Reviews for The Answer
eirenical chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
I actually read this a couple of days ago and forgot to review. O_O Oops.

Still, brilliant little story. _ I loved Mister Smith more and more as the series went on and that scene with him catching the roll was just... O_O My jaw dropped watching it. And imaging what Markus and Kurdy must have gone through, afterwords... Talk about a horrific case of the "If only I'd"s. :-P

Again, I think you captured Markus' voice to a tee. And I love how he relaxes from around his skepticism long enough to let Smith in to comfort him. Also loved Kurdy's comment about not realizing that Markus still missed Meagan so much. That always bothered me, honestly. Kurdy and Jeremiah both lost women they loved, sure... but they were women they'd loved for 1 year and 6 months, respectively. Tops. Markus loved Meagan for _15 years_ and the best they could do was say, "Well, you'll be too busy to think about it," then wind him back up and point him in the direction of their problems, expecting him to work like a clockwork human. How does one even begin to compare? So it was good to see them start to realize that Markus _is_ human, that he isn't G-d, and that he's allowed to be selfish now and again.

Nicely done. _

And... again I babble too much. O_O I'll stop now.