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Rin Sessys Girl chapter 30 . 10/4
Oh man... It's been a few chapters since I've been around. But holy crap. Shit really is taking a wild ride and twist here isn't it? And yes a random lemon in the midst of lizard Ichigo would really be quite misplaced, yes? HAHA! Misplaced, but interesting I suppose..._;;

I really am hoping there's some way to reverse what is happening to our dear Ichigo. It would be a shame to have to lose him like this, least of all with Orihime being as pregnant as she is. :( That would be very cruel indeed. But I surmise you have something planned up that clever sleeve of yours. A plan I'm most eager to find out of course. Alas that's something I'll have to wait to find out in the next chapter no doubt! Until the next time my dear!

With Love,
RSG (A.K.A. The Flamer Killer ~ Will give your flamers hell to pay! XD ~ Also Anonymous Reviewer Kagome with Email and Sin Mortis from DA and Fiction Press.)
UfailATlifenowDIE chapter 30 . 10/3
This is my first ever orihimexichigo. This is hand down one of the best if not best stories I've read. Please continue I beg u. Even if it's just one last chapter to end it. My heart is literally in the sky right now. I love this story so much! Ur so talented. Ur rendition of the gods is perfect. Don't stop doing what u do ur totally awesome. I wish I could write like u!
MistySweetness chapter 1 . 10/2
oh please3
Update...! I luv this story
Guest chapter 30 . 9/4
A part of me is really mad at Orihime for healing Senna first instead of Ichigo, but I guess that's to be expected since she probably wouldn't have tried it on her and Nel sort of took her away before she could really try.

But dear gods this fic is making me hate Senna. Still I love it.
Guest chapter 30 . 9/2
Please update
A Whimsical Seishin chapter 30 . 8/28
Truly, you have given birth to THE definition of "Evil Cliffhanger". I begrudgingly respect you.
A Whimsical Seishin chapter 29 . 8/28
Wow, I honestly didn't see this coming. Makes sense in a way. Nice twist.
Vita Rubella chapter 30 . 8/28
Oh my GOD I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! Orihime better hurry her ass up and undue all this nonsense! Lol! Amazing story! Wow! So good! Def going to take a look at your other stuff :-). Please update soon!
Saint Sita chapter 30 . 8/8
So much suspense in this chapter
Guest chapter 30 . 7/13
What? Nooooooooo!
I don't accept it
Mymina chapter 4 . 7/13
I'have no idea of who that goddess of autumn can be
Mymina chapter 2 . 7/13
Summer RainingStars chapter 30 . 6/26
Summer RainingStars chapter 16 . 6/26
Actually I've read this ages ago but because I'm such an idiot for always forgetting to leave a comment right after reading, I'll just do it right now *clears throat

I have been dying to express these meager thoughts of mine! This chapter has like the most romantic scenes I could remember! I love it so much when Ichigo literally panicked at Orihime's sudden disappearance, and then how Orihime's misgivings immediately dissolved at Ichigo's words. kyaaa~

I love your IchiHime universe!
chibi313 chapter 30 . 6/21
omg please tell me Ichigo isn't actually dead omg omfg
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