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SnowWolfSpirit chapter 52 . 5/21
so i'm reviewing for chapters 49-52 here. sorry for not reviewing for all of them, but i'm just a little sleepy and a little sick. i really enjoyed the in depth look at the Hoshi power in chapter 49 where we see Time Walking from Kirsche's point of view and are given a clearer understanding of how time works in connection with Time Walking with Keiko's death (though that is a pretty horrible death :/) and Megumi's death. i also found Sasori's reaction to sleep and chakra deprivation kind of welcome. he always seems so in control and capable that seeing him act emotionally is an interesting change of pace and shows him as more human.
i am curious as to why Kirsche told Sakura not to move when left in the Time stream by herself. was it necessary that Sakura make the choice to protect Yashamaru and Gaara despite knowing she would be hurt in order to get through (because i'm almost positive that Kirsche knew exactly what she was going to see) or was there another way to get to them to the right time without her being hurt by the explosion (did that mean that they would not have any influence on Gaara's situation)? also, i feel i should say that if i'd voted in the poll i would have chosen to have Gaara not notice Sakura nor have Sakura be able to speak (i'm sure you're about to say hindsight is always 20/20), but i have my own reasons for this as well. as well all should know by now Gaara is very very protective of Sakura and i'm sure that any reminder of the fact that Yashamaru is the reason why Sakura was hurt would have only made Gaara more vengeful and increase the desire for Yashamaru's death, so for the best response Sakura should not have been hurt at all. also i feel that Gaara should have been given the chance to make his own choice without an outside opinion or judgements. the choice and the consequences should have been entirely his. if he had chosen to save Yashamaru it should have been because he did not want to be the monster the villagers accused him of being (not because he loved Yashamaru as he'd already vowed to love no one besides himself) not because he didn't want Sakura to view him as a monster. if he had chosen to kill Yashamaru it would have been righteous vengeance as Yashamaru had just tried to kill him. however, it would have also showed just how much of a conscience Gaara had left and would have been a way to determine whether or not he was yet on the path of becoming the monster the villagers saw. though i must admit that i am glad that Yashamaru is still alive and i hope that he and Gaara do have the chance to talk and hopefully that Gaara forgives him. i would really like to know the situation would have differed if Gaara hadn't heard Sakura.
also i have to admit that when i first read this i thought there were there was another blonde man in the room besideds Sakura and i was really curious who that was... but i got things figured out
thanks for bringing Naruto in! i'm excited to see how Kanoha and team 7 fit in with this story!
The Punch Lord chapter 52 . 5/13
after getting busy with life, I was able to dive back in and catch up with this fic in two days, and I couldn't remember where I left off and started reading again from the very beginning.
52 chapters in two days, I impress myself O.o

ANYWAY, loooooooooooved seeing big brother Sasori, every moment of him and Sakura together was just so cute and I couldn't wait to see more. While I'm glad she's back in the present with Gaara and to see Yashamaru live (and curious to see how it will affect the continued story), a little sad she wasn't able to say goodbye to anyone in the past. I imagine Sasor was genuinely sad and upset that she disappeared without a trace. I'm really curious to see if they'll meet up again with him being apart of the Akatsuki

though that does depend on how closely this follows the original Naruto plotline, and so far not too closely with her being in Suna and Yashamaru living.
But I'm looking forward to seeing the changes either way. Also can't wait to see her meeting Naruto and Sasuke and see how that will go.

I'll be looking forward to those next updates! Keep up the good work!
moodymel chapter 52 . 5/10
Very good chapter! I can't wait to see if Sasori will make an appearance now that Sakura has "returned".
idk chapter 8 . 3/29
Kirsche is Sakura, isn't she.
Netag Silverstar chapter 51 . 3/18
This is amazing!

Your plot line is so detailed and unique. I have been around the block a bit in the Naruto Fandom, and this is definately a new (and very interesting!) idea.

I like how you have weaved everything in so as that you need to continue on reading to understand. It's a very hard trick to master and you have done so superbly.

The level of detail in your world is quite astonishing, it's interesting and imaginative and I really enjoy reading it, the little details you sprinkle are enough to create visual cues while still leaving it up to our imagination.

Your approach to powers and abilities is very discrete. I mean that you mix in different strengths and weaknesses are logical, canon feeling and realistic. This story feels like everything that's going on is natural and relevant. That takes a deft touch to do it as well as you do.

Your minor and supporting characters and how they re-emerge here and there is a really great way of developing characters while keeping your world connected. People like Megumi, keiko or the bullies really carry the background/mythology. They build Suna into a place with people, not just cut outs.

sasori is beyond amazing so far. His mentality, the way you describe his fights and thought processes, the poisons (realistic touches deeply appreciated and very good) and how he judged things felt so in character, yet transitioned into this new/different sasori so organically. He is a testament to your writing skills.

Yashamaru and Katsu
Shellz29 chapter 51 . 3/15
Hello JUCHKO. I would like to say thank you for making this story. It's very intricate and I'm really looking forward to the next installment which brings me to my next point. I would really like it if you didn't make Gaara kill Yashamaru because I think that it would make a really big rift between him and Sakura and just cause all sorts of problems between them. But that's not what you asked for votes on so I will vote for...
• Sakura not finding her voice
• Gaara noticing/hearing her attempt to speak
Thanks and I can't wait to see what happens. :)
general zargon chapter 51 . 3/13
Huh...well, I can't say I didn't sort of see this coming - I knew they were going to leave Suna eventually, but I'm sad that Keiko is going to die. *tear* Poor Sakura, having to make all these choices without understanding them. And that's why I hate Kirsche; she's telling a CHILD all these ground-breaking things, not giving her time yo think about and absorb them, and then keeps on hurtling one difficult choice after another at her. :/ Yes, I did indeed like how you wrote Sasori's character. :) I wish you the best of luck with your writing, and I'll be sure to cast my vote in the polls!
BriEva chapter 51 . 3/13
I would be honored to be your beta!
OK so I have to say FINALLY Gaara is back! I was so happy that happened. And at such a critical moment I. His life too...
I can see a few out comes right now. Either Gaara kills Yasamaru, which I don't think he'll do with Sakura there, or Yasamaru dies on his own from Gaara taking too long. Yasamaru eventually kills himself due to his weak state and or the constant pain he's in. Yasamaru living and gets taken care of by Youko. In all the outcomes I see Gaara being blamed for whatever happens to Yasamaru. All that changes is the degree of fear and hate a little.

Kirsch's probably knew that would be the moment Sakura would have jumped into the time stream. That's why she was saying you'd get put in the hospital. But now that was a possibility I would have loved it for Sakura to have briefly return to Konoha and have met Naruto. I squealed when his name was mentioned. It was a nice surprise.

So I have a theory...that the woman Sasori was talking to was...


Read from you soon!
flacaurmama chapter 51 . 3/13
Ok so I wanted to ask, how Sakura was in the time stream and she was "fishing" while talking to her "friend", is this going to make Inner maybe appear later in the story? I'm really loving your story and can't wait for updates!
Oh and for you polls, I choose Sakura can't find her voice and Gaara notices her trying to talk. Good luck on your writing for the next chapter!
BriEva chapter 50 . 3/11
First off I apologize for how long this took me to review.

Secondly I'm somewhat upset it wasn't Youko. Just because-you know I love that dark stuff. As for Kriko's fate I was, sadistically, grinning. I felt terrible of course, but we had known Keiko would die since the early chapters. That it would be while she was still a child and because of outsiders. Being brutally murdered by smuggelers would in fact have caused Akai to have acted so aggressively towards Sakura even though she was so young.

Now my reasoning for Youko's.

I believe that since this is an AU then that means that certain canon events are 'Fated' to happen. A majority of these events happen in Team Seven, so most of these can be avoided/tweaked in this because this is set in a different Time and Village. Sakura's role in the first half of Naruto was very dull and could easily be filled by another Sasuke fangirl. I'm not two worried about that. In canon there are only a handful of things that I believe HAVE to happen to Sakura. Friendship to Naruto/attraction to Sasuke (yes I know this is SakuGaa but that does not mean that she will not find Sasuke physically attractive to the very least),The Forest of Death fight where she is alone to fight against the Sound Nin, Prelims against Ino and/or her rival (I want to say Temari but the way you set up this world I do not believe that they will ever get into a physical fight with Gaara watching), Gaara nearly killing Sakura at the Finals, Sakura becoming a medic nin and/or Tsunade's apprentice, Sakura's fight against Sasori, failure to kill Sasuke. That is 6 events in total when going on about Sakura's canon timeline, all of these events can be altered to loosely follow the current storyline.

Gaara's timeline is DIFFERENT! I believe that with or without Sakura he HAS to become that monster he believed himself to be in the beginning of canon. If he doesn't then his bond with Naruto will NEVER become that powerful and in turn Sakura's bond to Naruto will never become that strong.

This is why I keep egging on the Gaara massacre thing, because that happened in canon after he killed Yashamaru. And in this the only way I think Yashamaru would feel...willingly to go after Gaara is if Youko had died-either directly because of Gaara and Sakura or indirectly.

That and well...I'm just like that.

As for this chapter I have no complaints or such except the '( )' that happen when Mebuki is first observing Sasori after he awakens. I think that part wasn't needed or could have been abbreviated.

And, sadly, as much as I love Sasori's and Sakura's family's time for her to go back into her time. This story is SakuGaa yet there are more chapters with SakuSaso than there are with SakuGaa. We now know a majority of the past event's that helped shaped New Suna-which was needed- and now we have a lot of foreshadowing for New Suna and those characters. It is time to follow that story line.

Read from you soon!
moodymel chapter 50 . 2/7
Great chapter like always! I did love the "sweet" and overprotective Sasori showing up, especially allowing others to see it. As always, please update soon!
general zargon chapter 50 . 2/6
Yay for protective older brother Sasori! I love how you write him, and how you made him more talkative when he's tired. ;) I officially don't like Kirsche now, and I'm glad Sasori is suspicious of her now. . I wish you the best of luck writing the next chapter!
Alya Starbright chapter 49 . 1/23
XD I have officially spent too many hours reading all three of these stories in succession. . . and I am completely hooked. Sometimes the writer in me rears its ugly head and I keep trying to analyze whats going to happen next and by that point I'm just like "It's time travel. Don't try to understand it." But I have to admit that this is some of the best and well-thought-out writing Ive read in a long time, and that I am thoroughly impressed. Kudos to you, your hilarious disclaimers, and keeping people engaged and your characters in character. Great writing!
moodymel chapter 49 . 1/4
Great chapter! I loved the emotions that Sasori was showing, even if it was due to Chakra exhaustion and other factors. I loved the line where he thought about Sakura as his honorary little sister and he was going to be the one to protect her. I do wonder if his grandmother is ever going to show up and what her reaction would be to see Sasori's connection to Sakura. As always please update soon!
namedafteracar chapter 49 . 1/3
Your writing is as amazing as always!

Ahh, I love all these little hints and foreshadowing you give us! It's amazing how I don't even realize it until certain chapters!

Also, again with the cliffhangers?!
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