Reviews for Out of the Darkness
To The 'Reviewer chapter 70 . 9/15
Buzz OFF! So You Disliked This Story and Disagree With the Author's POV re the characters. OK, but that does NOT mean it's okay for you to post needlessly profane 'reviews'. Go back to your mother (or if SHE didn't teach you manners, your grandmother) and learn to express yourself in a more civil and original way!
okay chapter 30 . 9/12
im done with your douchy story. apparently you dont remember that uncle owen and aunt beru were MURDERED ON VADERS ORDERS! or the fact that vader killed A FUCKTON OF INNOCENT PEOPLE for his own happiness before all the bullshit on mustafar? Perhaps you dont remember that he EXTRAORDINARILY RECENTLY SOLD HAN TO THE HUTTS! You seem to be laboring on the fact that he was once a nice guy so his family can overlook his murdering everyone INCLUDING A SHITLOAD OF YOUNG CHILDREN. have a nice life.
your right chapter 28 . 9/12
vader's not the bad guy for selling han to the hutts! its han's fault! he should have been more respectful to the overlord! as long as the overlords family loves one another it doesnt matter how many people he kills!(in case your too stupid to understand, that was all sarcasm.)
what a bitch chapter 23 . 9/12
thats all she can think about? living in a room for the rest of her life? nevermind the state of the galaxy. im also glad they had such a romantic reunion when the last time they saw each other he was talking about overthrowing palpatine and ruling the galaxy together. that situation also ended with him trying to kill her. your view of what is going on and how these characters think is very fucking skewed.
awwwww chapter 22 . 9/12
It's as if he never killed a shitload of children at all! oh wait. he hasn't stopped killing children since the birth of the empire!
what the hell chapter 19 . 9/12
why all of a sudden are bail organa and obi-wan the bad guys? Darth Vader has literally been killing children around the galaxy for twenty years, and now its okay because these other dudes lied about him being the father. lets not forget that the true enemy behind EVERY shitty thing in the galaxy is palpatine. so why are these people pissed about these two dudes who rebel against tyranny lying to protect someones innocence?
Guest chapter 70 . 9/11
I absolutely love this book and mostly you account I hope you finish this because I'm dying to know what happens!
Guest chapter 70 . 8/23
My goodness the angst... The angst is gnawing at my heart, this last chapter is what I have been dreading but I will wait for the next one with all my heart...I love of all of your stories ( especially Hearth of a Sith) and this one is particularly interesting for the way you are developing Padmé's conditions. Keep up your magnificent job, thanks for sharing your stories! Elisa ( lisuli79 on tumblr)
Oykk chapter 70 . 8/24
Padme is having a break down it's very normal for her to react like that I really liked this chapter thanks for updating
aprettycat chapter 70 . 8/22
Padme finally have a safe place to collect her pain and trauma and released all her pain. Before this time, she was either struggling for saving her own life, or struggle for saving Anakin's life, and she suspended all her pains. I am glad she lashed out, it is painful to read, but it is healthy.

It is pretty hard to let her stay in the hospital. She has to, then the twins have to talk their mom into doing this. Good chapter again.
Jedi Master Misty Sman-Esay chapter 70 . 8/22
Man, a lot happens and looks like there is healing that has to be done as well as some other things.
DVNIKKI chapter 70 . 8/21
Wonder if anakin leaves with out telling any body! Wonder if padme will stay in the hospital! I can't see padme staying unless her kids make her stay! I wonder what to come of padme outburst l! Love the story please update soon!
Padme52 chapter 70 . 8/21
Anakin and Padme have suffered so much already I hope it gets better for them because they deserve some happiness.

Glad you are writing again love the story.
easysam chapter 70 . 8/20
I am thoroughly enjoying this fic and I am so happy that you are rolling out the chapters every few days. Another great chapter, especially having Ashoka showing up.

FireChildSlytherin5 chapter 70 . 8/20
Been a while. Reread the whole story just so i can remember everything. Awesome story. _
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