Reviews for Three Changes
loki lee chapter 25 . 1/27/2016
I just wanted to say thank you for this masterpiece again. Truly, one of the greatest pieces of fiction ever written. I was reading another fic, and was confused that Axel's last name was not 'Ramirez'. And I think that is the best example I can give of how this fic has stayed with me and touched - continues to touch - my heart. All these years later. Thank you.
Suzuki Ai chapter 25 . 8/6/2015
Thank you so much for writing this! I love inertia creeps so much and it's like I felt all the things Roxas and Axel felt, like they were real people. Its sad to see it end, but its my favorite story in the world.
Phantasmal Abduction chapter 25 . 8/1/2015
I loved it. I love your writing. I love how you turn Axel and Roxas into real people.
Every psychological twist and every inch of heartbreak or horror rung completely true... Often I had to take a break because I'm fragile I guess and at points it needed time to regroup and read on lol.
Your writing affected (affects) me deeply and I think I said in a review for Inertia Creeps that I'll keep reading and rereading these stories as long as they're here :)
Ana chapter 25 . 2/27/2015
You finished this story last year, but I followed Inertia Creeps when you wrote it and just found this. I read it non-stop, and bawled my eyes out at some parts, specially when Axel leaves. Dude, that was harsh. But it was a great read, and a great continuation for all the fucked up things in Inertia Creeps, as we get to see the dynamics between the characters since the conflicts now expanded. I missed reading well written fics, and it's always a pleasure (and an emotional rollercoaster) to read yours. Even with the end of this characters, I hope you still write more Axel and Roxas because they are my favorite, and you can depict them so intensely. I'm glad I was browsing through your ff page and saw this. Thank you for the time you dedicated, this world you created for them is one of favorites. Sorry I am so many years late!
S chapter 25 . 1/1/2015
So I don't even know if you check the comments on this story anymore but, I just wanted to let you know it's meant a lot to me. I read Inertia Creeps years and years ago when I was still in high school, and as someone who has struggled with serious depression my whole life it really meant a lot to me. I'd started reading Three Changes back then too and I ended up moving for college and getting busy and just forgetting about it. Well now it's the first day of 2015 now and by some weird chance I happened to stumble upon this story and finished reading it. And I have to say that it's incredibly ironic that it happened now because I'm seriously struggling with my depression as of late. It's also interesting because I don't even use ff often if ever anymore. But that's all beside the point. Honestly I just wanted to let you know that, as you mentioned hearing from others, this story has been very soothing for me. Both of them have been. I know you said you feel like it may have been better to leave Inertia Creeps alone but, there's something about the fact that you continued after all of that time. Something about the fact that you showed the future of their lives, that is incredibly comforting to me. It's easy to read a story and have it be done and over with and not look back. But what you did was add a significant change and growth of time, and it really made me look at the bigger picture. Because not only did you show growth in your story but in yourself. Hearing about how you've changed overall and grown with this story is just amazing to me. Anyway I never bother leaving reviews but I felt like I needed to let you know how important this felt to me when I read it. I'm studying psychology in college as well and I guess I just got excited to hear that you were too? I think it just comforts me that I was able to feel so much for your story and then know that you and I have something in common. But overall I just wanted to let you know you've done an amazing job here. The characters are done beautifully and I love and respect the way you characterized Roxas so very much. So thank you. Thank you so much for writing these stories, thank you for continuing them and giving me a sort of closure. I truly appreciate it, and I wish you the best in everything you do. Please, never stop writing.
Guest chapter 25 . 10/25/2014
FEEL IT ALL AROUND. The fact that Washed Out is the last chapter makes me so happy because I absolutely love Washed Out. So I read both Inertia Creeps and Three Changes in about a week? This week was so stressful in terms of school and I loved being able to escape into this world. Both stories are absolutely amazing and probably one of my all time favorites now. The characters are raw and their mistakes have actual consequences but I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm so speechless, I just know I completely enjoyed this and I feel a little part of me is empty without being able to escape into this world. Both stories are going to be reread by me, I know this for a fact. You did an amazing job and I loved all the characters. You brought them into a new and realistic light.
diskidi chapter 25 . 5/9/2014
I have no words to say. It was so moving and realistic of what depression can do to you and the littlest things can cause set backs. I love how real you made the characters, some relationships can't be saved and some work so well it seems like it'll never break. Thank for writing two of the best works of fanfiction I have ever read.
Sincerely, Diskidi
hoshineko7 chapter 25 . 5/2/2014
Hey risokura!

Thanks for finishing Three Changes! In the years that you took to write this story, I've gone through a lot in life. It's a bit jarring, looking back to when I started that first chapter of Inertia Creeps. It's funny that two of your major influences were NYC and 358/2 Days - the city I call home and the game I call home.

Just wanted to say that I agree with the crowd here - this series has been my therapy in more ways than one. I've read a lot of fanfiction from many fandoms by now, but Inertia Creeps (and Three Changes) has always stuck in my Top 3 Fanfics. Sometimes, I find myself recalling the quotes from your stories out of the blue and motivating myself with the thought of Roxas and Axel's struggle. Maybe that's a bit stupid, but eh. Fictional characters always make surprisingly good role models.

But, I digress. You have changed my life more than you know. Thank you for both Inertia Creeps and Three Changes. It was a long time coming, but a lot of the best stories are.

(P.S. The 8tracks mix is brilliant. Your taste in music is brilliant. Everything is brilliant.)
KingdomFlameVIII chapter 25 . 4/9/2014
I don't remember how I came by Inertia Creeps, but it was one of those stories that HIT me like a fucking freight train. It was difficult for me to read, emotionally speaking, and even triggering at times. But mostly it was brilliant, in a way that most writings aren't because things weren't cut and dry. There wasn't good and evil, there was humanity, and the flaws of humanity. Those things can be terrifying sometimes. But it also comforted me, to know that there was someone out there that GOT it the way you do.
I had no idea you were writing a sequel. I found out about it a couple of days ago on tumblr, and my heart basically fell through the floor. Mostly cause I was eager to see some expansion of this tiny Ardenwell world that you built. But at the same time, like you, I sort of wondered WHY would you want to mess with poor Axie and Roxie's carefully built paradise and bring it all down, this is going to HURT. I was wary about reading this because I was afraid of the story and the characters stagnating. But they didn't. You brought all these new dimensions to the characters, and yet their original essences stayed the same. It fit with the original in a way that most sequels don't.
I don't think I cried reading Inertia Creeps, but I did cry reading this one. I cried when Axel left and I nearly shat myself in anxiety when my wifi cut out at Chapter 20 and I had to wait to know what was going to happen next. This story was just as captivating as the first, even more so in some respects. Just holy shit your work is amazing and I love the whole dynamic of it. This small series of yours was truly a privilege to read, and I hope that you continue to write for as long as it makes you happy.
FakeofHypocrisy chapter 1 . 4/7/2014
I read the first chapter of Inertia Creeps back when it was published and some chapters after it. and I liked it a lot back then, but then I grew out of Kingdom Hearts and the FFs associated with it IC as well. I think I never read the end back then and I realized just that half a year ago. So I reread the story and I was satisfied. Older and wiser I saw some flaws but also great development in the characters and such.
Yesterday I saw that it had a Sequel. I was honestly surprised, since IC had a nice ending. But I thought it couldn't hurt. I wasn't dissappointed. To me TC appeared to be more mature. I could read between the lines as how the author matured and it was a great and uplifting feeling that in humanity there is so much room for improvement.
I couldn't decide which of the two I would have liked better though! Since both of them have their very own charm. The Sequel however gave me some quite interesting thoughts I guess. It was a very nice read and I loved how the story was realistic. Even the events were presented realistically and not overly dramatic. It seemed mroe human. This piece that is. (The other one was more raw though, which in a sense is great too)
I liked the characterizations and the developments a lot and also the resolvements (Even though a some times certain aspects seemed flat to me? More a personal feeling I cannot pinpoint)
I have to repeat once again that I think this FF was great and gave some closure? Some kind of mental closure as well I guess.
Thank you very much for putting so much time in both of your stories!
Lightning Sage chapter 24 . 3/19/2014

First of all, THANK YOU - for writing this and seeing it through to the end. I was a little shocked when you said 7 years. Been following since ummm... chapter 7 or so of Inertia? You have dedicated an incredible amount of time, and both pieces are accomplishments you should truly be proud of. I'm very grateful you saw them both through the long haul.

I will definitely have to read both pieces back to back in the future at some point. I think I've read Inertia twice in its entirety, and I think it will be cool to read both stories together. I'm sure I'll have more to comment on then! (Stories always seem to hit me differently when I can read everything in a relatively short period. Not that they don't hit me on a deep level when I read chapter-by-chapter, but I think the effect is more... exponential in a way?)

So, I started reading your work as a freshman in college. Now, I have completed college and graduate school, been working for a year, and I am truly amazed at how TIMELESS your work is. I still can go back and read Inertia and derive immense enjoyment out of reading it, and, even better, feel like I've learned/gained something by reading it. Even if only just a feeling or different understanding of people or myself.

You have a gift in writing; don't ever forget that!

I hope I will have the honor of reading more of your works in the future.

Best Regards,
Lightning Sage
Ashes-To-Diamonds chapter 25 . 3/18/2014
I'm so glad you finished writing this fanfic. After reading about your struggle in finishing this sequel, I really really appreciate all the work that you've done with this story and previous installments. Your fanfics are what originally made me fall in love with Axel and Roxas as a couple and I wouldn't have it any other way. I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for your amazing story and to let you know that it's truly been an inspiration in my life. I can't wait to read them over and over and be moved every time.

Razer Athane chapter 25 . 3/12/2014
Getting really wrapped in this long Reno convo and then: "My cleaning lady literally won't even go into the room because she's afraid something might jump out at her." - HFKJDSF

MORE BABIES (do they adopt -shot-)

"Glaring, might I add. You don't smile much, do you?" - fHDKJFHDKJSf


'Jesus fucking Christ, he was almost as bad as Axel.' - I'd wager he's worse tbh -shot-

"I'm sure we'll see [through to] said, "I smiled." - fhkdsjhfkh siufdtkf sifKDUF KHFDKSDHF*DFY(S

God I'm legit teary-eyed at their reunion.


"Do you get off on sweaty guitar guy smell?" - I'M GOING TO FUCKING MISS THESE TWO I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD

"Fucking backstage. We [through to] "You're fucking impossible." -FHDKSJFHSKJDFH

"Nice tux by the way. It was all I imagined and more. Glad I got to fuck you in it." - JESUS.

"Thanks, Dem." - Axel snapped. - KJDSHFKDKF

christ the end



You don't know how sad I am that this is over. It's been such a very, very long ride - and I know that it feels longer for you, because you're the one who wrote IC and TC. But now it's over and I just... don't want it to be. I literally glare at the little complete symbol. This series for me was THE KH SERIES, the one where even when I got bored of and past KH, I could always, ALWAYS come back to this and throw myself into it entirely.

Thank you for not giving up on this story. I know IC was a therapy of sorts for you but TC was my therapy, the thing that taught me important stuff as I was going through it, the thing that would always pull me from my numb reverie. You've been on my tumblr long enough to know what had happened. How it was literally three changes. This helped so much.

The way the story has evolved... How Roxas' voice and outlook truly matured between the stories, throughout the situations. I just... will really miss these boys. Thank you.
Razer Athane chapter 24 . 3/12/2014

'For some friends, even if you haven't seen them for ages, your relationship never really changes no matter the distance.'- this thIS THIS

As usual I got wrapped up and then "you do not have my mother's number" bYE

Sora you dick fhdksjhfds

'...Squall, huh? Maybe Sora was right after all. I hadn't heard anyone refer to him by that name in ages.' - FLAILING


Oh my God. Cloud being a fucking A brother. HFKJDHFKHDSf

-SCREAMING- RENO (God I really miss writing Reno)


'Just smack him upside the [through to] probably'll work now.' - YES YES YES.

Trilobeats chapter 25 . 3/12/2014
I'm sad this story is over, but it's a brilliant end. I really loved it, as I did Inertia Creeps.

Thank you for not giving up on this story.
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