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Jasmine097 chapter 20 . 9/7/2017
amazingly intense and emotional, extremely well writing. you've held my undivided attention in the short days it took me to read this. I feel like this story shines a new light on both the movie and the books, thanks for a great story and hours of entertainment!
Umbrae Calamitas chapter 6 . 4/14/2013

I realize this story is a dark tale on the disasters that might have come to pass if things that should have been were not, but still... why did you have to kill Elladan? Elladan and Elrohir are my favorites! T.T And I suspect Elrohir will soon follow...
GenJordan chapter 20 . 3/22/2012
Well written, but oh so sad and depressing. Thank you for posting this and sharing your stories with others.
Abject Tears chapter 20 . 12/11/2011
May I just say, amazing! That was a heck of a journey, and I saw all the characters grow and change as it went along. And it was so darned tragic! The last line reeks of irony... I always thought I would be seething at Elrond for his decision, but knowing what happened... I just want to hug every single character! Great job :)
Elf Knight chapter 1 . 12/7/2011
Wow, wow, WOW!

I must say that I am very much impressed and only at the first chapter. I was amazed at how good you write. You have incredible talent and pulled this off very nicely. I must admit that I started reading this a little warily because I was worried that it would be Merry/Pippin slash (hopefully it won't). That really turns me off especially since they're Hobbits. The fanfic was amazing though and I loved every bit of it.

I have to say that this is one of the most in-character LOTR fanfics I have read in a long, long time. I've been reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fanfics for quite some time now, so I decided to revisit the LOTR's fandom for a break. And I am glad I did! It was well worth my time to read this and I shall surely continue reading this wonder.

It did make me curious to see what would happen if said Hobbits did not go with the Fellowship. I was slightly dissapointed that Arwen didn't join them for some Arwen/Aragorn fluff but your choice of elves was good and made sense. This is a LOTR's masterpiece and I am eagerly looking forward to find out what happens next. Good luck, and keep up the epic work.

Hobbits Rock! :)
Cenobia100 chapter 20 . 12/7/2011
The story is over :(

I hope your future exploits flourish.

That was one of the saddest endings to a story ever next to a Shadow Of The Colossus story but that's a completely different thing.

Nice job on this story!
Cenobia100 chapter 19 . 10/31/2011
Frodo died!

Tolkien should have wrote it this way
Laura Andrews chapter 19 . 10/30/2011
Ohhhh, no! The story is almost over! Yay! The story is almost over! I'm really conflicted here. I'm glad and sad. See! I knew Frodo would throw himself in! I am so smart! LOL. Anyways, loved this so much! I did notice a few little, itty bitty mistakes, which I can't even remember right now (it's been a long, tiring day, and I'm 'bout to go to bed), but, yeah. Oh, and don't the Ringwraiths die when the Ring is destroyed? Or was it not yet destroyed when Gimli and Legolas killed the WitchKing? And... don't change the part where it says, "And the Witch King would live." It was so heartbreakingly sad! Ummm, I could gush about this for ages, but it would probably get slightly repetitive.

I will say that I'm slightly jealous of your writing prowess. I will honestly say that about 95% of this would never have come into my head, IF I'd even had the idea for this story in the first place.

And do you consider it spamming for someone to review each chapter?

Oooohhhh! And you let Merry and Pippin die! Well, it's all Elrond's fault! None of this horrible stuff would've happened if he'd just listened to Gandalf O.O

Seriously, this is probably THE BEST fanfiction I've ever read!

*tries to stop gushing* *fails*

Sooooo... I'm looking forward to the epilogue! And dreading it, because it means that this terrible, wonderful, awesome tragedy will be over, and I'll have to go back to reading mediocre LotR romances between Aragorn and Eowyn (not that I really read that stuff). I'll be reduced to scanning endlessly for the fairly good and the well written but not phenomenal fan fics; and I'm well aware that I'm the author of some of those, myself.

Anyways, TTFN! Eagerly looking forward to more from you. Consider doing more fan fics in this vein; I'd certainly read them!
TheElrohir chapter 18 . 10/12/2011
Great chapter! I've really enjoyed this fic so far- I can't wait for an update! )
Cenobia100 chapter 18 . 10/12/2011
I have followed this story from the beggining and now its reaching its climax.

Once again your grammar and plotlines are amazing.

Frodo is finally there and Aragorn,Legolas and Gimli are battling hard for the ring bearer.

Now let us take a moment of silence for those heroes that died.

R.I.P Elrond's son that died on the bridge.

R.I.P Boromir:Unlucky!

R.I.P Sam:I will never ever get over this!

R.I.P Theoden:So sad.

R.I.P Eowyn:I cried.

R.I.P Eomer:Gutted.

R.I.P Gollum:One word...Karma

R.I.P Denethor:Dead DeAD DEAD

R.I.P Faramir:Died Fighting.

R.I.P Load of Random Orcs

R.I.P Load of random soldiers.

R.I.P Orc that Frodo Killed:Pwned

Laura Andrews chapter 18 . 10/12/2011

My pitchfork is already doing wonders!

Ok, seriously, this was another great chapter. I can't remember if I told you, but I like how you do the run-on sentences without punctuation when you're writing about Frodo. It works, somehow, and works really well.

Hmmm, let me think... Oh, yeah! Some of the narration and dialogue, particularly about Aragorn, seem almost straight from Tolkien. Really great stuff there.

"Come," Aragorn murmured, "child of the Eldar, perhaps we are both right. Here we stand, at the beginning of the end, and we will not falter."

That was really good, and sounded like Tolkien.

I also liked this:

Aragorn coughed. "Excuse me? We are all doomed and you want us to rejoice?"


I liked all the bickering between Legolas and Gimli. Perhaps slightly out of character, but hey! who cares? It's hilarious!

This story wouldn't be nearly as effective, I think, if we didn't know how it had really turned out in LotR. It's so heart-wrenching because we know what /would/ have happened, if certain things had not gone wrong.

You must post more, soon!
Ann chapter 17 . 10/5/2011
Ahh, I'm taking a morbid pleasure in how this is spiralling down, down, down! I'm terrified and yet I can't wait to read more. You're very skilled at writing; please update soon!
Tegi chapter 17 . 10/4/2011
I didn't spam! I'm so proud of myself!

You know what one of my favorite things about his story is? I actually don't know whether or not it will work out right. I mean, LotR, the first time I read it, I was fairly sure that eventually it would all work out, Aragorn would save Minas Tirith, and The Ring would be destroyed. This story... I really have no idea. Just one thing. Are Merry and Pippin ever coming back? Or are they out for good?

Please, update soon! I'm hungry for more!

Tegi chapter 12 . 10/4/2011
Okay, I swore I wasn't going to spam you by reviewing each chapter, but you killed Sam! *cries* *cries some more* Oh, my poor little hobbit!

If I keep this short, does it count as not spamming? Suffice it to say, the three chapters I've read are really amazing. You're such a good writer! (Are you sure you're not J.R.R. Tolkien in disguise?) Wait... he's dead. Then that would make you a zombie! Cool!)

Anyway, great job!

A very sad and continuing to cry Tegi
Laura Andrews chapter 17 . 10/3/2011
Epic! Tragic! Awesome!

Ok, anyways, this is so good. And now I've no chapters left to read, so get cracking! LOL

I have a suggestion, if you haven't really thought about how this will end, and if you're going to make it into a full blown tragedy, but still destroy the Ring: since Gollum won't be there to fall into the fire with the Ring, you could have Frodo voluntarily leap into the flames with the Ring, because he knows that if he doesn't, then he will try to keep It. But at least let Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli live. Please? Well, maybe not. I want to see what happens if the Ring is destroyed, but the WHOLE COMPANY is killed. Oh, yeah, I want to know whether Gandalf escapes from Saruman. Write more, please! Please! Pretty please? *sad puppy dog eyes* How can you resist? LOL

I will totally be reading this as fast as you update, and, just so you know, I've just gotten a brand new, shiny pitchfork. I got it especially for authors who don't update their stories quickly...
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