Reviews for Separation Anxiety
Old Uncle Johnny Pilgrim chapter 1 . 2/26/2010
I'll be honest, seeing the title here made me think Mark was gonna throw in the Spiderman/Venom SNES game of the same name. Come on, Simon Belmont VS. Venom! I can't be the only one who wanted to see that!

But yeah, disappointing. And not because it didn't include Marvel Comics characters, but because it has the N Team going to Castlevania to accomplish absolutely nothing.

It opens up with Mark Moore bashing Christians (Surprise!) by claiming their religious writings are nonsensical and largely borrowed from mythology of past civilizations. You know, if I were God, I'd have put Moore's ass on the business end of a lightning bolt a long time ago; I guess Mark is pretty lucky then. What does any of this have to do with Captain N?

Well, ya got me. He does put an awful lot of effort into his religious intolerance and blasphemy, though, you gotta give him that.

Speaking of effort, has it just left the building or something? There is no indentation or paragraphs, they're just giant blobs of text. When you see a billion words on the screen at once, you don't feel like actually readin it; you feel more like skimming over it. Not that you'd be missing very much at all by just skimming, as Moore puts forth no effort whatsoever into the detail work of his fanfic world.

What gets me is that the storyline ends up going everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The plot steals WHOLE SCENES from Vampire Hunter D, dismisses Alucard like he's a deleted scene, and the forced lesbianism of Mark Moore's absolutely trite original characters all combine to just make a mess of Captain N, Castlevania, vampire lore, and religion altogether.
D chapter 1 . 5/7/2002
Oh wow. A rippoff of the Snake Women scene in "Vampire Hunter D", then Alucard, the star danpir of the CastleVania series, only get a few lines, while the lesbianized Lana and Mark Moore's self-insertion character, Kristan, get most of, if not all of, the spotlight.

Same crap to be expected of Mark Moore. He rips off scenes, if not enetire plots, or books and movies, then give little to no acknowledgements to the "source" that he rips off. Oh yes, an dthen there's the customary Mark Moore lesbianism.

Why this guy doesn't get the clue that he sucks and really can't write worth shit is beyond me at the moment. Judging from other reviews of his "works", I know I'm not alone in this conclusion.