Reviews for Pleasant Façade
lowi chapter 1 . 6/28/2011
mew, your Astoria is really really cool! Roseastoria is a great pairing that you've really made so believable! I've never comed up with the perfect match for Rose but this might be it xD
Paper Pearls chapter 1 . 1/30/2011
Oh, that was a fantastic poem. The formatting was perfect, and it contributed to the atmosphere built by the narrative of the poem ever so naturally. I could imagine Astoria holding a rather cynical conversation with her conscience after a few drinks, and I loved what I saw. It was fitting that you had 'reputation' in bold, because it visually demonstrated the significance of appearances to Astoria and the Malfoys.

I also liked the way in which Astoria was suspicious, and what her curiosity developed into:

"Sh to be perfect,"

Although Astoria recognised Rose's appeal, her scepticism worked very well indeed. It was more Slytherin than she's usually given credit for in fanon writing. The way you drew out "appears" showed that Astoria was very careful about how she perceived things.

My favourite things about this poem were the double entendres:

"Of course you can't learn everything in

one night,"

That's subtle but it was extremely naughty! It tied in well with the idea of appearances being important too, contributing nicely to the theme of the poem.

This was my favourite section of all:

"Funny how, in your dim house of


cherry red

seems so

* B * R * I * G * H * T *

and that

periwinkle blue

seems so

v d-e-e-p v"

You contrasted the physical (and emotional) paleness of the Malfoys to Rose's colourful demeanour, making it seem as though Draco and Scorpius were literally part of their house - not quite alive. Also, you managed to show that Rose had been influenced by both her father's jocular nature and Hermione's cleverness, making her a believable character. It was as though Astoria was dazzled, and so was I - beautiful writing.
Morghen chapter 1 . 1/10/2011
Ooo, this is a really interesting pairing! I would really like to read another FV or maybe oneshot about them! Scor/Rose/Astoria makes a interesting triangle!

I liked how Astoria interrogated Rose and became intrigued by her. I could really see that happening. The way you showed how Rose stood out from the rest of them to Astoria by her hair color fit really well. The idea of Astoria breaking up their engagement is super-de-duper amazing!

So yeah, a sequel would be pretty great!


Oh and, all of those sexy double meaning puns were pretty, well, sexy! Hahahaha.


controlled climb chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
Oh that last double meaning... o3o Pruned... simply beautiful, Mew! I suppose it's no surprise that I loved this too, is it?

I have to admit that I adored that first part about the ~interrogation~. Parents always do that, don't they? XD It's just they don't usually fall in love...

Great job, Mew :3 Lovely FV.