Reviews for The Grenade
DontxWannaxBexTornx3 chapter 1 . 2/21/2011
As promised, I have read one of your stories and now I'm leaving a review just for you. Hey, that rhymed. Lmfao, so random. But I have to stick to my topic:

I loved this.

Love, love, love.

Simple as that.

I thought it was really cute, and I'm a semi-fan of 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars. I loved how Damon's realizations turned out, it was beyond awesome reading this. I do have a request, if it's not too much to ask...

If I dedicated a chapter to you in "Bite Me If You Can" for any topic and characters of your choosing, would you do the same for me in a short one-shot Fanfic of Damon & Elena or any of the cannon pairings that are listed on my page for the couples I'd consider reading in a story, just for me?