Reviews for You in Your Leather Pants
BellaHickenbottom chapter 1 . 2/1/2011
I pictured Randy...and it was beautiful! Now i have the wonderful image of Adam in leather pants in my head and i is happy! Thank you for making me happy lol
GrandpasGuitars chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
This was really hot. I mean... kind of dirty and messy, but also with a fair amount of need and want and it was all just perfect.
Karu-DarkAngel chapter 1 . 1/19/2011
Very hot! I'm usually no one to pair Adam with Jeff, but it's just that whenever I read something you write I can't imagine anyone else with Adam. Plus you make him a beautiful sub. Great work.
Rhiannamator chapter 1 . 1/9/2011
Woman, you've wrecked so many pairs of panties you owe me a gift card to Victoria's Secret.

I love the idea of this being told from a mystery POV. It's so versatile and because it's all from his perspective this is really just all about Adam. Like i said, i'm all about a fic that's pure Adam worship.

And you have me from the first lines. Leather pants, chain, leash-talk... and, of course, Hell Hound! :D

Oh, who wouldn't want to cum on those pouty lips? Yes, in my head he always wears a thong. I just love the discriptors of how it must rub against him. And those things he's imagining? I imagine them all the time. So hot.

Gawd, the image of him touching himself... it broke me. He is just so beautiful, and yet more. And how our narrator (Jeff of course, duh) hates and loves him. It's so raw and dirty. He knows how gorgeous he is, how fuckable. Adam loves knowing he's jacking himself under the table. Partners indeed.

Oh, his hip dents. They make me cum, too. And Adds is such a bitch, watching Jeffy (yes, he's just Jeffy now, fuck this narrator bullshit, lol!) cum under the table. Watching him bite his lip and his brow furrow as he let loose into his hand. Walking away knowing he would follow him anywhere. Beautiful slut.

Holy shit, Baby in guyliner. It's so hott and we know it. Just for us baby, yeah. Still need pics of Adds in guyliner.

That is a tough decision. I would go for the dimples, myself.

Oh god, i want his eyes to close and his lips to quiver when i touch him. "You'll do whatever you're told to get what you want. You'll deal with my shit. You're a junkie for it." /I'm/ a junkie for it.

Oh lord, tiny purple thong. Such a dirty man, wanting Adam's lips in a trashy motel room. No lube, you cunt. You want it hard and painful. You want to feel that cock inside you. No lube, just cock. That's it, keep bucking.

"Better yet, I'll make you fuck yourself with the biggest dildo I can find while you wear the cock ring and I'll fuck that pretty little throat of yours till you can't speak or talk back to me.. Fuck, I just might." Totally came to this.

I want this little cockslut a mess, too. Cum all over him. Rip those slutty pants. Goddamn, indeed. Good gawd, making him cum and spreading it like lube. Dirty, kinky bitch. How i love it.

"Leave your mark, Baby. I wanna remember this. I'll get hard every time I see your fingernail prints in me." Dear lord, loving it so rough.

Yes, make him hiss in need, make him crawl. Sweet little beautiful Adam needs to be on a leash. He is such a cumslut. I love the thought of him rubbing him self as he sucks dick. Wanting every drop of seed (Jeffy) has to give him. (Jeffy) wants him so much, will give him everything but won't let him know. Oh, i love it so much. I love every word. Thank you baby. So, so hot. I may read it again as someone else, but always Jeffy. his soulmate, his love. So alike they are. This is beautiful.
ilzehs chapter 1 . 1/8/2011
I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with this site. This story keep disappearing & appearing. I caught the link from your twitter account and added it to my fav list for easy access to review later on, but it isn't appearing on my list. Now I am catching the link back from your twitter cause it ain't appearing on ur story list either. It sucks cause people are missing this greatness...or is it only happening to me? Ugh...I am gonna stop babbling and start with the review..

Ok, when you first teased this fic in your tweet, I almost got pathetic in desperation. The idea of someone watching Adam & then fucking him in a bathroom was too tempting. It promised me I was gonna get entertained big time, & guess what...I got more entertained then ever. And this is yet again one of that story that left me in a state where I want to compliment you on each line, but I don't have that much space so i'll have to be concise.

You know the way you write Adam so fucking beautifully, it almost make me forget how much irritated I feel with the general attitude towards Adam in slash. You make up for all the make me content that even though not much people are writing Edge, but at least those who are dedicated to him are so damn good. Its a great compensation. This piece was truly what I desire when it comes to Edge. It'll go down as one of my all time fav & sexiest smutty one-shot ever. Amazingly done and well-conceived. It also took me back to 2000-2002 era and Edge's usage in slash at that time period. I used to read so many stories back then when people wrote him so sexily and true to his looks like here. He was at one time treated mostly as Jeff...don't know what happened after 2004. But this story reminded me of that amazing time. It also for some reason put an image of Edge at that time in my head. He used to rock leather pants so much maybe that's why.

I honestly wanted to pretend the other person was Randy, (Like duh) but something has happened that is very very wrong. Your Jeff muse has corrupted me. Its not funny. He keeps getting in my way as I try to slut Addy out. I wanted desperately to pretend it was Miz or Christian if not Randy but Jeff didn't let me go there as well. Remember at one time I didn't even give Jeff one percent chance to be in a pair with Edge? Well, thanks to you and your Jeff muse's magical charms, currently when I try to slash Edge, Jeff is the first person that comes to my mind, and apparently last too. Eh, even when I am writing I wanna try different pairings but Jeff keep blocking my view to other guys who want a taste of Edge's ass. He is being a major blockage in my plans to pimp Adam out. Can you please tell him to behave and leave me alone? I wanna write Adam with other studs *Pouts*

So yeah...*Glares at your Jeff muse* I had no choice but to 'pretend' it was Jeffery Nero Hardy. The official owner of luscious ass of delicious Edge. Oh, & by the way, I loved the title to this story ;) Edge & leather pants is such a tasty combo...*Shudders*

Fucking. Damn. Hell...this is how ANYone should feel when they watch Edge. The description of Edge, his beauty...the Dom's desire...fucking beautiful. It put such a brilliant light on what a sensation he really is. How fucking tempting his beauty is, and how hard is it to resist his prettiness.

The image of Adam on the dance floor in that slutty outfit.. shaking his beautiful booty...fuck...Oh God...the thong bit... fucking HOTGOWDAMIT! The dirty mind of the narrator...OMG, Adam's beauty can tempt anyone to go dirty..I don't blame his demon here.

'Fuck. The word beautiful has nothing at all on you. You redefine that word completely and you epitomize sex kitten with every move you make and every mannerism you have.'

This should be the official definition of Mr. Edge. If someone asks me how I would define this guy, I would put this as an answer. He make the word 'beautiful' sound insignificant. Slash fans who so easily over-look his heavenly looks can never make sense of it to me.

I love how you wrote it so differently Terrah. Maybe its cause it was written in a narrative mode, but whatever, it was different than ur usual work. The way you described Dom's feelings, it was perfect. So fucking sexy. And I LOVED the dirty language. Also how Adam was so fucking slutty, and a major tease. Such a beautiful combination of smexiness! And the names he called Adam...delicious. Specifically little tarty slut...So Edgey ;) Fuck..and the connection between Adam & the Dom sound so fucking strange yet fiery.

'Your hands reach up and your shirt comes up, exposing a little bit of your stomach and your glorious hip dents'

FUCK FUCK FUCK...The image...KILLED me. Edge, you are something beyond this world and its pleasures...un-explainable beauty you contains in ur sexy little self, doll.

Damn...him watching Adam and cumming...FUCK...Yes, Edge can make anyone cum undone just by putting up a show of his precious pretty being. I am LOVING the un-controlled desire here of the much helpless, yet domineering he sounds.

Adam wearing eye-liner *THUDS*...GAWD...swaying his hips... *THUUDDS AGAIN* What you doing to me Terrah...hard to live after such heavy dose of hotness. Adam being a tease & so slutty here just add to the beauty of whole thing.

'Cum in your ass, on your lips or paint those dimples a milky white.'

DAMN ME...*faints*...EVERYWHERE...He can make you cum three times for three places...Adam can lure you so deliciously.

*Whimpers*...I am losing it...I really am. The images are just too much..Edge grinding into him...wanting it...being such a slut...pretty pretty slut...fuck...that thong...OMG, such a whore he is..HAHA LOL, and such a self-absorbed whore...he knows he's hot & he likes his thong to adore his name LMAO...that was actually fucking cute. I giggled.

The control the Dom has over Adam and his confidence...its so damn amazing. Ah, you put such detail on each thing & step, it makes the whole thing so fucking delightful to read. The thong coming off, him teasing his cock on Adam's ass...damn...and he wants to take him dry...Adam taking it and wanting more, hard...damn...such a whore for is crazy hot. I am loving the theory here of who really is in control actually. Usually when someone argue with me over Edge being controlling, this is the shade I defend myself with. He has control over other cause he is so fucking tempting. His beauty lures others into fucking him...which is a desire that cannot be controlled.

He's psycho...Edge make people psycho...I love it. LOVE IT! Haha, and this is where it got most difficult for me to pretend it someone being other than Jeff lol!

'Better yet, I'll make you fuck yourself with the biggest dildo I can find while you wear the cock ring and I'll fuck that pretty little throat of yours till you can't speak or talk back to me'

...I AM DEAD...That idea is too fucking hot...too fucking beautiful...and damn...too fucking SEXY! YUMMMERS MAJORLY...I now WANT it! Jeff muse, work on it! at the stars bit...Adam's being a brat..trying to make him hot headed...I love it. He wants it hard and its so damn wonderful. OHMYFUCK! Slap on the ass...all I needed more...I don't know when I am gonna recover from this piece here.

Oh beautifuler...him sitting Adam on the counter and Awww poor Addy's pants got damaged...hehe pouty Addy *giggles*...I am sure Adam's closest is loaded with slutty outfits...Damn ...remember the see-through shirts & leather pants he used to wear during E&C days? YUM!

OH MAN...Edge beautifully...the image put me in a state that can easily be called a visit to heaven. Adam getting jerked off and fingered at the same time...SO FUCKING PRETTY!

YES...PERFECT...HOT word just lost its meaning. I want more words...more words to describe what you just wrote...what amazingly sexy images you put in my head...DELICIOUS. Edge is a beauty that makes hunger grow like nothing! The fucking image afterward of Edge cumming was just beyond sweetness.

'Hurt me, bunny baby. Such a sweet little doll.'

I wanna cry..I wanna cry at how much perfect this is. Hurt me back baby...beautiful...yes, Edge is a beautiful little doll. LOVE!

Adam challenging him..testing him...damn...he wants to leave Adam's ass hurting...I LOVE IT! YESH! On his leash!

I. Love. You. You are amazing. He took Adam's mouth with such command, such authority...and man, Adam being such a slutty cockslut for him...loving every minute of being his whore... delicious. And yes, Adam rubbing himself while getting his partner fucking sluttish! Terrah, I love your blowjobs scenes for the let alone reason that Edge come off as so fucking beautifully whorish! Imma whore for a cumslut Edge :P

And possessiveness and ownership just beautify it all. This shot turned me to jello & dirtied my mind so beautifully. One of the best ever Edge fic, and of course, you are on fire lately. I can't adore you enough for this beauty. Thank you babe, so fucking much for being so damn awesome!
redsandman99 chapter 1 . 1/7/2011
Damn. That was very hot. Definitely loved it very much
Esha Napoleon chapter 1 . 1/7/2011
takers dark lover chapter 1 . 1/7/2011
WOW Talk about HOT! This wasone of the hottest oneshots I have ever read. Holy crap! LOVED IT! And I would say it was Randy. Oh yea most surd Randy.