Reviews for Sanctuary
Lol3hp chapter 1 . 11/15
Wow! This was just damn amazing. I will say that it can be hugely confusing especially at the end. Nonetheless, amazing fic. There are questions, for example, does magic exist or not? However, damn great story. I kinda wish u added a second chapter
BunnyTheGrandSorcerer chapter 1 . 9/6
You just fried my brain cells... But I really liked it too thankx
kidloco chapter 1 . 9/3
good fanfic, but you just fry my mind exept the last part i understand

but good fanfic and somehow make me remember do you remember love naruto fanfic :3
CMVreud chapter 1 . 8/16
Holy fkken awesome. How can you play so with my expectations about time-travel. You are the worst. XP
MasterKyleKatarn chapter 1 . 8/13
Ok. Total Mindfuck. I don't understand what is going on, but I love it.
Myrddin Emrys II chapter 1 . 7/13
this is so... i don't know... amazing? cute? confusing? It could be all of them. It is a really good fanfic
sk18 chapter 1 . 6/25
it is beautiful
NoTheClone chapter 1 . 6/15
Holy shit i love this
jupimako chapter 1 . 5/28
That was fun! Thanks for sharing.
jon reeve chapter 1 . 5/28
Mentioning Naruto was a prank, right? Because I don't see any influence from that series. The weakest part for me is the reality marble. I haven't seen/read fate/stay in years, so maybe that's why, but it threw a wrench in my dispensation of disbelief.
MusicGirl1283 chapter 1 . 3/10

you should write more like this!
XxTaintedxDaggerxX chapter 1 . 3/4
Interesting read, although the end with the reality marble was a bit confusing for me.
mokhni chapter 1 . 12/5/2016
Thank you..
ghost killer02 chapter 1 . 11/18/2016
mind blowing fantastic couldn't have done it better
rytan451 chapter 1 . 11/8/2016
This is extremely unique. Although, what I don't understand how the Reality Marble came into being. Was it just a birthday wish come true?


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