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ranbo neal chapter 4 . 6/5/2012
This was a very tough chapter since it told of Sasuke's death being told to his former comrads. Good writing...
ranbo neal chapter 3 . 6/5/2012
Wow...some outstanding fighing action...I kind of wish that Hinata could have been more of a factor in it...but Naruto and Gaara sure cleaned up on Sasuke. Great NaruHina action too!
ranbo neal chapter 2 . 6/5/2012
Cool chapter...on the same team, first date, time to talk...all amazing things that the chapter great. Fun fanfic.
ranbo neal chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
Very cool first chapter. So all of the teams have been reworked. Now it will be fun to see how all of this works out. Super job with Naruto and Hinata.
Guest chapter 6 . 5/14/2012
Dealt? Cliffhanger come on man; Hugh keep it up though dealt good fic
Crystal M. Key chapter 6 . 4/20/2012
This story! It's so FLUFFY! Naruto/Hinata is always so adorable. Thanks! Favorite quotes:

Hinata sighed. He was right. He had told her to be herself and relax. It wasn't easy, but for him, she'd do it. "N-Naruto, I told you the wrong time yesterday. We don't meet until 10:00 in the mornings," she said, blushing. Naruto gave her a small smile, then a confused look. She rushed to explain. "It's just that I was h-hoping to b-be able to t-talk to y-you alone a while b-before we met with the t-team."

Naruto gave her a surprised look, then started chuckling. Moments later, he was holding his belly as he laughed loud and hard. Hinata was confused. After Naruto calmed down, he smiled at Hinata. "Do you realize what this means, Hinata?" he asked. She tilted her head to one side, curious. "You pranked me!" he said, grinning at her. "You actually pranked me, Hinata!"

Hinata was stunned. He was right! She had pranked him! Not trying to be mean or anything, but she had actually tricked him! She giggled, a hand in front of her face, smiling shyly and blushing. Naruto laughed with her, not as loud or hard as before, but his joy was evident nonetheless. Naruto was proud of this girl. She had only been his friend for about eighteen hours and yet she had ALREADY pranked him! And he was supposed to be the best prankster in the village. He gave Hinata a true smile, which made her blush even deeper as she felt her heart melt yet again.

Naruto, noticing Hinata's pout, and figuring he knew what caused it, came over to the girl and grinned. "Hey, Hinata, what's up?" he said. "As cute as you are when you're pouting, I'm sure you'd be prettier if you were smiling." Hinata, shocked that he'd say that at all, never mind in front of her sensei and teammate, dropped her arms and blushed deeply. Naruto, now that he knew the cause of Hinata's blushing, was beginning to find it extremely cute and just chuckled.

Gaara just shook his head at his friend and made his way into the home itself to find his siblings and let them know they had guests. He knew Temari would be glad to hear of Shikamaru, even if she'd never admit it, and Kankuro…well, any pretty girl was welcome as far as he was concerned, even if she was taken (Hinata) or way out of his age range and league (Kurenai).

"Temari?" Gaara said as he came into the kitchen, where he often found his sister doing one thing or another. It was her escape from Kankuro, really, as their brother avoided all "domestic" tasks like the plague. "Are you in here?"

Temari looked up from where she was sitting at the table working on some paperwork. "Right here, Gaara," she said back. He turned to her and the two smiled briefly at one another; it was their way of saying they were there for one another and precious to one another. That had started after Gaara fought Naruto, yet another gift he had given them, though they doubted he knew it. "What's up, Gaara?"

"We have guests," he answered. Temari looked shocked, to say the least. "From the Hidden Leaf Village." She perked up at that, as Gaara knew she would. "No, Shikamaru isn't one of them." Gaara had to chuckle as her face fell at that news. "However, Naruto is." In all reality, Gaara was fighting off gales of laughter as he predicted his sister's reactions exactly; she had perked up again at that one, knowing Naruto might be able to give her news of Shikamaru. "He and his girlfriend are in the main hall, the rest of their team should be here soon."

Kurenai gave a small smile, made a single hand sign, and walked away. Kankuro didn't seem to notice one of his puppets was now in front of him (how he could not notice when he was controlling it himself is anyone's guess). He continued as if he were still talking to Kurenai. He spent the rest of the trip flirting with Black Ant.

Naruto smacked himself on the forehead as he watched Kankuro putting an arm around Black Ant's waist and the puppet smacking him on the top of his head. Naruto shook his head and proceeded to ignore Kankuro, while everyone else who could see him sweat-dropped at least twice a minute as he hit on his puppet…and continuously got rejected by it.

Lee and Tenten left. Lee got a surprise when Tenten gave him a one-armed hug before sprinting off. Lee grinned. "So, it's a chase you want, eh, Tenten?" he said. "All right then, I will use the power of my youth and catch you!" Tenten giggled, and Lee took off after her, silently thanking her for the distraction.

"Glad to see you took my advice, Naruto," a voice said from the door to the Hokage's office. Naruto and Hinata both turned and found the owner of the voice, Tsunade, standing there grinning at them. "And don't worry, Hinata, all I told him was you liked him and he'd be well-served by getting to know you," she added when Hinata's face took on a scandalized look.

Hinata gave a small smile. "Thank you, Lady Hokage," she commented. When Naruto and Tsunade both turned confused looks on her, she explained, "I would likely have never been brave enough to tell you how I felt myself, Naruto, so I'm glad someone did so for me."

Tsunade smiled at the dark-haired heiress. "Not a problem, Hinata, I'm just glad you didn't take it as me butting into your personal business," she said, her eyes showing her relief was genuine.

Hinata reached over and put an arm around Naruto. "It got me what I've always wanted, Lady Tsunade, so there's no way I could ever be mad at you for whatever you did," she said, a bright smile on her face.

Naruto shifted Hinata slightly around so that the two were next to one another, each with an arm around the other, and smiled at Tsunade. "Yeah, Grandma, you really did us both a big favor, telling me that," he said.

Beginning with Hinata's move and continuing through Naruto's reaction and comment, Tsunade's eyes had been growing wider and her jaw dropping further. By now, her jaw was resting on her desk, and her eyes looked ready to jump out of her head. Then, moments later, she was with the young couple, hugging them both as she lifted them from the couch. Naruto and Hinata were both shocked to hear the Hokage /squeal/ like a little girl.

Tsunade suddenly realized what she was doing and gently set the young couple down. Clearing her throat, she commented, "That never happened." Naruto snorted, and Hinata giggled slightly at her antics.

Ironically, that caused Naruto's jaw to drop. After a moment, he regained his composure. Tsunade looked at him curiously. "I wasn't surprised when you told me the Fourth was my father," he began, "because if you ever look at a picture of him and one of me, it's glaringly obvious. I had no idea who my mother was, though. I mean, I was sure she was awesome; she had to be to have me, but I had no idea she was a princess!"

Tsunade chuckled. "Well, she wasn't a princess, really, just the closest thing the Land of Whirlpools had to one." She thought a moment. "Kind of like Hinata here is the closest thing Konoha has to a princess, now that I think about it," she finished.

Naruto chuckled. "Fitting, isn't it?" he said. Tsunade and Hinata both looked at him, confused; he was surprising both of them time and time again today. "I'm pretty much a prince, since my father was the Fourth and you're my godmother," he explained. "So it's only fitting I would end up with Konoha's own princess." The two kunoichi thought about this for a moment, then Hinata blushed furiously, and Tsunade burst into laughter. Naruto just smiled at both of them and held Hinata closer to himself.

Neji sighed as he looked at the village through his active Byakugan. "When did the entire village go insane?" he asked himself. In the distance somewhere, he could hear Lee and Tenten laughing. Tenten had clearly not lost Lee. "Like that would ever happen," Neji thought ruefully. Somehow, he suspected that the next time he saw those two, they would be a couple.

"WHAT?" Orochimaru roared. Moving quickly, he grabbed Kabuto's throat and lifted him off the ground. Glaring into his subordinate's eyes, he snarled, "You mean to tell me that some meaningless Sand Village brat has robbed me of my new vessel?"

Kabuto gasped for breath. "Yes, Lord Orochimaru, I'm afraid that seems to be the case," he answered, his voice strangled. Orochimaru roared in rage and threw the younger man. Kabuto slammed into the wall of the snake summoner's lab and kept going. After a few minutes, he found himself slammed into a tree outside the building. He had gone through probably thirty walls in between. Despite the pain he was in, Kabuto couldn't help being impressed with his lord's strength. Extracting himself from the tree, he was inordinately glad he'd begun to heal himself before he told Lord Orochimaru about Sasuke.

They were surprised, however, to find Temari talking to a black-haired boy wearing a flak jacket and with his hair pulled up into a topknot that gave his head a distinct resemblance to a pineapple. The two were walking down the street toward Gaara and Matsuri when they first saw them. "Just couldn't wait to find Shikamaru, huh, Temari?" Gaara teased his sister.

Temari blushed slightly, and Shikamaru looked back and forth between the two siblings, his face clearly confused. Shaking his head, the lazy genius kept walking, muttering, "This is too much of a drag for me to get involved in."

Temari snarled at Gaara briefly, then smiled at Matsuri. "Don't pick on me about my boyfriend, I won't make fun of you about your girlfriend," she told Gaara in return before leaving to follow after Shikamaru.

Matsuri looked up at Gaara, her eyes surprised. "Did she just call me your…girlfriend?" she asked after a moment. Gaara nodded. Matsuri shrugged and linked her arm with his.

Gaara smiled. "I think she also admitted to dating Shikamaru," he said. "The world must be ending."

Matsuri giggled. "Nah, that won't happen until he admits it
hinatagirl0805 chapter 6 . 4/16/2012
the ending was soooo cute. this is the only story were i am ok with sakura being with neji. anyway good chapter. update soon!
puma1sunfire chapter 6 . 4/3/2012
Awesome Story! Really looking forward to future chapters of this story.
Mizuno Tenshi2 chapter 6 . 4/2/2012
Cute story so far, things are going fairly quick, but I can't say it doesn't make sense. I look forward to more soon!
Jewlbunny chapter 6 . 3/29/2012
I assume that the attack is about to happen. Well Let's see how this turns out. Please continue writing.
BingBangBoomOkay chapter 5 . 3/24/2012
correct me if im wrong but isnt Tsunade considered a princess of Konoha as well ? other than that great story
charmedprincess101 chapter 6 . 3/23/2012
This story is nice. I really enjoy reading. The problem I have with it though is the couple Tenten and Lee and possibility Neji and Sakura? Umm...the moments are sweet and all but I personally can't feel those two couple at all, but it's your story and you are doing a great job otherwise especially with the Hinata and Naruto moments! Love those!
JAYSEN chapter 5 . 3/23/2012
Nice...A Corpse Bride reference in your Omake! Very creative. It'd really be something to come up with an Omake for the Remains of the Day song from the same movie...Maybe One of our dead Kages playing the part of Bone Jangles?
Albatross Aoba chapter 1 . 3/23/2012
Retarded teams are retarded.

One of Tsunade's valid complaints was that all the trackers were on one team. Yet what did you do? You placed the remaining two trackers on the same team instead of splitting them between the two teams.

Another valid complaint was that the Ino-Shika-Cho team was weak and unbalanced. Yet what did you do? You took away their strongest member (Shikamaru) and stuck them with weak azzed Sakura.

Yeah those teams were well thought out... NOT!

Like I first said, retarded teams are retarded.
Spyrofan777 chapter 6 . 3/23/2012
This was so good, I now have to shovel fluff from my horse with a snow shovel that exploded from my phone. Thanks dude. ;P
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