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Evan chapter 6 . 1/31/2011
This goes well with your other Sten story and brings out that scene in the Fade. I'd like to see his progression and the moments where he comes around, sort of.

Ygrain33 chapter 6 . 1/31/2011
A good take on Sten, though I must admit I never really liked him. Respected him, yes, but never really felt close. Actually, the only thing that saved him from rotting in that cage was Morrigan's intervention - Ned already had a soft spot for her, so he complied with her request :-)
Kendoka Girl chapter 6 . 1/31/2011
Thanks so much, EE!

I was just replaying Mass Effect 2 and, on the planet Horizon, the mechanic come out screaming that they got Sten. I had to throw that in the story as sort of a parallel existence thing. :P

You know, I could not find the way to release him. I begged and threatned the Chantry mother, but I had dog and Morrigan with me and I didn't know I needed Leliana at the time to get the key.

I figured it out on my 2nd playthrough.

I really like that idea of an Anora, post Ostagar chapter. I think it puts a lot of depth into her character and maybe gives some rationale for her later political maneuverings. I am enjoying writing Sten and I think they'll be more of him too.
Wolfox6 chapter 6 . 1/30/2011

I'm one of the few who immediately took to Sten in the game. Ah, if only for an extra Mabari companion, I wouldn't have taken anyone else to complete the quests. One Sten and two Mabari would've been the perfect army!

You wrote his thoughts and perceptions very, very well. Congrats, as his is *very* difficult to write of.

Excellent chapter.
Eternal E chapter 6 . 1/30/2011
Hi again KG

Again you capture Sten perfectly, the stoic Zen mentality the proverbv sort of thing about the sea, and having won even if he dies, doing his duty.

Other than that, I'm a bit surprised the demon messed up and sent him to... whatever place that was at first., I wonder if it plays a part in him remembering that it is all a dream, also the image of the Warden. Sten, like Morrigan, knew it was an illusion (guess you don't forget your brethren being ripped apart and the shame of the defear, that easily).

You left Sten to die first time around? That surprised me as a bit harsh. Yeah I too was kind of shocked at what he had done and the calm mentality he had, also the indifference as to whether you let him out or not. As he knew he had wronged and that death would be his atonement.

Yes the Qunari are fascinating people to wonder at. I think it would be great if you'd maybe continue some one shots of Sten through the game(either incorporating them with the main story or Tea, Incense and the Sea. I do love your look at Sten in that one(also perfectly in sync with this).

I've mentioned it before but maybe you could do a look on Anora just after Ostgar, you know, finding out what a disaster it was, that her husband is dead, her father might be behind it, you know a thousand different kind of shocks hitting from several different angles at once.

Or Erlina, watching her mistress during this time. Somehow I think that if Anora allowed anyone to see weakness in her during these challenging times it'd be Erlina.

Maybe you could do one of these spinoff stories of some chapters, having both of their POV:s, from Ostgar till beginning of Landsmeet for example.

Just shooting ideas around

Oh and you haven't read the books? I'm so sorry, I think I've referred to them many times in reviews past. Hopefully I haven't given you too many spoilers... silly me.
Kendoka Girl chapter 5 . 1/26/2011
Hey EE! I am definitely using the in-game Alistair. I haven't read the novels yet, but they're on my to-do list.

I went kind of nuts with the icons for a bit. :P

I actually liked Anora a lot. She knows that her situation is precarious and acts appropriately, scheming and brokering deals. I thought she was portrayed excellently and realistically for such a political role.

I remember the first time I spared Loghain and Alistair freaked out. And when I wavered, Anora freaked out. I literally had to walk away and take a drink for a few minutes before coming back and making my final decision. :P
Eternal E chapter 5 . 1/24/2011
Hey KG.

Great chapter, shows quite well what Alistair really wanted, and had in that dream, a home and a family, quite heartwarming... Though I wonder why was there no cheese?

Why is the cheese always gone? D

I wonder which Alistair origin are you using, the in-game one, or the novel Calling one. Not that it necessarily makes any difference in the story, since in-game Alistair doesn't get any kind of hints of his possible other origin. Personally I prefer the in-game one, it is more simple, well done, realistic, and much more human. But that may very well be just me being picky.


Oh and I had the chance to look those icons of yours. Haha, great stuff, though I choked when you titled the vamp Loghain being "in love with Bella"

Noooo, Loghain, you have a better taste than that, the bitch isn't worth it!

Poor Anora, a lot of people hate her. I always thought that, like Loghain, she was an interesting character and that there was a lot beneath that "high and solitary and most stern"-shell of hers, a lot of possibilities to explore, i hope you'll do that, before you lock her inside of a tower, or send her to gallows, if those really are your intentions.
Evan chapter 4 . 1/23/2011
The different take on the Fade is really a treat. You and those DA pics, ha!

Wolfox6 chapter 5 . 1/23/2011
Wonderful look through Alistair's eyes when in the Fade...his ever trusting spirit helps to blind him, with momentary exceptions, to the horror surrounding him.

Very well done!
PadawanMage chapter 1 . 1/23/2011
Morrigan really is...interesting. But Flemeth? I haven't gotten too far into the game to know what she is...yet.
Kendoka Girl chapter 4 . 1/20/2011
Thank you so much again, EE!

I wasn't sure why I didn't include Alistair. I only put Leliana in to pick the locks and guide them as I figured she'd been through the nooks and crannies of Denerim before.

I am working on the ideas of having each of the dreamers have their dream, perhaps with a little twist.

:D That pic sounds hilarious! Oh, and just for you, I made a Loghain vampire icon. :P

All of the madness can be found here -

. ?view2192782#t2192782
Wolfox6 chapter 4 . 1/18/2011
Ah yes, the power of Starfang...I was so excited when I finally built up my rogue's strength to finally equip it, and then found that I couldn't take it to Awakenings...grrr!

Anyways, wonderful Fade playthrough...especially liked Fergus going after Cauthrien. Just seemed fitting, imo.

Really enjoyed her awareness of how her rage and vengeful thoughts were being used against her...very nicely written of.

Heh...because I'm so forgetful, I wanted to belatedly thank you for the shout-out in the opening rude of me to wait so long to do so! :p

Wonderful chapter.
Eternal E chapter 4 . 1/18/2011
Wow KG, you have the talent of surprise well at hand. Considering how peaceful all of their dreams were, I would have thought to have had Alice with her family still alive, as if all that had happened had been a bad dream, or something.

But considering how deep the desire for revenge has been rooted to Alice I can see her dream being of vengeance. Although you'd think Howe would be first on her list for that, but I can understand, since Howe was already in the Temple(though that is still in the future at this point), that you might not want to repeat that).

I thought it was a bit weird though that since this vengeance dream was about Loghain that there was no Alistair in her dream, he'd have just as much, if not even more bone to pick with Loghain.

I have to say a very good way for Alice to realize what is going on. Loghain doesn't really taunt you like that at any phase, one thing that really impressed me at the Landsmeet was, after you defeat him, how gracefully he accepts his defeat. He doesn't beg for his life, even though he knows its forfeit... I bet he is even more surprised than Alistair if you decide to spare him. The little things like the hardened Leliana and the images of the Tower were also very well put in.

I was wondering, would it be a good idea, during the following chapters, when Warden wanders around the fade and enters the dreams of others to have a paragraph or two about those other dreams, from the POV's of the dreamers, what are they thinking and how are they feeling before the Warden arrives. And then the rest of the chapter, from the Wardens POV.

Oh I have to look at those icons of yours. Oghren playing basketball must be the second funniest present-day thing anyone has ever made him do. The funniest has to do with a picture from a net community Swooping Is Bad(as you might guess the site was probably started by Alistair fan-girls D)

Someone there actually heard(or read) Alistairs voice actor Steve Valentine saying

"Don't get mad at me guys... but I kinda liked Twilight"

So he/she illustrated a pic of Alistair f/Warden(lady Cousland I think) Morrigan and Oghren being in the theater watching Twilight, Morrigan and f/Warden are laughing their butts off quoting some of the ludacris lines from that movie, whilst a really prissy looking Alistair is trying to "shhhh" them... But the best part of the picture is Oghren, who sits next to Alistair and just stares at the screen "oogily" eyed.

That is one of the funniest pictures ever. I always thought that the only way to make it funnier(if that is even possible) would be to have Loghain sitting a couple of seats from them, staring at the screen, looking bored, or contemptuous and thinking "bet I could make a better vampire than any of those pansies"

The joke there, in case you don't know, is that, Loghains voice actor Simon Templeman is also the voice of the title character in Legacy of Kain-game series, and yes he is a vampire (a real one, none of that Twilight trash). D
Ygrain33 chapter 4 . 1/18/2011
Amazing! MUCH better than in-game stuff, and also perfectly fitting with your depiction of Alice. Congratulations!
Eternal E chapter 3 . 1/17/2011
Hi again )

"I did read somewhere that if you did bring Oghren, he merely sits in Tapsters and is taunted by other dwarves and you just convince him to leave. Kind of boring really."

Yeah that is kind of lame, would have thought his dream to have something to do with Branka. Although you would have to put two dreams for him, one if you go with him, before you've found Branka, and one after... although in theory he comes with you only after the Deep Roads, as you have that cut scene of him taking some time before exitting Orzammar, which is designed a bit badly considering you may have had the possibility to take him out all the time before that.

Oh by the way Stens dream could maybe use a bit of trimming as well, or maybe it can be the Dream as well, since you know how to spice things up well with your writing style, while remaining quite faitful to the story. Stens dream was just him sitting on the ground with his buddies...relaxing or something(Sten relaxing, isn't that a distrubing image D)

I think it was suppose to be his band of brothers, who he came to Ferelden with, and seeing them alive, and having not yet failed to mission and been disgraced.

Kinda good point but not all that well done... although the interesting thing was that he too knew it was an illusion, he coudn't have forgotten how his comrades died. I'm sure you can do a lot with it if you decide to go that way, or maybe, just maybe you could use that memory from "Tea, Incense and the Sea" or some other memory of Sereron.

"I am already allocating 200 hours of my life to DA2! Haha!"

Yes, as am I D

That will be interesting to see Zevran joining the party, will he have the guts to try his flirt on the, at this point, morbidly vengeance stricken Alice? or will he think his chances of survival better with Morrigan?


And I could see Alices dark fatalistic sense of humor to have her answer "yes" when Shale (on the revelation to being found to have been woman) says

"Now let's go crush something and watch it fountain blood... that is a girlish thing to want yes?"

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