Reviews for The Bride of the Death God chapter 1 . 5/29
You have my soul. jajaja ok a joke , bad one. Sorry It's because I enjoyed reading this.
kalmaegi chapter 31 . 4/10
I've been wondering about Tensa Zangetsu so he was their son. I feel this heavy weight. That was bittersweetly tragic but nonetheless I love the callouts to the series and Orihime's name. But despite the parting they had to do for their child, I'm glad they reunited with each other again.
kalmaegi chapter 27 . 4/10
When you get Rangiku's joke and then realized Orihime wouldn't be treated to the same err lack of cloth in fear of the Death God's wrath lmao. Not to mention said Bride would be blushing furiously and not set foot on the set if it happened. *snickers* Of course those two Vizards would be the Scribes assigned to the Temple of Fertility.
kalmaegi chapter 23 . 4/10
*curses softly* Orihime. Now more than ever, I wish Tatsuki was still alive.
sumire.syrup chapter 31 . 3/2
such a beautiful, beautiful story. i love it so much. i only wish we could've known what happened to ulquiorra and grimmjow although leave it a mystery adds to the etherealness of divine beings. you need to write a book. bless this beautiful brain of yours.
sumire.syrup chapter 30 . 3/2
my heart is seriously broken. one thing that really frustrated me was orihime's willingness to forgive and forget... it was so painfully frustrating. how can you forgive AND heal the woman who basically killed your live? I seriously don't understand unless she is jesus herself. I haven't completely read ch 31 yet.. but i hope that karma is coming after them.
sumire.syrup chapter 2 . 3/2
amazing. wow. I literally have no words for what a piece of art this fic is. I read the full uncensored version on your live journal otherwise i would've definitely spammed the review section with comments of me kyaaah-ing over every scene.

seriously though. this was so beautifully written and the way its written suits the story perfectly. i can tell that you put a lot of thought and planning into this. i really love the idea of each presenting her with a wedding gift. it feels so mischevious, so suiting the gods' nature.

i literally have nothing else but songs of praises for this fic.
EllaJuroku chapter 24 . 2/12
How about the Goddess of Repair.
JF7 chapter 31 . 1/24
Wow. This is one of the best, when I say best it really means very few in the top. This fic is great.
Ichihime chapter 31 . 12/15/2017
This was one of the most amazing stories I ever read
Ichihime chapter 3 . 12/12/2017
Omg this fic is a gift from the heavens itself
ink7blot chapter 31 . 10/2/2017

And their son, he's so freaking adorable. Agh! And of course, Renji and Rukia's children befriend the God of the Moon even if he can only come down on the nights of the new moon. Ten probably idolizes Hitsugaya and is totally embarrassed by Rangiku and his grandfather Isshin and thinks Neliel is the best being (immortal or not) in the world because she's the one who organizes his trips back and forth from the heavens to the godly realm. And now that his Father is back, Ten wants a sibling, preferably a little brother because he never had a boy to play with in heaven and he wants to be able to give that to a brother. I just have so many hopes and dreams for him. Tensa Zangetsu is adorable and he will never stop being adorable.

I still want to know what Orihime ends up ruling over. Protection? Weaving? Dreams?

Sad and still crying over the story ending ~Scarlet
ink7blot chapter 26 . 10/2/2017
I have no idea why, but I was really sad when I saw that Komamura was already gone. :(

Anyways, I had expected Loly to be the goddess for a while and then I realized that she wasn't really Autumn material soooooo... I totally forgot who Senna was so I'd had to refamiliarize myself. And I am glad that you didn't make Rukia the antagonist too, for the same reasons you gave. (RenRuki ftw)

Loving this story and you are the best! ~Scarlet
Guest chapter 31 . 9/24/2017
Really love the story overall and glad there was a happy ending. I will admit my only disappointment was that Senna was not met with any punishment.
Guest chapter 31 . 7/4/2017
Wow, this is so creative and a really great story!
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