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WildeAbrams chapter 15 . 2/27/2015
Adorable :)
hainsy chapter 15 . 6/22/2011
Will and sue? oh the horror! :O

but major LOL!

Tina/Kurt- very true to there current progression (see prom episode) kurt has a joan rivers thing going on... and yes i did steal a direct quote from the episode...

Mike and Penny

have to admit this made me laugh out loud for real... stay at home and eat ice cream... puh lease changster is a p.i.m.p he would have a new lady in like 2 seconds hahaha

Mercedes and Matt

i have 2 things... one, they didnt end up together :O :(

and 2... "probably crying real laughter"


aww brittany LOL... no mention of santana coming out? i accept this...


Major literall rofl... seriously i fell out of my chair... i think i hurt my back :(

everlasting question... who was mrs evans... do we know her hahaha


this bit could have actually been a post glee storyline! very well done and well thought out... i like it!


love that you left these guys till last. strong finish... typical artie fashion with his rambly speech and all that jazz... as for there first date... i approve hahaha... thats something i have done as well... although it wasnt 4th of july... it was new years eve... so yeah...

overall well written fic enjoyed it muchly...
hainsy chapter 14 . 6/22/2011
i apologise in advance for the lack of reviewing me now making up for them. i feel its my duty... (haha i said duty) :P...

anyways to the point i cant believe i didnt finish reviewing this :O... i feel horrible after all that asking for the matt cameo and i finally get it and i stop reviewing... very bad on my part...

opening scene- has totally happened to me irl... spooky

minus the whole have to watch casablanca... still havent seen it... sidenote: must watch casablanca.

kinda lass- LOL... cough milady cough hahahaha

its crazy how irrily accurate your rachel voice is... circa season one of course...

just quietly as awesome as samcedes is... how awesome would it have been if matt came back for prom in season 2!

as much as i despise the way brittany treated artie with the continual references to his wheelchair and such i do think he as a character has more tact then breaking up with someone at prom... but thats just me... sorry :(

typical kurt and his gossip very circa season 1... love it :)

GASP! you snuck a firefly/serenity reference in! SHINY! kaylee reynolds LOL! kaylee tam cough cough :P

noooooooooo not the hat! top hats are awesome yo LOL!

Samcedes! not bram... lol bram thats a good one... what would their pairing be ?

Finn the goofy dude hahahahaa...

aww sugery sweet ending :P

writing very well... loved it :)... no doubt my review is full of mistakes but unfortunately this is what happens when i review at 1:40am
DryadSpeaks chapter 15 . 3/5/2011
So, of course, I will need to comment on every section of this.

Schue/Sue: I LOVE IT! LOL! You know I hate Will, and Sue's constant jabs at him jut make my day. And LOL at the marriage.

Tina/Kurt: I actually like Tina/Kurt's something I'd like to...well, not see more of, because I hate them both, but...yeah. If I HAVE to see both of them, then they should at least be friends. Or...Tina should disappear entirely, and Kurt should make an appearance once every month.

Nice to know they're happy. LOL!

Mike/Penelope: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW! So cute! I don't really have anything else to add to that. But...SO ADORABLE.

Mercedes/Matt: OMG YES! So cute. I love that he never told her that Quinn was the reason he showed up! And the Man of Honour! SO CUTE! OMG YES! And he totally was crying.

Brittany/Santana: Awwww! So cute! I love that they raised her together. So adorable. SO ADORABLE.

Finn/Sam: LOL! Finn. Late as usual. I LOVE IT. I love Finn/Sam bromance. Need more of this in my life.

Puck/Rachel: They totally seem like the on again, off again couple. And then, of course, they end up together. So cute!

Quinn/Artie: (this could get long...) AWWW! I love their first date. So cute!

And I love Artie. And Quinn. And them together!

It was the best kiss of his life! Because they're meant to be and blah blah blah! SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE!

Many more dates! Sweet moments! EPICALLY HOT MAKEUPS!

I love Artie's speech! And I love that he asked her to marry him there! SO CUTE!

...I know...this section of the review is one big "OMG SO CUTE!" Really, were you expecting anything else? Because if you know me, right? hahahahahaha

"Is that a yes, woman?" LOVE LOVE LOVE!

And then her response. I LOVE IT!

And their wedding! SO CUTE!

Of course everyone will attend, so they can be bowled over by the cuteness.
DryadSpeaks chapter 14 . 3/5/2011
LOL! I love Artie's mini panic about being late...and then them only being 10 minutes late! hahahahahaha

Yes, she should make him watch that. SO CUTE.

They are so cute!

STRETCH HUMMER! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yes! Progress and technology!

LOL Rachel! They are officially an item. YES.

LOL at Quinn's Rachel impersonation.

MATT! I love Matt. I still can't believe they got rid of him! He needs to come back!

And yay! That's what Quinn was doing! So cute!


I will admit, as much as I like Barfie breaking up...I have mixed feelings about him breaking up with her at prom. Maybe that should have happened BEFORE they got there? It just seems kind of mean, and I don't think he would do that. least Santana is there. Yay!

Ewww, no! Not Sam and Quinn! But LOL Sue. NEED QUINN AND ARTIE! And...why was Karofsky nominated? NO!

I love Sue.

And LOL! Artie with his hat. I LOVE IT. I need to see pictures of this now.

SAM/BRITTANY! I've told could be EPIC.

And yes. They should hang out together. A lot. As often as possible. And play Hungry, Hungry Hippos. And and and and YES!

ElectricFedora chapter 15 . 3/5/2011
I have to say, I am deeply disappointed after reading this fanfic and expected something very different. I'm not a fan of all the pairings but was excited for Finn/Sam. This Fanfic did not contain romance between them if your planning just friendship you should state with which pairings so people don't get stuck reading a whole story waiting for something to happen and it never does.
whitney chapter 15 . 2/19/2011
that was such an amazing fanfic! please do another one, i love your writing!
Average Everyday Sane Psycho chapter 15 . 2/17/2011
awwww perfect ending
catn3d chapter 14 . 2/15/2011
"I do believe they make a most lovely couple!" Quinn said, attempting to make herself sound like Rachel. / lol

"Artie, Quinn!" The moment was ended when two arms took turns in yanking them both into warm hugs. "I've missed you!" / Matt! Always with the interrupting!

Poor Finn didn't get his dance. Very sad.

But QA...aww! I'm a fan of foreheads touching :)
catn3d chapter 13 . 2/15/2011
This is starting to become more than a bromance! lol

Aww, the "M"s.

Of course her dress is red :) And how cute is rambling Artie.
Average Everyday Sane Psycho chapter 14 . 2/13/2011
lovely lovely lovely
StarzOfDraco chapter 13 . 2/12/2011
Lol, Finn and Sam. I love it whenever you showcase the two of them together.

Oh, eww. Talk about awkward. I'm totally looking forward to seeing how the Kurt/Tina/Mike/Penelope situation pans out during the Prom. I like how you wrote Tina in this brief part. Her anger is soooo apparent!

Awwwww, San! So much awwwwww! I love how you are portraying the San/Britt friendship. Like a lot.

Puckleberry is a comin'!

Yay, Matt! I'm hoping Mercedes has a blast at the prom!

Awwwww, Quartie! LOVE IT! Love it love it! They are so cute together with their Artie speak. And Chinese food! Her favorite!

And then they almost kiss! It's coming! They liiiiiiike each other! ;)
DryadSpeaks chapter 13 . 2/12/2011
LOL! Finn's mancrush. I think that is my favourite thing about this fic. You know...besides Quartie.

LOL to Finn's reaction when Sam asked if he was paying!

Kurt/Tina/Mike/Penelope...not a date I would want to be on. hahahaha

LOL! Awww, Santana went with Brittany to McDonalds. That's SO CUTE.


Awww, Rachel! Picnic! SO CUTE! I need to know what she bared her heart about.

OMG MATT! I had a feeling this would happen, but still...OMG MATT!

I need a picture of Artie in his prom outfit...STAT!

I love Artie. So much.

And he made an 80s mix for in the truck. SO ADORABLE.

And yay to their dinner! SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE!

The cutest part of this entire chapter is the Hungry, Hungry Hippos part. I really need them to play that now.
soaring-heights chapter 13 . 2/12/2011
StarzOfDraco chapter 12 . 2/10/2011
Sleepy...but I had to read! So I apologize now for the short review.

I'm glad Sam confronted Quinn about her and Artie. I see an ending to that Quam ship soon! Quartie is meant to be, yo!

Again loving the detail!

Awwww, Quartie eats together! They are both super adorable!

I've said this a lot, but I LOVE that Artie makes Quinn laugh/smile. He's one of the only people who can!

Prom is tomorrow! Prom is tomorrow! And the top hat! YAY!

LOL, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Finn in your stories!

Poor Sam, but awww to the giant bear hug!

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