Reviews for to be beautiful
mew-tsubaki chapter 1 . 1/6/2011
Awwwwwwww! X3333


It's an interesting look at vanity, because she has it and yet she doesn't... She really tries to take care of herself. She's smart enough to know that being smart's good, but smart /and/ pretty people really make their way in the world. It's a little bit of a vicious cycle as she also tries to rationalize that she has /some/ bit, /some/ kind of beauty her self. Her struggle's truly palpable.

It builds up nicely, the story. You can almost feel it getting tenser as, in a way, it moves faster. I picture her slowly getting ready but starting to pick up her pace as she hears the quiet snickers and whispers behind her back. Of course, plenty of us have been there, so there's another touch of realism. :3

The fact that Lee just appears and asks her out is very IC. I can definitely see and believe such a scenario happening. And he just about smiles the whole time-and then she leaves.

His comforting her was also in charrie. ;) Very chivalrous of him-why else is he in Gryffindor, right? *lol* But I like how he tries to set things right.

Even better is her line of thinking that she could get away with certain things. ;) Awesome. It's still Penny, but she's definitely grown stronger to be so riled. And when she realizes the ludicridity (geez, is that even a word? XD) of it all, it, too, matures her.

The last paragraph was brilliant and it makes me demand more Peneloplee from you! :D

Btw-last thing: Penny shouldn't feel too bad. Percy's smart-but he was ugly as a kid. (Not saying as an adult since you know I love Percemione... ;3)

*favs, quite obviously*

-mew! -w-
BittenKitten chapter 1 . 1/6/2011
Wow. This is really good. And it gives out a good message about vanity. I could relate to this, because I'm the nerd noone likes. Really good. definetly a favourite.