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tanithlipsky chapter 22 . 4/6/2014
neosun7 chapter 22 . 12/24/2012
This story is gorgeous and a great explanation of what happened in between! I love the idea behind the chapter titles and it was beautifully written!
Pirateweasel chapter 1 . 12/23/2012
B-5 kicks Star Trek's butt
Tayla chapter 22 . 7/19/2012
I LOVE this story! You did a really great job writing in Tron's POV! :) I hope you make a sequel to this story! :D
Lomelindi chapter 22 . 10/9/2011
I simply can't love this story enough. I actually read it a while ago but I just re-read it and decided that it deserves a legitimate review. (I'm a lazy person, I usually don't review. XD)

That being said, holy COW, this is good. I love your use of imagery and I ESPECIALLY love your perfect characterization of Tron. I thought Ophelia's budding romance with Tron was sweet, tangible and believable. It's hard to write about romance involving programs 'cause they're not humans and don't think like us, but you pulled it off amazingly well.

Also, the way you wrote about Rinzler was fascinating and so fun to read! The error messages were such a stark difference from the elegant way you wrote about Tron, and that was very fitting.

Lastly, I freaked out like nobody's business when you brought Alan in at the end to meet Tron. The fandom simply does NOT have enough Alan and Tron interactions whatsoever.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing such a fantastic Tron story! 3 This is my favorite that I've read so far!
Silvara - edit chapter 22 . 4/18/2011
Trying to rectify a typo with the logged message after the following part :

- Through Yori's reason for remaining behind was believable for me, I still feels like the transition between the older system and the new one is not covered in a satisfying way; in many fanfictions, it strikes me (...okay, frustrating is more like it v_v) that Tron has little to no questions/hesitations to accept Flynn's invitation in regard of his conceptor and first user's opinion. It seems Alan doesn't care. I suppose the guy kept a trophy-copy of his program somewhere, and that would be enough for him since he would never suspect it to be sentient. But still, after all of Kevin's ranting about Tron, plus his nickname, isn't it a little weird that he never got curious? Note that I'm not really speaking for Adagio, it's more like a rant I guess. Well, at least I completed the unfinished sentence. v.v

PS: Thank for your answer! I see now that because of his programming, it would be normal for Tron to try and defend the Isos. As long as they don't act like viruses *or* spams (or like a DDOS attack) that is. I know I know; I'm stubborn, I'll leave that topic alone now.

I want to explain myself/gleefully banter with you via PM a little more on some more points (don'trunawayyet). But you may as well be used to that by now – guess you're lucky English isn't even my maternal language)
Silvara chapter 22 . 4/18/2011
First, I must tell you that this review was written right after I read Adagio, which is quite some time now, and before most of our conversations (for some reason I forgot to post it. And, yeah, as you can tell given the first line, I was and am still quite impressed by the narration/technology/characterization/everything... Well thus is began;)

Will I get enough words to praise the merits of this story? They are many and my foreign-syntax-writing skill feels tired tonight so... I hope you will not mind a list of adjectives?

Realist, accurate, colorful, imaginative and engrossing is how I would describe what I got to read; a believable plot well blended into canon-verse with more than decent range of technical vocabulary and flowing syntax.

- Tron seems very human, but I can't say if that's canon or not, yeah, I know, that's a detail, but you fans... v_v *goes hiding*.

- Tron seems to let feelings prevail over logic and purpose at times, and try to justify it. As an example, lying to Flynn out of sympathy would not only be going against his coding, but refusing to alert his user of a future and dangerous threat to his system while it was configured to do so, wouldn't it actually be considered a glitch for a security program?

- Even if the narration seems very concerned about to remain objective, Tron also seems a little biased about the Isos's cause; as an example among a few others, I don't understand why he would think that uncontrollable self-generated programs should be allowed to go rampant on a digital system where every basic device and program is constantly being monitored and traced without throwing a tantrum about it? Wouldn't it actually be unfair for the basics?

- It's said that Tron was created before Clu, but the last is regularly referred to by as "the senior program"?

- Through Yori's reason for remaining behind was believable for me, I still feels like the transition between the older system and the new one is not covered in a satisfying way; in many of them, it strike me that

[ As a fan, I am used to stand for the Isos' preservation - on a whole different physical system, and I can sympathize both with Clu's proceeding and Tronzler dilemma. I resent Flynn a little for considering the Digital Frontier like a game despite what he seems to say about it. ... That and I am a desperate Alan fan ].

The closing chapter warmed my heart (which isn’t ONLY because of Alan’s intervention – hugecough – but also because I could totally imagine Tron near of short circuiting in a sort of Asimovian logic (gotta love the Robot Series). It could be interesting to work on that, making him a little impaired each times he sees/recognize his conceptor. (Ah, the bunnies!)

Now, Tron Adagio lent me many ideas... I'm much happy about the command lines' role; the scanning’s customs (I doubt their realism but since Tron's SF I feel it very plausible), the explicitly described technology and the computed-like introspection from Tron. These things together are so very precious. Thank for such a big show! :]

PS: in case a sequel means more Allannessque times, of course, I concur with the demand. v_v
Suadela chapter 1 . 2/27/2011
"The Babylon project was our last, best hope for peace."

YAY! Do I get geek points?
Silvara chapter 4 . 2/17/2011
There is somethign that I do'nt understand - it's no qualm now, just something I don't understand ; in the Movie, I thought Kevin Flynn has said something about a millicycle being about 8 hours. And according you the Tron wiki, the Standard use of the prefix "milli" means that a cycle is about 8,000 hours, at leat in the hardware of Kevin's grid. The guide states that one year in the real world equals about 50 Cycles in that Grid... What od you think?
HumansRSuperior chapter 22 . 2/13/2011
Oh man, this fic? Is EPIC. I finally got my hands on TRON: Betrayal, and I know the story of Evolution, and I can say I love and adore how you expanded on Betrayal and filled in the blanks, and I like what you did with the take over much better than how it went down in Evolution. You really did an awesome job on CLU's progressing corruption and TRON's growing suspicions and yet always remaining loyal to Flynn Just great characterization over all.

Another thing I wanted to comment on is I really love what you created with TRON/Ophelia. That's a great pairing and you characterized them both it felt totally believable, and it just added to the tragedy of the whole thing. :( Ouchie, my heart!

Just awesome awesome work over all, I'm sad I finished it now, hee! Hope to see more from you this was really great. It's rare to find such fleshed out and detailed and WELL WRITTEN stuff on here! Bravaaa!
Terranova210486 chapter 22 . 2/8/2011
Great job with this fic!
Spacebabie chapter 22 . 2/4/2011
Beautiful and Amazing story. I love how you bridged the gap between the two movies using the comic as a base.

You had Tron down perfect. That was the Tron that I remembered and loved. There wre times when I just wanted to hug him. I also liked the Babylon 5 quotes.

One of the best Tron stories here.
sharinganavenger chapter 22 . 1/31/2011
(this is the best kind of thing to come back to after an internetless weekend)

Awww. It draws to a close. And far more positively than I'd half-expected, given the previous chapters.

The moment of subtle relaxation when Tron first spoke up as himself was a nice touch. I'm a bit surprised Sam and Quorra were willing to get so close without knowing for sure that he was himself; both of them would have much more in the way of "gaah, Rinzler!" memories than any other impression of Tron. Still, it's seemingly been awhile for them both, and they've been reviewing Flynn's records-so it's probably reasonable that they'd give him benefit of the doubt.

And Alan shows up. :) I have to say, I wasn't hugely in support when you first brought Alan into your story as you did-not because you did it poorly, but just because to me it implied Alan was hugely negligent. I mean, if he knows Flynn goes to the Grid and has a vague idea of what goes on... he would've had a better idea how Flynn disappeared, and it seemed unlikely he couldn't have found him over twenty years-or at least given Sam something more to go on. That said, the way you've used him in the story, through Tron's memories, through the message, and now him showing up here... it's nice. It makes a difference in a very positive way. Plus Tron's shock in the meeting moment was absolutely great.

Lots of little things that were nice in this. The description of Tron waking up, stage by stage. Quorra's registering as a user, not an ISO-unexpected, but a detail that tells us a lot. Tron's general peacefulness in the chapter was a huge change. Makes me wonder whether he's just calmer after a reboot or if Sam/Quorra/Alan evened out his code. The latter wouldn't be too unlikely, given he only wakes up when they show. He was purging the residual Rinzler code last chapter, but a user might be able to do a more clear sweep. It's clear he still has Rinzler's memories, but he's composed about it. I don't know if this is a permanent change or merely a moment of peaceful clarity, but it certainly makes a nice tone to end on.

:D Right. Great chapter, amazing fic. Half of your additions are already bleeding into my brain-canon. If you write a sequel, I'll gladly read it; if not, that's fair. You've added more than your share to the fandom already-though more of your writing, sequel-y or not, would be eagerly consumed. Babbling aside, thanks for writing this story, and writing it so well.
Angry Archer chapter 22 . 1/28/2011
There is only one other story on FF that I have read where the author uses the comic book and it's events to tell the story (A Transformers fic). I didn't have to read the comic book to see where the author took the bits from it to put in the fic (it was painfully obvious despite the author being good at prose). I tried looking for the sections from the comic book in here and you know what? I couldn't once tell the diffrence!

I really have to commend you on how well you have made your prose and the comic boook fit together into a cohesive piece. It really was like reading one outstanding fic- you have even persuaded to buy the comic book with this fic. So 10/10 with mixing the two together!

Also what I appreciated was how well you kept everyone in character-especially Tron. (Groans) Poor program- he needs a hug for all the crap he went through! D: We know his fate and I also liked how you didn't stop when he became Rinzler- marvelous job btw on Rinlzer's POV; I can't even wrap my head around how you managed to come up with it but it's the most spot on I've seen anyone else write him. Great job with Tron, CLU, Flynn, Opehlia all of them! :D

What I did do however was by the music before reading this fic so I for one particularly like thst you used the tracks as inspiration. In a way it helped us to know what might come next (although you always blew us away with every chapter) and the mood that would be set. My favorite use of it was was CLU. It is a sinister track and it conveyed the coup and the fight nicely. :)

Definitely one of my favorite Tron stories on this sight. everything about it is just perfect. :)

Marvelous job on everything! :)

~Alaskan Olive
User.Ivy chapter 22 . 1/27/2011
Amazing ending! Wow, this is def. one of the best Tron fics I have ever read. I love how you carried us through both the comic and the movie, which you did a GREAT job of.

I honestly LOVED the fact that you had Tron meet Alan that was just _

Amazing job and I also liked the small authort internview at the end. Can't wait to see more work from you!
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