Reviews for Mad World
Kataraang0 chapter 1 . 3/20/2011
This was very well written. I don't know why, but I like how you made it almost distinctly non-slash at the end (because I really can't stand slash)and it just shows what great, great friends the two of them were.
FluffieBunniekins chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
ARGLEGARGLE WAAH. D (I'm afraid that's the most sense you're likely to get out of me.)
crazybeagle chapter 1 . 1/13/2011
Perfect, dear. Simply perfect. Heartbreaking, because not only did he lose probably the only person that had ever mattered to him, but it honestly didn't compute with him, and probably never will, that somebody else could care about him in a way that seems so counter-intuitive to him. The ending was wonderful, him doing something so spectacularly random in a manic way as playing the violin, and being so deadpan in his answer as to where John was.

And as to the explosion? Who CARES what the last reviewer said. I don't believe he knows the science behind explosions of that type either. And honestly? When the next ep of Sherlock comes out, I bet they will jump into the pool, and then I'll laugh along with you because I'll undoubtedly be watching it with you. :)
MEW chapter 1 . 1/3/2011
Interesting on several levels. No mention is made as to whether Moriarity died. Or all the snipers in the gallery. I'd think Sherlock would be soaked from the exploding pool.

I've considered the jumping in the pool idea, but a) they would probably be deafened permanently, as sound is even more intense underwater and b) the pool would be blown up as well, not to mention being trapped under the cave-in of the building.

Regardless of the logistics, I gather you wrote this to explore the limitations of a man incapable of emotion - a sociopath, as he calls himself. It is a frustrating aspect of the Holmes character that ultimately leaves him two-dimensional. Although brilliant within his limited element, he is an uncomfortable man outside of it. He lived before Watson. You point out that he will continue to live after Watson. I'm not sure why he's running for Lestrade, when he's got his inner chaos to work out, I'd think he'd be focusing on that.

Unless it's to ask for an orange blanket, because he'll be in shock for quite awhile.