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Skarrow chapter 55 . 7/27
ARGH NO, please IGNORE my comment about quotation marks. I mixed up your fanfic with another one! This is my fault for having multiple tabs open, I suppose...

Anyways, yeah. Sorry again.
Skarrow chapter 56 . 7/27
Huh. This could be one of the longest Gaara/Sakura stories on the site.

This is an achievement, and at the same time it's a little overwhelming. It took me half a year to catch up, the length really turned me off at times but here I am now.

My primary motivation for picking this one up was because somebody recommended this to me for its "interesting time travel mechanics". You may understand my confusion when I discovered that actual time travelling didn't happen until near the middle. But I pressed on.

I have to say, despite nearly hitting 300k worth of words you have succeeded in maintaining a kind of meta-logic that clearly defines the world you're building. I have some general problems regarding the Hoshi Clan (will reading your other stories help?) but your concepts of time are solid. Actually, maybe calling this a Gaara/Sakura fanfic is politically incorrect - it feels more like a sci-fi adventure novel about Sakura, really.

I'm having a hard time remembering who's who. It's not quite Game of Thrones but sometimes I have to skim some parts because it's full of people I can't remember, and I'm stuck trying to get the general gist. It's the canon characters and events that help keep things in perspective, for me.

The only technical advice I have for you is to watch your usage of quotation marks. I noticed that they tend to either be awkwardly placed, or just not appear when they should. Your general writing is solid, but said quotation marks make it look unpolished. Which might set off a couple of readers.

I'll be tentatively following this story for now.
Yun chapter 56 . 7/27
Lovely Rei and Sakura interactions. But I still feel bad about Yashamaru. Wonder how he will influence the story since he didn't die.
And can't wait to see Sasori again ;-)
GaaraTheFifthKazekage chapter 56 . 7/24
Great chapter but two questions. 1 Is Gaara dad still going to live? 2. Where's Sasori?
XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 55 . 7/18
Can't wait for the next installment!
Guest chapter 55 . 7/16
Excellent chapter! I thought it was really cute that Gaara was a little jealous of "Aniki" at first. Glad to hear he will be showing up at some point, and very interested in seeing under what circumstances. I think killing Bunta was definitely in the cards, Gaara wouldn't be Gaara if he didn't try to protect the one he loves. I can't wait til the next chapter.
BriEva chapter 55 . 7/14
I loved this chapter! I like how it showed Sakura's...acceptance of her stupidity and fear. She acknowledged it and will now never fight her visions. She now understands the consequences. And she will work to move past it.

Gaara on the other hand I find interesting. Since he is so young it's intruging to see that he didn't know the voice in his head was Shukaku. I mean to us readers it's obvious but to him he must not of thought of it like that. Especially if the voice had been talking to him his whole life. I mean even when he's 12 he calls the voice that of his mother. Why do you think that is? He knew it was Shukaku's voice then, yet he still reffered to Shukaku as mother.

Anyway I'm curious as to what will happen now to Sakura and Gaara. Now Sakura knows she can't tell Gaara when people are being mean to her. I mean before she pretended to cry and Rei almost died. This time she told Gaara how mean Bunta was and he was killed. She can't trust Gaara with the lives of those around her-even if she can trust him with her life. Is that strange? It feels right but I don't know if I explained properly.

I'm still waiting to know how Sakura achieves her goal to become a ninja. I still think it will be because he Kazekage will deem it necessary but I can't see how given the village's extreme hate and distrust towards outsiders. What would Sakura have to do to prove herself as not an outsider in the eyes of Katsu?

Who else will see Sakura's eyes?! I kinds want it to be one of her guards. Or Kankuro.

Sorry this was such a late review!

Read from you soon!
Arreku97 chapter 31 . 7/11
That was an amazing chapter, and this is a super amazing story! Thanks so much for uploading this story, and continuously keeping it updated as that is super awesome of you, so thank you so much! I was really pleasantly surprised to find it was Sasori, that was a very incredible reveal that you were able to pull of really subtly and incredibly! Fantastic and impeccable job with this story and with your writing! You are a wonderful writer! Thanks so much for updating and thanks so much for writing this story! You said in the last chapter you hope everyone has a great Valentine's day, and I wanted to say you too, and thank you! :) I Even though this is incredibly late and awhile since then, if not years! Haha! I really hope you Valentine's day was super incredible! :D Thanks so much for posting this story and thanks so much for your amazing writing! :) I appreciate it a ton! :D Thanks again! :)
general zargon chapter 55 . 7/10
I'd like Sakura to have a revelation that even if Gaara sometimes does bad things, he's still her friend and needs her to stay by him. This chapter just kind of seemed to be leading along that route. I enjoyed this chapter and I wish you the best of luck on your writing.
moodymel chapter 54 . 7/2
Great chapter and great foreshadowing! I love this story and I like the direction that it's going. I can't wait to see if she meet up with Sasori again. Please update soon!
BriEva chapter 54 . 6/30
Sorry this took me so long I've been drowning in Katekyo Hitman Reborn lol.

Hey Rei is back! It's good to see some characters from the beginning of the story return. I had actually forgot he existed. But I think it is kinda funny that Sakura is oblivious to his crush on her, like she was with Shin.

Burta is a little jerk! And I'm mad at Kankuro for being so mean to Sakura, I hope that he really has forgiven her now but I don't think he has. It would be interesting to see him and her have a heart to heart moment where he tells her why he doesn't want her around.

Gaara was scared of her, because her eyes the split thingy. That's interesting other then it's unnaturalness is there another reason why her eyes scared him?

Read from you soon! chapter 54 . 6/27
I love this story so fricken much!
Yunilein chapter 54 . 6/26
So much foreshading and so many "mistakes" Sakura did. Sounds nothing good will happen. I hope to see Sasori soon again somehow he has lighten the story up with his special bondage to Sakura.
general zargon chapter 54 . 6/26
Uh oh, I could practically here the dramatic music playing when I read that last line. O.o Does it have something to do with Bunta? Or something else entirely? I just know the next chapter is going to be a heart-tugging one, I just know it...:( *Crosses fingers and hopes for happy ending* I'm glad you decided to continue this story! I wish you the best of luck on your writing and hope you feel better!
MaySaetern chapter 21 . 6/12
Sakura is too nice. I know its your story so I don't want you to get mad. I just feel like sakura forgives to easy. I understand that she is young but even I new I was bullied and I never hid it when someone defended me. I believed you implide that she was a pacifist from her relation with the hoshi clan but isn't there a line from not liking violence and having her savior apologize to her almost killer, that would have no remorse over her death? Could you explain it to me?
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