Reviews for Out of the Darkness
Guest chapter 48 . 5/9
Vader can read kinds too.
Guest chapter 37 . 5/9
Oooh yay piett's a baddass too.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/9
Vader is such a badass
Guest chapter 20 . 5/9
I hate how you always make obi wan the bad guy. He always has the Skywalker family's best intrest at heart. The fact that he didn't do what yoda said and didn't kill anakin is saying something at the least. He actually cares about padme and the twins too.
Gretel Girl of Creation chapter 74 . 4/19
OMG, it's Rey and Ben! My life is complete!
If I stated all the things I absolutely love about you and your stories, then I'd be sitting here for hours. So I'll just say that I can't thank you enough for making these plots and stories - they really give me a reason to live XD. I admire your dedication - they're all so long and seem so hard to write, I know I couldn't have done it. Also, I was elated to see Ahsoka here - I really like her.
Once again, I love your story and I seriously feel like I'm going to reread them all.
teaddicted chapter 74 . 4/15
Loved the story, thank you so much for sharing! It's wonderful to see a story like this among all the kylo ren/rey stories being uploaded that I still can't make sense of for the life of me.
Vader'sMistress chapter 74 . 3/8
A wonderful ending! I loved this story, it was both so sad and so beautiful. I hope a sequel is in the works, showing how the galaxy is much better off, or different at least, from the chaos we saw in TFA.
angie chapter 71 . 1/15
I am so happy to read the ending of this story! This was great, and I have always loved all your work! Thank you so much for finishing it, and I will have to start Protector 4 soon!
Jedi Master Misty Sman-Esay chapter 74 . 1/13
Happy endings are something I enjoy and when the entire family is around it's icing on the cake.

Thank you for sharing this with us.
Guest chapter 74 . 1/9
Oh, no you didn't.
That was a very sweet story. I read it all on three days!
ThunderSphinx chapter 73 . 1/9
Rey is Luke's daughter :(

Other than that mistake, great story!
fan girl 666 chapter 74 . 1/8
love the ending especially bringing in the characters in The Force Awakens
fan girl 666 chapter 73 . 1/8
glad that Padme has come around and wants to see Anakin
ThunderSphinx chapter 74 . 1/6
Will Anakin and Padmé ever have any other kids? They are still young enough
Skye chapter 74 . 1/3
Great job, loved it :) now I don't have to impatiently wait for updates anymore XD Interesting how you included Rey in that final scene, I love hearing other people's ideas about where she came from (I guess we'll have to wait and find out!) will you be writing any more stories after this one? Fanfiction is my stress relief, and since your stories are particularly amazing I'm hoping you will. Anyways, I'd just like to thank you for sharing your writing talent with the fanfiction community, because without your stories I'd be bored most of my life. Keep writing :)
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