Reviews for A Boon for Bill
Simianpower chapter 1 . 9/4
This has got to be the slowest, most boring fic I've ever read. I've tried it twice now, the first time giving up at chapter five, and the second early in chapter seven. It's SO REPETITIVE!

The entire story is Molly Weasley being an overbearing prude and everyone else just doing her bidding like lemmings with no wills of their own. That's it. Nothing else happens. No action. No plot development. Minimal character development and worldbuilding. Lots of cockblocking. Tens of thousands of words covering a week or two where nothing happens. Even chopped down by 80% this would still remain pointless and boring. This author is usually better than this story shows, but this one is entirely skippable.
Runecutter chapter 21 . 8/30
Exit stage left, chased by a bear
Guest chapter 16 . 8/23
You glorious maniac you. That Animal House reference was hilarious.
Guest chapter 2 . 7/22
I want to clarify my previous comment: I don't actually mind when people show Ron in a worse light than I think he should be. Just like Dumbledore, you can believably do a wide range of personalities based off of canon actions.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/22
Yeah... Ron and Hermione both degraded later on in the series. Became more and more shallow as Rowling got more rushed.

(Though it got pointed out to me that the famous ''Ron betrayal" in Goblet of Fire was actually in character - Ron has low self-esteem and doesn't know why Harry would need him. He always was the most 'expendable' even though Harry never felt that way about him. And so when Harry goes on another adventure (Ron never sees the endings, does he? The biggest danger he faces is Sirius/Remus) without him. So he thinks as he had always feared, that he'd been abandoned, and only after the dragon, and the realization of the magnitude of danger does he finally wake up and realize things are serious.

But then both he and Hermione stop contacting him, stop investigating suspicious people, and generally just stop being real friends.)
Vance McGill chapter 4 . 6/17
Looks like Molly hasn't given Ron the sex talk... strange, since she wants him to get with Hermione...
Lord Bz chapter 1 . 2/13

That's... A really tame reaction on Harry's part. I mean, assuming you go with characters with a little more personality, brain and spine than whatever mollusca Rowling gave us in the 6th and 7th (from your AN, I'm kinda expecting that)... Then Harry is honestly extremely - dare I say impossibly and frankly, inhumanly - chill when told a woman he trusts is trying to dose him with rape-drug and control his love-life.

Why isn't he up in arms? Seriously! He doesn't care! He doesn't remotely feel angry or disbelieving or betrayed or anything. He is acting like a drooling cunt because Hermione went and flicked the bean in the room next door. For real? Come on!
Generalmayhem02 chapter 1 . 2/9
Très excellent, this story has had in stitches, especially Snape's trail of misfortune. I can't wait to see where it leads from here. Merci beaucoup.

Saissa chapter 21 . 1/16
Giving clothes to an elf is a big no-no. So why does Hermione shrug off her shirt and casually hand it to Pebbles and ask her to clean it for her?

There is nothing in this story that says that Hermione spoke to the elves and promised that if she accidently gives them clothes, she is not setting them free. That detail probably should be mentioned somewhere in this story, considering Hermione's previous attitudes towards elves and "Slavery".
Saissa chapter 14 . 1/16
ROTFLMAO - Thanks for the Shits and Giggles!
Saissa chapter 10 . 1/16
Perpignan is in south EAST France, not the southwest!
madcloisfan chapter 21 . 1/13
Loved it

Can't wait for next chapter
brigrove chapter 13 . 1/9
Curious why, to get to France, writers never use the cross channel ferries. Apparate to Dover, get on ferry, they run 24/7 to Calais and Dunquerque. The chunnel (Le Shuttle) from countryside a few miles from Folkestone does run 24/7 but is for vehicles, their drivers and their passengers only.
MoriganaMarie chapter 21 . 12/31/2022
I absolutely love your stories and I wish you could write more.
Manderin07 chapter 21 . 12/5/2022
This story is great! It made me laugh so many times. Looking forward to reading more in whichever way you choose.
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