Reviews for Ron gets a wand
Gamma Orionis chapter 1 . 1/7/2012
Aww, Ron was sweet. He's got such a childlike glee over having his new wand, it's fantastic. I have to say, though, that the writing seemed a little bit choppy to me. There were a lot of very short sentences (Though, of course, that's a personal style thing), and given how brief the piece was, it seemed like the word "Wand" was used a lot.

Some of the time - like in the last line ("his wand in hand, his wand that he bought from Ollivander's, his wand that he couldn't wait to use, his wand that he loved") - it works really well for effect, but other times, it seems a little too repetitive for me.

I did like it overall, though, especially the tone, which was fantastically happy and lighthearted. Good job!
Will.Hell.Minna.-Sophia Isobel chapter 1 . 8/2/2011
I never thought that Ron would be the kind to brag about his trip to Egypt... And certainly not to Hermione. It was also funny when I read the part about him wishing to have been told about the twin's plan so that he could have help. They really seem to annoy Percy so much. But what was most amusing, was the last part, about Ron's wand that was in his hand... The one he brought from Ollivander's... The one he couldn't wait to use... And the wand that he loved. It made me think about the time I bought a new ipod. It was in my hand and I wanted to brag about it to a friend of mine, to use it for the first time since I bought it from the store. Nicely done, this one is. _
CityGirl419 chapter 1 . 1/7/2011
Good story! I like it! ]]] Just one little think I saw. You were saying He and Ron instead of I in most of it then you switched over for " They should have told me, I would have helped." Just thought I'd point that out. ] I liked it though! Great job Brandon!