 reviews. And that was also because 'Big Time Disaster' was like uber-long. Haha. Who uses words like "uber" when on a caffeine buzz? Only me. I guess. Anyways, I should probably quit rambling now. I'm probably making a fool of myself. I need to get to bed, not like I can while still on a caffeine buzz, but I'm just saying...Plus, I wanted to update 'My Best Friend Is a Vampire' before I went to bed because I like reading reviews during my breaks at work. 1,021 characters left.
Mandy chapter 1 . 1/4/2011
I cried and cried i really felt this you have a talent
CrayonsPink chapter 1 . 1/3/2011
This was so sad! I almost started crying. :( Great job!
Lauren chapter 1 . 1/2/2011
Ok, sorry I reached the limit.

So, anyway, I don't know how I want September to go. If they do find him, then my other favorite option is them finding Logan but he's messed up more than I can really comprehend. I just... I wasn't expecting to want that option, you know? I was honestly shocked by how much pain I was in, and how badly I needed Logan to be found. Everything about appreciating good writing was removed and I was amazed with how fiercely I wanted to email you and demand that Logan be found. This really had a profound affect on me.

I'm more removed again now, and I can accept and appreciate them never finding Logan. Then again, my head still hurts.

I don't know what I want you to do. I just want Logan.

This was INCREDIBLE. It's the best thing you've ever written. I love it and I love you.

WyszLo chapter 1 . 1/2/2011
Ok I've been staring at this blank review box for two minutes trying to hype myself up to review but all I want to do is put my computer away, roll over, and cry myself to sleep.

I've already reviewed the first part for you in my email, so this is gonna start with the police officers. Except for this... I have to bring this up again: "His heart hurts so badly that for a minute he's afraid that he's dying." It was even harder the second time. The whole time I was terrified for our bunny and yet it was Kendall that broke me.

Ok, continuing with the story. I freaked out when I read "bloodstain." Up until then I had already read everything, so I was pretty much ok. That's when I started crying again.

And then our bunny happened. I was crying so hard I was shaking throughout Carlos's entire first section. I had to take multiple breaks to hide my face in my crying towel to sob. It hurt. This was one of the hardest parts: "A sob shakes him and nearly knocks him off his feet. "Why can't you save, Logan? He's my best friend?" BUNNY. I just... his dad is his HERO, and then to see is dad letting him down through Carlos's eyes. I died inside. And then this killed me more: "Everything had changed. They had all changed and none of it had been for the better. It had all been for the worse. Carlos often finds himself saying and doing things that he regrets as soon as they happen. He finds it harder to think about the consequences, not in an immature, irresponsible way, but just because it's too hard to think at all." It's just like LH and Three- he's not our bunny anymore, except this is worse because I don't see an end to it. I don't know how to fix it. Logan is the only one who can fix it... but this isn't like LH where Logan can get better and it isn't like Three where Carlos can find acceptance... this is a nightmare where he can never wake up because he'll never ever know. This part was honderful (see, stealing it): "Carlos shuts his eyes and allows his father to hold him, rocking gently back and forth. He ignores the fact that he's seventeen and far too old for this kind of contact. He doesn't care because it's truly the only thing that keeps him together when he's splitting apart at the seams." It was so touching yet tragic at the same time. I miss our bunny.

"The most frustrating thing about this whole nightmare is that they can do nothing to help Logan. They're so freaking helpless." YES. I'm dying inside.

There's just so much about this part: "They both hear the door and look up to see Carlos walk in, wearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. He doesn't bother to greet them with a smile. That smile, the one that put the sun to shame with its genuine brightness and infectiousness, is long gone. Nobody has seen it for months.

"Carlitos," Kendall's voice has shifted to a worried, mournful tone. He pats the empty spot on the couch beside him, not telling James to move over to make more room. They all like the closeness.

Carlos obediently sits, like a robot or a dog. He has hardly any life in him at all as he lays his head on Kendall's shoulder, wrung dry of everything. He's numb. "I don't understand why this is still happening." He says out loud, making Kendall and James jump. "I thought it would be over by now."

Kendall and James nod because they all thought it would be over a long time ago."

The smiley face is gone again. You killed our bunny. I know you didn't... but it's like you did. My favorite part of this is "They all like the closeness." That's the only thing keeping me together right now, their closeness. If they lose that they'll lose everything. (Like you did to them in Three... I almost killed you.) They need the closeness.

Guilty James. Although, there was something in his section that had an unexpected affect on me: "He doesn't care that even though they try to hide it, the police have lost hope. Logan will come back to them." I GOT hope at this part, which is completely illogical when you take all of our conversations about this into account, but it happened. All I could think was how you wouldn't tell me how it ended, and for the first time I completely abandoned my adamancy that Logan didn't have to be found. I NEEDED Logan to be found. I took James's hope and latched on, and for the first time I wasn't a reader appreciating the realness of your work, I was missing Logan and my heart was broken and the only thing I wanted in the world was for Logan to be ok. This is different than Betrayal. It's much, much worse. I love Betrayal to death, and you are forbidden to ever change it, but this is killing me. In Betrayal Logan's gone forever, but only from the boys. He's OK, he's ALIVE, he's just angry. But I can find solace in knowing that he's still THERE. Now... now I don't know and it's something worse than terrible. The disease has affected me and suddenly I hated everything I said before and all I wanted to do was beg you to find Logan.

And now it's about to get really hard for me.

At this: "Should we go?" Kendall asks quietly. They've sat in silence for nearly an hour when he realizes that it's almost time. He's not sure if he wants to go because sometimes he wants to pretend that this isn't happening. But he rises to his feet when James and Carlos nod slowly." All I could do is freak out and scream, "WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHAT IS HAPPENING?"

"I. . . c-can't do th-this." James gasps out, shaking his head. "It'll be like giving up on him." DO WHAT? At first I thought it was going to school... but now I know and it all makes so much more sense, and by now I was crying so hard even in my confusion that it's a wonder I finished the story at all.

This is EVERYTHING about Carlos in this, this right here: "No it won't."

Carlos rarely speaks up anymore so it's enough to catch James' attention when he finally does. He doesn't reply, just waits for an explanation.

"We're not giving up on him. We never will." He's BROKEN. He's completely gone, he doesn't smile, he doesn't TALK, he's not our bunny. But he will NEVER give up hope. And now I'm crying again.

And then... and then I figured out what was happening. I can't read this without shaking with sobs: "James hands a candle to Kendall and one to Carlos and they all set them at the edge of the lake where the snow has already been removed. The first candle is lit all the way across the pond and the boys watch in silence as the light makes its way along the edge in both directions, getting closer and closer to where they can only wait." I almost didn't make it past this. I didn't make it past "candle" originally before I was sobbing so hard I had to bite my hand and I was still afraid my sister was going to come in. The sobs HURT. I couldn't stop shaking and I wanted to un-realize what I knew was happening because it was too hard. It was too horrible.

You'd think that would be the hardest I cried, right? Wrong. I honestly don't know how I made it through the end. Before I get to that, though, this was beautiful: "She hands him the lighter and he checks to make sure that James and Kendall have their own lighters. They have already agreed that their candles would finish off the circle and that they would do it the way they did everything: Together." It meant a lot. Really. The entire scene was so beautiful. Brutally painful, yet undeniably beautiful.

Ok... so the hard part. The worst part. Remember the beginning of my review? I told you Kendall broke me. This is where it happened: "Then he hears it.

Kendall is sobbing, loudly." I BROKE. I don't... I don't even know what happened. I died, that's all I know. I started sobbing as hard as you've ever made me sob before... as hard as I've ever sobbed before. I couldn't breath. Breathing hurt. I was trying to calm myself down but my face was pressed into my crying towel and all I knew was Kendall was broken probably beyond repair and it was breaking Carlos even more and Kendall was SOBBING. Kendall doesn't sob. But he was, and I broke.

After a bit, I kept going, but until the end I was sobbing and shaking so much I'm actually quite impressed I managed to stay quiet enough my sisters didn't come in. I mean, I broke before, but this made me cry even harder: "He's crying harder than Carlos has ever seen him even after all that's happened. But that's not the worst part. At first he merely sinks to his knees, staring out at the candlelit lake. The his mouth begins to move and soon Carlos hears the words.

"Come back, come back, come back." Kendall chants over and over again. It's a wonder he can talk so much when he's crying so hard but then his voice rises above everything else. "Please, Logan. Come back." I can't read that and not cry. It's horrible. It's absolutely terrible. PLEASE LOGAN, COME BACK. I was crying so hard I couldn't see. I couldn't breath. I couldn't believe how much it hurt. It was worse than Three. It was WORSE. KENDALL.

"wrapped in a triangular hug that used to be a square." AHHH. I can't even. I hate triangles now.

"They fall apart together, feeling their broken hearts breaking into tinier pieces." My heart as well.

"All they can do is hope." So now I'm faced with this dilemma: do I want them to find Logan? See... I told you before that I caught the disease. That I wanted you to disregard everything I had said and have them find Logan because it just HURT too much. The thing is, hope is an even stronger disease. It's infectious and powerful and I can't let it go. I would be ok if they never found Logan, I've recovered enough, but I would NEVER lose hope. In my mind, I would always believe that somewhere out there, Logan is ok. Yes, I will still probably cry myself to sleep tonight, and I still have a headache from the tears I've already shed, but hope is powerful.

Do I want to use my hope and beg you to choose the option where they find Logan and he's just really messed up? I don't even know anymore. This has affected
Fang lover23 chapter 1 . 1/2/2011
Wow, you just LOVE making us cry. T.T

That was super sad. Especially the part where Kendall lost it- I was like 'Oh wow'.

You should totally do a sequel, even if it's not happy. There needs to be some sort of closure on this. /
Dudes friend chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Yeah my friend just read your fic but now I have read it and I agree. There needs to be a sequel! Happy sequel pleassse tho.
Dude chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Sequel! This needs a sequel
Annabanana4ever chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Ohmygosh! I reallllyyyy want a sequel with a happy ending! Please give me a sequel! I will seriously love you forever!

I love the song choice!

I will die if there's no sequel

please let there be a sequel ! It would be amazing
xEryChan chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Wow! I seriously don't even know what to say right now.

I seriously loved this story like so much. I cried, no joke, I honestly cried. I'm still crying as I'm typing this review. This story was heartbreaking. And I love the song like so much and I'm not much a Daughtry fan either.

This fic was just amazing, I loved it and I'm so favoriting this story.
We Love Trevor And Kayla chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
This was really good but so sad. It is so sad when things like this happen and thank you for writing this.
Music4ever1617 chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
I love this! It's one of my favorite songs by Daughtry. It's very emotional. I wrote a drabble, in my music drabbles, a while back to this song.

Very good! Innocent Logan taken away. :(
valentine142 chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
*is dead*

Okay, I can't even speak or think properly...gah.

I'm writing this review from my weeping corner where I might decide to take up permanent residence because this story made me cry so freaking much, it was so beautifully written and the song went with it perfectly. It was... mind blowing. It was so emotional and genuine and the candle scene was so perfectly written and sad that it completely killed me.

I think a sequel would be amazing but at the same time this is perfect the way it is so I guess it's up to you :)

Happy New Year, and well done on this. It was incredible. x
Falling to Fly chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
I'm really upset right now because I left this really long review and FanFiction said it was submitted, but guess what? It wasn't. :(

This whole thing left me shocked, scared, and with every word my heart ached a little bit more. But at the same time it was remarkable and beautiful and perfect in every way. All These Lives is a perfect song for this.

Kendall. It hurt so much to see how much pain he was going through. Eight months is a long time to go without knowing if someone you love is okay. It's too long. I can't even begin to fathom what kind of person would do something so horrible and breaking. It's so messed up. Kendall's pessimistic side scares me because… It just seems so wrong to even consider him giving up hope on anything.

It started off as such an innocent and normal morning, and it's terrifying how it was all just torn apart. It really bothers and sickens me that we live in a world where some people, some MONSTERS somehow think it's okay to tear someone from their home and leave behind pain and suffering. It's sick.

James. It's heartbreaking to know that he felt he had to cut himself to escape the pain of losing Logan. At least he's getting help now. The picture of the boys was so sweet, but it shouldn't have been the last one James got. "Logan wasn't taken by another person. No human being was capable of such a disgusting act. It was a monster. It was a disease that affected those who had been left behind." I couldn't agree more. James, or anyone for that matter, could never forget Logan, at least not completely. It just can't be done.

Chief Randall seemed like a really nice guy, but if only he would have accepted that it was a kidnapping a little bit earlier. Logan would never, EVER play a joke like this he'd have to be a sick person, and Logan isn't a sick person. The person who took him is. And the blood and the pocket knife… That was terrifying in ways that I can't even begin to describe.

Carlos. I've always admired the way he loves and respects his father. It's heartbreaking that he felt like his dad was giving up on finding Logan. But it warmed my heart when Mr. Garcia hugged Carlos and wouldn't let go no matter what. And the way you showed how he was still terrified… It was a bittersweet moment.

Kendall and James. Again, I have no words to describe them. And then Carlos came and they were together and just… I don't know. "I don't understand why this is still happening." He says out loud, making Kendall and James jump. "I thought it would be over by now." I wish it could be over, all of it, everywhere. It's so awful.

Oh James. It could never be your fault, just like it could never be Carlos or Kendall's fault, or anyone but the man who took Logan's fault. It could have happened to anyone, it just… happened to you guys. Again, it blows my mind that someone could cause so much pain to so many completely undeserving people. It's sickening.

The candle scene was absolutely beautiful. The raw emotions and the crying and knowing that all they can do is hope… It was all brilliantly written.

There was no way on earth that this could have been easy in any way to write, because I agree with you and think that kidnapping is absolutely the worst crime, but you did and it was absolutely amazing. It left me speechless and heartbroken, but at the same time it was beautiful and incredibly well written. You're incredibly brave for writing such hard subjects, and you do it perfectly. Love you, and happy new year!
Manilai Again chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Sorry, I hit the character limit.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I think this is perfect the way it is, and I personally wouldn't want to see a sequel. It's great already. But if you want to make a sequel then just... do it, then.

Well, it was New Year's Day here in Glendora, California just about 46 minutes ago. Thanks for your time and good night. I'm tired.
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