Reviews for Snowfall
sheetah chapter 1 . 4/2/2013
Wonderful! I can say nothing more :)
jessi chapter 1 . 2/19/2013
Great story, I really liked it!
Rumblereader chapter 1 . 9/30/2012
Beautiful... but... when Riza and Roy were in the hospital, he was blind...

Still, I Love it just the same!
Taayluur chapter 1 . 12/27/2011
Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. I applaud your work here. I adore how you weaved these moments into canon events. Your turnaphrase such, "The ink is burgandy, but all he sees is red." Your metaphors, which you seem to have a knack for, make these one shots bright, and after reading more than one of your works. I dictate you have great tatse in music.
petiteshima chapter 1 . 8/25/2011

Yeesh this deserves at least 10 times that amount! I'm going through all your Royai stories, cause I really like how you write this pairing, and I think I'm going to need a box of kleenex if they are going to all be so god damn beautiful!

i love the layout of this, how Roy met Riza and how their relationship panned out from there on! i loved every word of it!
ElectricViola chapter 1 . 8/9/2011
Christ, this is beautiful. i almost cried when i finished. then i ACTUALLY cried when i saw there are only 15 reviews. this deserves so much more, it's gorgeous! I'd like to say that my favorite part is when it says "The ink is burgundy, but all he sees is red." because it's so goddamn genius but then there is also this "This desert has robbed her of everything, every shred of her already broken innocence. And he is so horribly selfish that he wants to take the last shred that she has left, so that he can keep it for himself to remind himself of who she really is.

She doesn't move away from him, and she looks deep into his eyes without trepidation. Her breath is warm, her cheek soft, and her hands are strong when she pulls at his collar.

Her lips taste of dust." and this "He notices that her hair is growing out and curling past her neck and golden tendrils swirl across her shoulders and hook into her shirt's collar. Her shirt is white and crisp.

It hits him suddenly, brutally that he wants to kiss her." AND this "She bleeds, oh how she bleeds.". I love fics from Roy's point of view anyway, for some reason. But you really have talent. The lines feel so emotional and romantic and angsty to me, it's exactly the kind of result i hope to achieve when i write my General essays in school. God bless you, you're brilliant
Ruingaraf chapter 1 . 7/31/2011
adsf how have I not read this before.

So sad and gorgeous and suited to them, all of it, but especially young Riza being shy and cutting her finger, but what broke my heart was simply

"A confession locked away in a name."

because aaugh, so many people have her call him Roy thoughtlessly, and she never has, it was always Mr. Mustang or Sir or his rank, that calling him Roy out loud is a very intimate thing. Though I imagine it's been his name in her mind for some time, at least when she's not thinking of him in a strictly work-related sense.

Whether or not Roy knew her well enough to read it from her, that use of his name is a pretty good indication that she's in love with him.

so overall I am pretty much crying with joy and reading all of your stories now. yey.
German Jerky chapter 1 . 6/18/2011
I haven't browsed Fanfiction for new Royai stories in a while... Beautifully written and composed. Thank you.
Nackadia chapter 1 . 6/8/2011
I've read a lot of your stories, and I just have to say I love them all...including this one! They way you write is truly amazing. This story is no exception. Thank you for allowing us all to look in on your talent :)
TillyMe chapter 1 . 4/24/2011
Love it!:)
SammyQuill chapter 1 . 3/10/2011
*has just read the monster review by Disastergirl and doesn't know what else to say*

This story sums up Roy and Ri9za perfectly, and I don't mean by technicality or canon details. In fandom, we see lots of renditions of how they met and grew up (my personal favorite is from Stoplight Delight) but in feelings, emotion. I have always loved those two for the fact that they are no conventional couple and this fic just proves that point and drives it home.

Roy doesn't notice she's pretty, he determines his own mood and surroundings by her. The reality of war doesn't sink in until he tastes dust on *her* lips, the finality of Hughes' death doesn't register fully until he tastes *her* spiced tea and notices how much weight *she's* lost, he doesn't know how much he loves and needs her until she's *dying* and he would never forgive himself for past sins until he feels snow on *her* lips.

These two are simply made for each other and they don't know how to function without each other. It is so obvious in the small, tiny, minuscule things they do that it's really a big, neon sign saying they belong together.

I loved the mood you set here, and that you didn't have a conventional happy ending because honestly, I can't picture a happy ending for them. I can see peace, and I can see them being together but I cannot picture a fairytale ending because they're no prince and princess, just regular people trying their best to stay together and atone for all their past misdeeds.

Thank you so much for writing this!
Awake Phoenix chapter 1 . 2/3/2011
Well, I think "Disastergirl" already said everything that I wanted to say about this one. I mean it! Everything. I shall just added my part: I can't stop smiling after reading this. Thanks so much for sharing, really.
Disastergirl chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
Megami, this story is amazing. I love, love, love your style- it’s so unique and poetic. I love the way you make everything seem so abstract and dreamlike but also manage to make the emotion show through really strongly with only the simplest of words. All the descriptions here are so atmospheric and haunting. “She's still just as quiet, but there's a light that reaches the bottom of her eyes when she sees him; the beginnings of a smile in the crook of her lips.”

Like that line. Its so lovely. And I find the first paragraph, with young Riza having cuts on her hands from cooking, so interesting. It shows so much- how she is taking on a responsibility that is not only emotionally beyond her, but also physically- she is simply not capable of supporting both her father and herself at such a young age, but yet she has no choice. And of course, being Riza, she doesn’t blame her father or even insinuate in any way that their situation is his fault- she takes all the blame on herself.

I love how Roy’s views of Riza change over time, subtly and so naturally that you hardly notice it at first, but it’s there in every sentence and every word and it makes this fic the brilliant piece of writing it is- you have captured so effortlessly the transition of their relationship in each paragraph and I have really only just, when reading this over for this review, realised quite exactly what you have done and I am sitting here feeling so ridiculously in awe that you could write something so subtle, so nuanced, so amazingly bold and unique. I mean, the first paragraph, when Roy first meets Riza she’s shown as being shy, quiet “dust and cooking”- she’s domestic, boring, a child being swamped by things that are too big for her- her responsibilities, her house (or, as you so *cleverly* say, her father’s house), even her clothes. He doesn’t think much of her then, but that changes in the second paragraph, when he returns after the academy. Riza’s growing into herself now and Roy notices this, but there’s still nothing special between them, he thinks she’s pretty and he finds her interesting but nothing more.

The third paragraph, I am gripped by this line: “her eyes are amber now”. I really want to understand exactly what you meant, because this is you, so I know you meant something by it. Riza’s eyes were “earthy” in the first paragraph- they’re a lighter colour now- yet another way in which she is growing into herself? She has become stronger than she was as a child... or perhaps it’s Roy’s perception of her that has changed. He sees her eyes as a brighter, lovelier colour because he sees her in that way now. And the fact that its the first time he’s seen her smile despite living with her for however long says so much about Riza and the life she must have lived. "I don't see anything you should be apologizing for, Mister Mustang." – such an interesting line. Either she’s telling him he shouldn’t be sorry because what happened wasn’t his fault, or because she doesn’t need the condolences- *she* doesn’t feel sorry so he shouldn’t. Knowing Riza, it’s probably both.

The way you link in colours throughout this story is so clever and poetic, particularly the recurring theme of white in the story. The fourth paragraph is kind of like the tipping point- the moment where Riza begins to become a central figure in Roy’s life and his feelings for her intensify with each new paragraph, even if he isn’t aware of it at first. He thinks of her as beautiful now, not just pretty. This line is genius: “Her lips taste of dust.” It’s *so* simple, but yet it says so much. When she was a young child, she smelled of dust, the dust of an old, decrepit house and of endless cleaning and tidying. This dust is the dust of the desert, where she’s escaped her claustrophobic, dark childhood for the bright, open skies of the desert, but she’s also become a killer and is weighed down with guilt. Its a subtle but perfect reminder that Riza cannot escape misfortune and perhaps that the path she walks now was inevitable. And oh, the next paragraph... so short, but so powerful. It’s really perfect; you couldn’t have made it better. I love the image, Riza walking the desert in a cloak. It somehow makes her seem like a proud, strong figure of legend; she has been irreversibly scarred and is haunted by darkness but she is still walking forward. Exactly as Riza is.

The later paragraphs show just how essential Riza becomes to Roy’s life, he’s barely able to function without her by his side. Again, you’ve tied in themes from before, so subtly but so effectively. The blue shirt and her thin shoulder blades in the paragraph where he comes round to her apartment, the spiced tea.


A confession locked away in a name.”

This bit, is just so lovely. I love that line, more that I can say, its so moving and I can’t even quite describe why. And the way you have the answering whisper, in the last paragraph... its just perfect. It’s as if you have brought them round full circle, through pain and danger and loss and out towards some measure of peace and happiness. And when Riza brushes the snow from off Maes’ grave, that really struck me and seemed really emotional to me, just the reminder of what Roy has lost, and the way Riza effortlessly understands and joins him in his remembrance, clearing the snow to make sure his name isn’t forgotten. It’s so powerful. And I love how Roy wonders what she’s thinking, that’s such a natural thing to do. It almost seems as if the whole fic is Roy wondering at Riza, at the mystery of her that only increases in wonder as he learns more of her. He sees her as an almost goddess-like figure in many ways, the only one who can offer him either death or redemption. Oh, and this: “She tastes like snow.”

If i had any doubts that you were a genius before, they were completely dispelled by this line. Riza tasted of dust before, the dust of the desert, of death and heat and war. Now she tastes of snow, which is clean and cold and wet- the complete opposite of desert dust. It’s also bright and white- her whiteness, her purity, has returned to her, or perhaps it never disappeared, but was just overshadowed by the darkness of their circumstances and their own guilt. But now, after the battle, when they are moving forward and making concrete steps to atone for their sins, some of that purity is shining through again and they are given a chance to start anew. It’s brilliantly done.
Nat chapter 1 . 1/8/2011
Oh my... How magnificently worded and layed out. I enjoyed reading this thoroughly.
Lain-san chapter 1 . 1/6/2011
"It's her spiced tea.

He almost cries."

I almost cried in that part D:

Great fic! :D
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