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Marauderish Mischief Maker chapter 2 . 2/17
Right, Shane, finding a man's not-so-dead after making out with his wife would be awkward. I got a sports injury recently, so this is the time I promised myself I would get through every fabulous chapter. I'm working on writing a more recent where Kim and Shane work together on an ISA mission, but this is post-2010 when they're back together.
eyre482 chapter 358 . 1/19
eyre482 chapter 323 . 1/4
Marauderish Mischief Maker chapter 1 . 11/7/2015
Sounds like an interesting framework for a story.
Guest chapter 547 . 7/18/2015
Love this story. You did a great job. I hope you write another soon.
80sDaysFan chapter 547 . 8/6/2014
Thanks, Holly King. Yes, the story is finished. We are glad you enjoyed it.
Holly King chapter 547 . 8/6/2014
Are done writing this? I really enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 547 . 5/16/2014
I have loved every minute of this story. I'm sad to see it end and hope you write again. Thank you.
sung21heart chapter 542 . 4/22/2014
Sigh! Outstanding. Thank you!
sung21heart chapter 384 . 4/21/2014
Sorry to be so vocal! I'm recovering from surgery, so you've been a life saver. I'm reading this more like a novel than in chapters. I have to say, your character development is so good and so on target. I so appreciate an accurate portrayal of what people put themselves through. My day job is as a psych nurse so I can vividly see (and have seen) things develop in just this way. I read in the reviews something someone wrote about Marlena's skill as a psychiatrist being somewhat lacking (coughNONEXISTANTcough). I have to acknowledge though, the medical professions are rarely accurately portrayed in shows or movies. Gray's Anatomy is a great example of this, 90% of what the "doctors" do are nursing responsibilities and even then they don't follow any nursing protocol. Anyway, back to the chapter, your ability to weave stories together is just so, so terrific! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this. My only regret is that it isn't in novel form for kindle so I could stay curled up in bed and read it (and take it with me everywhere I go, since I can't stop reading!),
sung21heart chapter 271 . 4/21/2014
Sorry, I realized I was posting under my son's account, Jarob.

Kim: Kim was always a bit frustrating for me due to her narcissim. She really can't get past the idea that everything she does is justified and should be accepted. However, any trangressions (real or imagined) by others is unforgivable. It is a testimony to how many unresolved issues Shane has that he would continue to engage in such an unhealthy relationship. (The same can be said for Kayla and Steve). Sigh (of course we keep coming back for more so what does that say about us? HA!) At any rate, sometimes I just wanted to kick every character in the ass and tell them to snap out of it and grow up! The same is true for this story, which is always an indication of great writing!

Last thing, one of the best tools I have found as a writer is a good proof-reader. I would encourage you to find someone you trust to proof your work. They will catch things like peace instead of piece, Carter instead of Carver, things spell check won't catch. They can also assist with repetitive phrases, something we writers have a tendency to fall into because we love phrasology.

I have enjoyed your work thoroughly and truly hope you are pursuing orginal works, you ARE that good!
jarob25 chapter 364 . 4/21/2014
Your story has been fantastic! I have enjoyed it immensely.
A couple of thoughts for you and one criticism that I hope you will see as constructive. As a fellow writer, I would want the feedback and have benefited from it.
Thoughts on Eve and Kimberly: I think you have the right idea about what drives their conflict, but there is another facet that I think has a powerful impact on them. Kim sees herself in Eve, a part that she hates and rather than face her own shortcomings and experiences she judges Eve from that perspective. She puts the same unreasonable and irrational expectations on her that she beats herself up with. She should have known better, she should have seen that she was using sex because it was her comfort zone and fit with her low self image. She can't forgive herself for being a victim and often victimizing herself therefore she cannot forgive Eve for taking the exact same path. Further she cannot see how her skewed relationship with her own Papa is really no different than Eve's with Shane. That underlying self hatred for both Eve and Kim drives both of them, to acknowledge that would mean acknowledging their own demons. Neither is prepared to do that as it is much easier to just put it on the other person. It is a continuation of vicarious victimization which is common until people work through their issues and see themselves as a survivor and eventually a thriver rather than a victim.

Thoughts on hope and fear: There is nothing more terrifying than hope for victims of abuse. Hoping opens you up to pain and that is just unacceptable. It is far easier to expect the worst and albeit subconciously (and at times consciously) so that you have some control over that pain. And controlling pain is what a victim's life is all about. You can see that more clearly with Steve (also an abused child), who also sexually acted out when things got too intense for him. (Making everything a sexual innuendo).

One of the greatest frustrations in working with victims is the resistance to empowerment. Getting them to understand that the initial victimization was not their fault but their willingness to victimize themselves is their choice. They have the power to take a different path, to change their thought processes and choices but cannot seem to find the ability to do that. It is an incredibly long process to change belief systems and thought patterns and when under stress most people will revert to what they know, even if it is bad, than to try something foreign. The bad is at least a known commodity that victims have the skill set to cope with.
Estie chapter 431 . 2/26/2014
Just recently found your story and I'm loving it, can't wait to see what happens next. I do wonder about what Shane says his problem was with Kim's sleeping with Victor... During the Lawrence Alamain storyline he confronts Kim about sleeping with Lawrence, saying something like" is there anyone you won't sleep with" and bringing up her sleeping with Victor and Cal. It seemed like it clearly still bothered him and he wasn't over it.
Guest chapter 536 . 2/1/2014
Such a bittersweet chapter. I hope they are able to save Shane. Please update soon!
Guest chapter 532 . 1/20/2014
I am glad everyone is sticking by Shane. I hope Steve's plan works. Please update soon!
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