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Amara-nii chan chapter 71 . 10/13
I love this story and have been reading since the very beginning in 2011 can't wait for the next chapter your doing an amazing job with descriptions and wording it in a way that not only allows imagery but also allows the reader to better understand the story
Anyway good work keep up the good work your awesome you should feel awesome I hope you feel better soon and get well hehe until next chapter
BriEva chapter 71 . 10/2
Oh, no! You're still sick? I hope you get better soon!

You nailed it on the head with the ageing in this chapter! The descriptions helped and made everything clearer to me so I had no trouble picturing her age. :)

Glad to know she is still getting school lessons, as that is very interesting but so sad that she is now bored with the lessons lol. I remember those times. Anyway, I wonder is her lessons from her teacher will be of use in the future. It helped her out in the past, I just hope it keeps helping her.

This training with Sasori is gonna be brutal and actually an idea popped into my head from it. I read on one manga that in the past there used to be medicine women who would constantly take poisons their antidotes which made their blood poisonous and medicine. This would be a cool thing for Sakura and I tried finding some articles to help you if you decided to expand this training but I couldn't find anything to confirm if this was a real thing or not. It would be cool, but it would have her training last longer than a few months and I'm unsure how mapped out this arc is. Another thing to consider if you decide to use this method is will this alter how Sakura looks? I'm personally not sure about it because I couldn't find proof, but if anything I'd say maybe it makes her skin paler. Not Orochimaru pale, but really fair.

Is it possible that Sakura can start her own garden? If she is to be trained in poisons having her own poisonous garden might be helpful for her. In a weird way, I think being a poison expert will suit her greatly.

As much as I want her to learn from Sasori I just can't picture Sakura as a puppeteer. I wonder how that training will go and if she does become a puppeteer how will Kankuro act? And if it doesn't maybe there is another way Sakura can use art in her medical abilities and her ninja skills. Sasori is a puppeteer, Sai is a painter and Deidara is a sculpture. Maybe she becomes a sealing expert? Or a Beautician? There was this one character in YuYu Hakusho who would mix his blood in with makeup and use his make-up to make seals. If you make her blood poisonous and she uses seals then makeup would be an ideal way to travel with poison on her and go unnoticed. But now I'm over speculating again.

Anyway amazing chapter! Can't wait to read more!
moodymel chapter 71 . 10/2
Good chapter. Sakura is finally going to get trained by Aniki, I can't wait. I hope you get to feeling better and please update soon!
fortheloveofb chapter 71 . 10/1
Wonderful chapter, as always!
I hope you get to feeling better soon!
WanderingSamurai chapter 18 . 10/1

well done

may tho muse never die!
moodymel chapter 70 . 9/3
Very good chapter. I can't wait to see what Sakura's next mission is and I look forward to seeing more interactions between her and Haku. I hope you get to feeling better and please update soon!
XFlare chapter 70 . 9/2's interestingly confusing, as I feel I no longer understand childlike minds.

Keep writing~
general zargon chapter 70 . 9/1
*Le gasp* Poor Haku! I hope he doesn't get experimented on and/or anything else too horrible! *Is concerned* Gaara is very smart, but he can only eat so much, LOL. :) Sakura escaped her punishment, and Gaara took it by overeating. . I wish you the best of luck on your writing!
BriEva chapter 70 . 9/1
Oh no! Haku was captured by Orochimaru! Haku!

I really hope that Sakura decided to use her eyes to find his location then get a message to Sasori as fast as possible. I really don't want Haku to get experimented on by Orochimaru. :'( HAKUUUUU!

Hmmm I wonder if Sakura realizes that if she used her eyes right she could teach herself Sasori's code. She just has to look into the past whenever he used his code. It could take a few years for her to figure it out but she can teach it to herself.

As for her and Gaara's interaction. it was so cute when they yelled I'm sorry! lol. And the final scene was funny.

Happy that Sora is fine, however there is one thing that is bugging me and I'm unsire it this can go away.

It's Sakura's feeling as a character, I was reading this and still felt as if Sakura was 5. Logically I know she is almost nine now, but it still feels like she is 5 sometimes. It's odd.

Okay time for random questions.
-Does Sakura still get lessons from her home teacher? If so what is she learning about?

-How has Sakura's and Gaara's physicle appearance changed over the years? Maybe this can help me visualize their age clearer in my head.

-Now that Sakura has started using her eyes more will she start using them during training with Chiyo? Strangly enough when I thought of this I remembered when Sakura used to walk around with her eyes activated all day and figured she would do that only she would keep herself blindfolded so no one could see her eyes. It got the silly image of her walking around like nothing is different because she can see through the blindfold but everyone is looking at her like she is creepy lol. Crack fic.

Anyway gtg read from you soon!
bostafu chapter 6 . 8/17
yeees sakura becomes a mediiic niiin... eventually
bostafu chapter 5 . 8/17
This was sooo cuuute! I mean not the whole bloodshed and killing but ggaara and sakura huggiiing.
moodymel chapter 69 . 8/5
Fantastic chapter! Thanks for making my day! I had guessed Haku and Kimimaru(even though I couldn't remember his name) but I didn't figure out that Sasori was the Hoshi, great twist. I always love their (Sakura & Sasori) interactions. I really liked Haku's perspective on their relationship. Please update soon.
BriEva chapter 69 . 8/4
I have time now...
I have time to review!
So this was a great chapter! I did think it could have been Sasori, but because of Haku last chapter I just didn't think of the possibility of it being Sasori. So hehe. You got me with that.

I love how Sasori was able to interpret Sakura's vision instantly. And that time is saying she needs to start looking into the future. Cause if she saw into the future she wouldn't have put herself in a potentially dangerous situation. I know she fears it...but she can't afford to fear it. I really like that Sasori was the one to basically tell this to her. But I'm not sure if she will be willing to look into the future anytime soon. I hope she does, but because of how reluctant she is...

And I love the familiarity between Sasori and Sakura, it really amuses me how easily they are together. Now here is my question.

Sasori's puppets that he uses are they like the one he wore while fighting Chiyo and Sakura in Canon? The realistic one? This is a visual thing for me.

Haku's perspective was really sad, but really sweet. I always forget how...Haku and Kimimaru saw themselves as nothing but tools for their masters. It's so sad that they don't really think of themselves as humans in a way. I hope we get to see more of them interacting with Sakura in the future. Maybe they can be Sakura's personal guard at some point and make Haku's wish come true.

And Sakura got her first mission! Yay!XD Sadly she can't tell it to Gaara. But that's okay, our little red head has enough stress on his little shoulders.

Read from you soon!
Guest chapter 69 . 8/2
Awww! That's sooo sweet! But I could just imagine how Gaara would react to Haku's (and Kimimaro's, I suppose) prescence... I have a feeling that he'll be jealous (in a cute way because he doesn't even realize that he's jealous...)... Oh I cannot wait for the next update!

Yun chapter 69 . 8/2
Sasori puppet shell! Of course! well at least I was not the only one who could not remember. Even now it seems so obvious..
Now I really loved this chapter!
Sasori and Sakura so good for each other. They complete each other flaws.
But know I wonder is it really possible that Sasori could be the father of Sakura? I’m still confused who is know how related to her.
And how Haku felt about the whole story was just too precious.. I wished we could have seen him how he handed her over to Kimi and how he reacte to the news to find somehow precious of his master. And what was he doing in Suna?
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