Reviews for Namikaze of Lightning
gonzalo.flako chapter 14 . 10/7
my friend very good idea of the subject that naruto was a descendant of a clan of kumo, and I respect your idea of the rewriting of this good story since there are too many voids in the plot for the training since in case the training and the creation of new jutsu takes a lot and as proof in the canon in the creation of the elemental wind rasengan that at first made but at a cost of auto damage because of the complexity of it, for that reason it took its time to remove its devils as of pass from short range to high range thanks to senjustu. in the pairing I propose that the number of girls in the harem of naruto is fine but some girls are okay like samui, yugito, temari, but the others do not see sense for mei mei since it will make difficult their relationship for the position of kage that she has and her difficult mission to improve kiri after her civil war, fuu remember that she was already captured at that time, she was on a training trip with ero-senin, fem kyubi impossible to be a being that is immortal practically. so in rewriting improve those points and better evaluate the pairings
Natsubi chapter 5 . 8/2
the clones do transfer muscle memory, just not any physical strength, or speed gained
uy chapter 4 . 8/2
Monster King chapter 14 . 7/17
Great story I really liked it a shame that it looks like you gave up on it
Goolgy chapter 1 . 6/25
A very cliche start, pacing is not good, and the characters don't feel like their canon counterparts. But, I am hoping that this will turn into something unique...
World Maker 777 chapter 1 . 6/22
I thank you for not making Minato into a complete scumbag ️
Guest chapter 2 . 4/24
you don't know the layout of the narvers at aaaallll. oto/kiri kumo and wave are in different directions you don't cross wave and kiri to get to kumo and there sure as hell is no fork in the rode for oto and kiri.
Atheist god chapter 9 . 4/24
Yeah, Dresden files is awesome,but there are few good fanfics :(
maybe you could try to write one?
Guest chapter 7 . 4/9
the roll polls of robertkruase is no temari the 1 the 2 saruka the 3 ion the 4 ygao the 5 fuu the 6 is anko the 7 is tenten and the 8 is samui ,
Mizu-DragonGodOfWater chapter 2 . 3/8
Fuck off and die Kishimoto loving a-hole.
Luke chapter 6 . 3/7
Why yugao she's an anbu and she still loves her dead boyfriend hayate someone explain why yugao in the poll
Kyoto141092 chapter 1 . 11/29/2016
sigh... I never much liked the style of story where Naruto is banished, since its highly unrealistic, him being the villages jinchuriki and most powerful weapon. But you managed to make it more interesting than most. Good first chapter, will continue this story...
Guest chapter 14 . 8/17/2016
Continue please
Night69Raven chapter 14 . 7/5/2016
keep up the good work please update when you can
KrulciferAkitsukii chapter 14 . 5/29/2016
Looking forward.. :3
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