Reviews for Where I Went Wrong
reluctantreader chapter 3 . 2/18/2011
I hope there are more of these. I really like them and I've always loved drabbles (i'm too wordy for them myself). Keep up the good work.

Nisa Cullen chapter 2 . 2/7/2011
New Years Eve and he had to work? he didnt "have too" he could've given a few hours and now Jasper has walked away on their anniversary
sessahhh chapter 3 . 1/8/2011
I'm glad this was the last one cause these drabbles are so f*cking depressing.

Alright, I lied, I wish there were more. These drabbles are off the angst scale, they are so incredibly debbie downer, but I want more more more. You pack each one with so much passion and emotion, it's hard not to want to read a zillion of them.

Great, great job.
sessahhh chapter 2 . 1/8/2011
Oh man! He didn't even realize it was his anniversary. That is terrible. Bad Edward, bad.
sessahhh chapter 1 . 1/8/2011
Oo, how exciting - a tale in drabbles. If all subsequent chapters are based on this one, I have a feeling it is going to be angsty and I may just have to love it.

Good start!
sadtomato chapter 2 . 1/3/2011
Sad, but rings true. I am writing a happy ending for these two in my head. :)
StackedLikeSookie chapter 3 . 1/2/2011
Cool, two updates in one day! I gather Rosalie & Alice are a couple. Have to admit I've never read any girl slash (whatever the term is!). It took me ages to work out the fic slang eg: canon, lemons, slash (don't laugh!) X
dellaterra chapter 3 . 1/2/2011
I love the pairing.

I love that you've left it for us to decide who's who. (I love that you saw it one way and I saw it the other. And we're both right! LOL)

And I love the last line so very much. An ocean of heartbreak in eight little words.
mycrookedsmile chapter 3 . 1/2/2011
ohmygod that was good.

so gorgeous: You say you're not; it's just the rain.
Jessypt chapter 3 . 1/2/2011
Oh God... ::sob::
Jessypt chapter 2 . 1/2/2011
GAH! Oh... i want moooorrrreee now!

Jess xoxo
Jessypt chapter 1 . 1/2/2011
oooh yay! Can't wait...

Jess xoxo
mycrookedsmile chapter 2 . 1/2/2011
oh man, this is intense and I love it. need moar!
StackedLikeSookie chapter 2 . 1/2/2011
Looking forward to more. Jasper & Edward? Yum! X
einfach mich chapter 2 . 1/2/2011
This is so beautiful tragic and real. Jasper's pain tears at me, and Edward is so perfectly flawed. Thank you.
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