Reviews for The Kite Runner: The Meaning of the Word Liberating
SweetSparkles09 chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
You captured his character well. What twists...! I don't usually like this kind of thing, but it is very well written and within the right context too. I can understand why people wouldn't like this, but I think its good - although heart rending.
WishfulThinkin21 chapter 1 . 4/13/2012
The thought of Taliban sickens me.. the Afghans and Kurdis PKK or terrorism, it has become so old, so simple that even though I wish we never live through that my mother is in the other room watching the news and there they are terrorist attacking police stations in the East, soldiers, young men...dead. I don't know if Kite Runner effected me this much because I live in a Euroasian country right at the begging of the East or because I'm a Muslim too or simply because I'm human.

I guess what hurts most is the fact that the men of my country die in the name of Allah, defending little children against terrorist and still some see all that is Muslim as violence because of two towers... Don't get me wrong, because I know you will but there are people who suffered and will continue to suffer long after America finally lets go of 9/11. Khaled Hosseini or Halid Hüseyin as we call him made some people realize that the New World was not the only victim of the terrorism that took place in the East and I'm grateful, I really am because right now terror is in the news and my friends cry because their brothers are being send to the border of Suria. What Taliban did and what others continue to do, the sins they commit in the name of Allah... I think you wrote it well and I really do home the men, who think they can play god with peoples lives rot in hell.

- I'm sorry I think I just needed to get it all out.

This story was really good.
Peace to you chapter 1 . 1/8/2011
Question: why are we reading about an event that happened awhile ago? I mean I can read this on wikipedia. BORING, please write something interesting.

Even though I know some of the people that you have pissed off, they still like your writing.

Please don't disappoint them