Reviews for Massage Therapy
SoCalTwiNurse chapter 21 . 12/12
Love how the night is going so far...and so happy Edward is playing & singing for Bella!
SoCalTwiNurse chapter 19 . 12/12
I'm getting tired of Jake getting in the way. If it's ONLY a work function, why are Bella and Jake going together?! I think Edward has enough reason to be jealous and upset about her going. She could have still said yes to his invitation - go with her work colleagues but hang with Edward. Bella could have made this happen. I've really liked Bella in this story but she really irritated me in this chapter. She can obviously see how hard Edward is trying and she's being mean because she's so insecure...annoying!
SoCalTwiNurse chapter 9 . 12/10
Yessss...I love that Edward is flirting with Bella!
SoCalTwiNurse chapter 8 . 12/10
I love Alice so much and I love Bella trying to get a reaction out of Edward...genius like Alice said haha
twirob chapter 52 . 10/12
thank you so much for sharing this AWESOME! story with us ;D
missmelly chapter 52 . 7/6
This story is one of the best Twifics I've read, and I've read hundreds. It is just too perfect to say anything other than that: perfect. Thank you for leaving it up for me to find all these years later.
QueenGB chapter 52 . 5/30
Goodness I love this story so much. Thanks for sharing it and them with us.
QueenGB chapter 45 . 5/30
Powerful and exhausting having experienced something similar it's exhausting. Also is Edward going to confront Emmett and his big freaking mouth? Now wonder he confides in Alice.
QueenGB chapter 39 . 5/30
Lovely vignette to weave SM's canon and your story.
QueenGB chapter 34 . 5/30
Sexy. Raw. Deep. Not just the lemon but the whole chapter. Seems like Edward experienced some sub space cleansing emotions.
QueenGB chapter 29 . 5/30
Yeah you do a very convincing job of affirming my distaste for one Rosalie Hale. ;-)
QueenGB chapter 28 . 5/30
I know there are still layers to this onion but this was a good drama free chappy. Also that's the Carlisle I know and love. ;-D
QueenGB chapter 25 . 5/29
What's better than a lemon? Grapefruit? Hell if I know but that was better all the same! JS
QueenGB chapter 23 . 5/29
Not cool Carlisle. Not cool, I think Esme will survive good grief. Just love your kids and don't be an asshole. Goodbye Jake. I enjoyed Jessica's words of wisdom too.
QueenGB chapter 19 . 5/29
Okay why is gods name is she confiding in that Rosalie God I never liked her loud ass before this chapter and I defiantly can't stand her now. Yuck how does Emmett do it?!
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