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nervousdreamwriter19 chapter 75 . 7/18
I absolutely love Sasori, and Gaara and Sakura are fridgin adorable! I am really loving how you have made the story so far, and I am curious about how Deidara will be involved in the story in the future. Thanks for the update, and I am looking forward to future updates!
nervousdreamwriter19 chapter 63 . 7/17
I could have married Sasori right here and now as I read this chapter. I am currently marathoning the series, and I am just loving it. I really like the thought you put into the story along with how you portray the characters! You are doing an amazing job and I can't wait to see what you have in store for future chapters!
general zargon chapter 75 . 7/6
Thank you for the update! I loved how you kept Deidara so in-character (why did he want to know about Sakura's maternal heritage? I'm curious now!) and made Sakura pull a bit of trickery-pokery. ;P Hope you're feeling better and that you had a happy 4th of July! :D
BriEva chapter 75 . 7/5
Huh how did Deidara get there isn't he a Iwagakure ninja? I wonder what changed in the past that made it so Deidara's mom went to Suna instead of Iwagakure. It would have had to have been something from when Sakura went to Old Suna. Like a string of event's or a butterfly effect, something happenede back there that eventually led to Deidara being in Suna and not there.

Funny thing Sakura-despite having a kekkei genkai, which is rare, keeps meeting people with them these days. Haku, Kimmimaru and now Deidara.

Also funny thing, I feel like Sakura is going to use Deidara as her test dummy. She tried to use her cutesy tricks on Sasori but they won't work because he taught her those tricks. She can't use them on Gaara, Rei or Kankuro because well...they know her too well. Though I'm honestly going to say it would be hilarious to see her practice these tricks on them in one chapter. But Deidara is new, he doesn't know her that well yet and they can bond over being semi outsiders. So this will be funny.

Other thing, considering how they act in the other stories I would love to see a spar between these two in the future. Though how old is Deidara supposed to be in this? I think he's supposed to be...13? Or 12? In shippuuden he's 19, and when shippuuden started Sakura and Naruto were 15 and 15 and a 1/2. So I guess that makes sense.

Sasori's part confused me. Who is this operative? Also were we given confirmation that Haku and Yuki were saved or escaped? I completely forgot that, I'm assuming they escaped but I'm asking for clarification.

Alrighty time for my guesses.

Hmm lets see, what would Sakura gain from interacting with Deidara? A friend she could have who won't be against her being a foreigner that's one thing. It's obvious that his kekkei genkai is proof he isn't fathered by someone in Suna. And that's why he was so excited to hear about Sakura having one. Which means he doesn't know how to use his hands or make his clay. He had to have been taught that.

Other thing when did Deidara move to Suna? Was he still a baby or was he already a toddler like Sakura was? How come he hasn't heard about her? Her pink hair should be well known.

Also funny thing I just came up with. You know all those ribbons Sakura has that she uses for her hair? I think it would be funny if she started giving those out to her friends. If she did she can just tell Gaara, "I only give these out to my friends so that you know not to hurt them". Lol it's too complicated but I just got the image in my head or Deidara having a ribbon in his pony tail and it matches Sakura's.
fortheloveofb chapter 75 . 7/5
I will forever enjoy Deidara in any form, don't you worry! Hopefully Deidara will come to trust Sakura enough to tell her about his kekkei genkai!
im ur misconception chapter 75 . 7/4
hmm deidara was interesting. more musings on sasori (one of my favs)was intriguing. had me giggling and earning looks from my in laws. And I am going to wait as patiently as possible for the next. have a happy 4th your self.
fortheloveofb chapter 74 . 4/15
Omg I'm so happy you have somehow incorporated him into the story!

Patiently awaiting the next update, no matter how long it takes or how short the chapter is :)
general zargon chapter 74 . 4/10
Oh hey, there's Deidara, or at least one of his relatives! XD I really didn't see his appearance coming, but I loved how you wrote him! :) Sakura, you know what they say about assuming...and it looks like she's figured that out for herself. So yay! I hope Sakura succeeds in healing maybe-Deidara, and hey, maybe there's going to be some heart-to-heart between them in the next chapter? That would be awesome. :) I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
moodymel chapter 74 . 4/9
Really loved this chapter. New character introduced, or at least new to this story, and a new friend for Sakura. I loved Sasori's internal musings at the beginning, especially since it's gives a great outline of the current events. I also liked the tidbit about bad choices being made when the Kazekage gets impatient for answers, makes me really look forward to the next chapter even more than usual. Keep up the good work and please update soon!
BriEva chapter 73 . 2/15
Okay, so just to make sure I understand. Sakura is going to be kidnapped, the Kazekage has already decided to use her as bait for whichever of Suna's enemies want to use Sakura to control Gaara.

I got that much.

For some reason, the first time I read this I thought Gaara was kidnapped and the Kage was trying to use Sakura as a lure to figure out who had kidnapped Gaara. Makes no sense but that was what I thought the first time I read this.

There is a chance of Sakura getting hurt or killed in this mission. This...doesn't seem wise on the Kage's part, he wants Sakura to control Gaara. He wants her safe, refused to let her attend the academy for the longest time and now he wants to send her off to possibly die? When she's still in training? Something is up, even more than what Sakura understands. Why not use the transform Jutsu and have a ninja pretend to be Sakura? Does the Kage know about Gaara's ability to sense her? Is he using her for more than just bait to lure his enemies out...but also as a way to turn Gaara into a bloodhound? That way he can sick Gaara on the kidnappers base and wipe them out in one fell swoop?

That's the only reason I can think of for why she couldn't be substituted.

Read from you soon!
Alya Starbright chapter 73 . 1/18
I'm always so happy to see your updates! I love this universe you've created so much that the author oar of me has been coming up with side stories and possible other universes and branches off of this- I have to write them down just to stop them from keeping me awake at night. XD
On another note, I'm really jazzed at the character progression sasori has shown, and that he considers Sakura part of his pack . Can't wait to see where you go from here!
moodymel chapter 73 . 12/26/2016
Very good chapter! It made a very nice Christmas present, so thanks for that! I kinda like the fact that Sakura has those who care enough about her to go on a "murderous rampage" if anything were to happen to her. I look forward to finding out who is behind the kidnapping attempts and what happens as a result, so please update soon!
general zargon chapter 73 . 12/24/2016
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for the update, I enjoyed the chapter and Sakura's 'story'. :) Yay for Sasori being sneaky! I look forward to finding out more about the kidnapping plan - I don't imagine Gaara will be very happy when he finds out - and fingers are crossed for no dark ending! :) I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
BriEva chapter 72 . 11/23/2016
Sorry it took me a while to review this but yay!

So Sakura will not become a puppet master. Finally clarification on that front. Some writers when doing stories where Naruto or some one else gets training they automatically become masters in their new art. However in this you kept true to your Sakura story. She is a skilled healer that is all.

Not really a lot happening in this chapter though other then Sakura discovering her feelings and a transition into another mission. Though important things it doesn't give me much to question or wonder about.

Kudos to Sakura starting to learn Sasori's code!

Poor Rei.

Gaara you lucky raccoon dog you!
CatLadyJr chapter 1 . 11/20/2016
Ah wow, I've been following this story since the last day of school in 2014, and admittedly have fallen behind a bit in chapters, but I just wanted to let you know how amazing I think your writing is. Everything about this story is amazing; the writing, the plot, the characters, the character development, the OCs, I could go on forever. I think you're very talented, and I actually have found that I prefer your work to most published books I've read. I think of your story, and ore specifically your writing style in general, almost every day and think of you as a role model for every piece of writing I create. All in all I just think that both you and this story are amazing, and as always I look forward to seeing more from you :)
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