Reviews for Envy and Manipulations
xoxokristen chapter 22 . 12/5
Reread this for the 20th time and I still love it! Please please update again soon (can I pay you?!)
Mrs.NicaLeeSnape chapter 22 . 11/10
What? Where is the rest? This story was too amazing to end this way!
Jess Glen chapter 22 . 10/19
Hi there. I don't know if you still read any of your FanFiction messages but I just wanted to say a few things. I love reading your stories and have done so for many years. I love the characters you create, the pairings, the situations, the complexities. I love the twists and turns in this story. The twist with Blaise really being a Malfoy by blood, by Draco actually being Voldemorts son, the whole Folk Hills and Weasley family history. I even loved the characterizations of the Slytherins: Pansy, Daphne and how they run rings around Ginny manipulating her without her even realizing.
In Life Goes On I really enjoyed Cassius Malfoy and in general the progression of the Malfoy family. Lavinia is super smart but a little naive, Evelyn is a sweetheart but still super spoilt. Your story writing was like a weave of spellbinding magic, creating a web of plot, of suspense, passion, drama, depth, betrayal, love, fear and friendship. The characters from Byron to Addison, from Roman to Emma have stayed with me. You my dear are a true writer. It is what you are truly meant to do.
Your talent is even present in your Greek mythology stories. I have remained enraptured by the compelling, passionate and addictive storytelling of the story of Hades and Persephone. Your dark take on the story we all know so well has truly inspired me, you have lifted the veil of the unknown and clawed deeper into the realm of Hades to uncover the true meaning and beginning of their relationship. I love the inclusion of Hypnos and Thanatos, of Minthe and your vivid descriptions of the Gods of Olympus.
I only have one negative thing to say and that is, I am disappointed. I saw your profile page update in MAY, which said your were going to start writing again. And now 5 months later you have still not posted anything new. I understand you are a new mother and wife and I am so very happy for you and I hope all is well, but to be void of any new work from you feels like a punishment. So here is one humble request: even if it is just one tiny chapter, please post something new. For any story. You have so many fans, friends and followers you like me are enthralled by your work and creativity. Please just one chapter. Much love.
-Jess Glen
Guest chapter 22 . 10/18
Oh my god, what is this? Is this over? Please, don't do this to me!
ghwitch15 chapter 1 . 9/16
Hello there. Today as I was reading envy and manipulation for the 4th time and I was at chapter
12, I decided to check on your profile, on
fanfiction, and there you were with huge announcement
I'm really happy for you,and you sound genuinely
Happy. I wish you a sweet life with your little family.
Ofcourse I will be looking forward to your great
stories as always. Specially envy and manipulation.
I can even say that I like your style more than
J. herself. You define every character with
So much details that just makes it so hard not to
imagine them and fall in love with each and every
one of them. I got to say, your characterization is
Any ways thanks for updating your bio.
And your lovely stories!
Nerlzswirls chapter 22 . 8/1
Hi, I love alll of you stories i have read them all a million times and i can not get over how amazingly well written they are and how many emotions you make me feel everytime i read them. They are my favorites of all time.

Congratulations on all the wonderful changes in your life, i hope you are well. If you ever have time to update this story it would mean the world but otherwise i will continue to reread the magic of these stories.
gilbee chapter 22 . 7/27
Is this the end? This is one hell of a story! Bloody fantastic! The story makes me want to strangle Ginny for being so stupid, then I want to hug her because I pity her, then - it's all kind of mixed emotions really that it's annoying, frustrating, satisfying and exhilarating. At the end, though, I can't help but wonder if it was Ginny who manipulates the people around her without realizing it.
whatarefilms chapter 22 . 7/17
Holy. Crap. I don't know what to make of this ending! This was all kinds of insane and I loved it.
LettersToViolet chapter 22 . 7/4
I'm a consummate D/G shipper, so I'm really surprised I hadn't come across this fic until now. I feel like I've read every D/G fic out there. I'm echoing the sentiments of another reviewer in that you layered and twisted the plot so subtly that it turns from a simple country club story to something truly engrossing, complicated and beautifully dark with characters that have a voice of their own. I got so caught up in this that I binged read it in two days, which is ridiculous, as I work full-time. Would be incredibly interested in a sequel if it were to appear one day. Well done indeed.
Guest chapter 22 . 6/18
so from how I take it, Ginny is a descendant of Edmund (daughter of the crow), Draco is actually Tom's son, and Blaise is the actual Malfoy son and heir. Edmund created a bond with the dying witch in the boat. She was wearing the yellow stoned necklace and killed herself with the dagger. The woman was a Malfoy? Which made Blaise bonded to Ginny? That part im not totally sure about. The second house that falls Blaise's house? The second house that was part of the Great Divide had a Swan for their coat of arms, same as Blaise's family crest. Edmund's quote: "Immortality isn't reached through spells or potions, it's true form is through the blood line" meaning his legacy and his power and himself essentially are alive through Ginny? History repeats itself, it seems, considering Lancaster Malfoy killed Miriam when she ran off with a muggle born... Ginny ran off with Blaise (under a curse, of course)... Draco found her... Her mind is going crazy because people have messed with it too much... She didn't want to use the spell on her nanny anymore because her mind would turn to "mush" which is what I suspect might be happening to Ginny herself... It all comes down to Edmund... The boy telling his mother that he's never loved anyone... The words "do you remember?" And "you loved me once" echoing through their history... I know that you're writing a sequel for this story and I hope questions I have are answered because I do indeed have many of them, but I hope I've hit the nail on some of these things. Your fic is complicated and layered in the best ways possible. No other story has been able to match the kind of brilliance you've created. So I hope I'm understanding this sorry correctly
Cristina-Marble chapter 22 . 6/10
I was wondering if there will be another chapter for this story? I have been following it for several years and I NEED closure haha. But all in all it is one of my all time favorites!
haygurlhayy chapter 1 . 5/31
You are my favorite author on this site, and have been ever since I stumbled across "I'm Yours" years ago. I am so, so happy that you are...well, happy! Congratulations on your marriage and baby. I'm not sure if you specified in your update, but I'm really curious to know which name you went for with her :) Anyways, just thought you should know that I check on this site all the time to see if you've updated anything new, and while you don't owe us an explanation, it's nice to know that it was good and happy things keeping you from writing. I can't wait to see what you upload next! Well wishes to your new family :)
xfictionfanx chapter 21 . 5/28
Please ..I really want to read the sequel to this story..don't give up writing ..I always come back to read this story.
Lilypops chapter 22 . 5/14
Does anyone on here know the author in person? I've checked back in after a year and not even the bio has changed - that is usually updated even if the stories are not. I think we would all just like to know they are okay, and if they are the story is abandoned please just give us a chapter telling us what would have happened and how it would have ended. Or even just tell us you've abandoned it so we can all (begrudgingly) move on with our lives. It's killing me to reread it over and over and never have an ending
Molly chapter 21 . 5/13
Honestly every time I read this it gets better and better - I love the twist at the end here, I knew there was more to Blaise and I suspected the affair but not the dark lord part. I read through this at least once a year and every time I pick up on new things because the plot is so intricate and well thought out, you're also amazing at writing powerful, manipulative Slytherins and I love how the story has adapted and changed - when I first read it I never expected it to get so dark, and the changes were so subtle that all of a sudden without realised I was reading a story about war and not one about working at a country club. But honestly I'm a bit worried about you - I've followed your stories for many years now and it's not like you to leave this amount of time between chapters - even if you have abandoned the story/abandoned fanfiction please let us all know just so we can know you're okay.
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