Reviews for Behind the Clouds
Fallaby Z chapter 8 . 6/21
Yassss this is so good
Anime-Cuteness chapter 8 . 6/20
Yes yes yes, this is what I want :D
Anime-Cuteness chapter 3 . 6/20
Well what you said about the fanfcition is kinda true, but I still wanna read it :)

Kyoya over reacted. I mean like really? He either got super jealous or he was on drugs.
I'll continue to read and see what's his problem.
Anime-Cuteness chapter 2 . 6/20
Why youuuu! I shake my fist at you!
You were gone FOREVER. Ugh. It's good to have you back though!
Loved this first chapter and this chapter, nicely written. I look forward to the rest.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/15
Oh also forgot to mention in my previous review that I hope Sayuki just doesn't let Kyoya get away with that slap! Especially since that is something that he should NEVER do to someone he loved and cared about, no matter how rough of a person he is. Stay strong Sayuki, even though it's hard because Hibari's such a gorgeous fella. ;)
Sadaharu Masami chapter 8 . 6/15
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that you were writing the sequel again! Absolutely love your story - by far the best HibarixOC fanfiction I've ever come across! I also like the character development from TCFC for Sayuki, she's so much more mature! Look forward to your next update.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/8
I really like this story.I'm really curious on how this story will progress. I hope you update soon
Guest chapter 8 . 5/18
Update please
Dreaming of a Skylark chapter 8 . 5/10
I love it. I like how you didn't really soften hibari like other stories. And it's really interesting haha. Your oc is hilarious and full of personality. The exact opposite of hibari. Please update.
Moonlightarrow chapter 8 . 5/10
Pleaser update soon ;( we still dont know who the bad guys are and what they want...and sayu and hibari's relationship has yet to be mended
Guest chapter 8 . 4/30
Please update
LaughterLover98 chapter 8 . 4/15
Great story! I love the passion between these two! They should make babies! Great job :)
Angstycat chapter 8 . 3/15
This chapter was so intense it drives my insides crazy! I need more Hibari and Sayuki now! Hahaha! Great chapter and I really love your writing and the flow of the story! I hope to see more characters making an appearance too! Looking forward to the next chapter as always! ;-)
fueledbydyne chapter 8 . 3/12
Screams across the planet. God, I knew deep deep deep deep deep deep down inside Hibari is just big ol' affectionate softie, well, to Sayuki anyway. I've really missed this! Your writing has greatly improved over the years! Haha. But that doesn't necessarily mean I've forgotten how much Hibari got his panties in a twist trying to be overprotective of her. Jeez, let the woman breathe! I hope Sayuki finally deals with him or else I'll help her tie him down to listen! Anyway, great work! See you next update.
SpookyGroovy chapter 8 . 3/8
Hot damn, I think I need a cold shower after that one.
Very nicely done, like always a very well written chapter, plus we finally got some Kyoya and Sayuki action again.
Those two really are meant for each other. After all, I think Sayuki is the only person who could continuously tolerate his...personality XD
Loved the chapter and can't wait for the next!
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