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Stephair chapter 547 . 1/25
Epic. Intricately plotted. Angst-filled. Romantic. Suspenseful. Informed by more history and shows better knowledge of the characters history than the Days writers have probably ever shown. I was so in love with with this story because it showed such love and respect for Days and for Days characters, but also for its great writing and intelligent plotting.

As the story reached its climactic ending and denouement, I really truly did not want it to end but yet could not stop reading. One of the benefits of fanfic is that the writer is not limited by the actors or producers. If an actor leaves the show then the character's death really comes as no surprise. However, as a fanfic reader, I have no clue where the fanfic writer will take the story. Will our couples get their HEA? Will the villain be redeemed? Those questions create genuine suspense that really isn't possible with canon.

I also wish to reiterate that any perceived criticisms or impressions in my prior reviews should not be taken negatively. I'm truly in awe of your Herculean work. They were just my thoughts of the characters at those points in stories. My issue with Kim would have been the same if Steve or Shane had acted similarly in those circumstances.

I loved how the characters' prior history was revisited whenever appropriate and far more than it is done on the show. I suspect that is because the writers do not have as good of a command over the characters' history as the viewers. Sometimes the actors forget entire storylines (Tony Geary and Emma Samms on General Hospital prior to his 2015 exit famously forgot that their characters Bill and Holly had ever had a romance and he changed their dialogue accordingly!). However, I think it's vital for characters that live such cataclysmic lives that prior crises would inform current predicaments. Too often on shows nowadays, the characters don't even seem like real people, but more like pinballs careening from one disaster to the next.

Not so with your characters, the payoffs are earned, the reunions feel genuine, and MY tears near the end were real too. Thank you!
Stephair chapter 387 . 1/17
I'm continuing to love this awesome, masterfully written story! From the crisis that dominate the middle half of the story to this little trip to the southern U.S., I love your detailed, fully realized story. It has so many wonderful family moments and conversations, especially in the aftermath of a crisis-moments that are crucial to the realism of a story because they are conversations and reactions that any of us would have should we be put into these situations and yet it is those exact moments that are so often overlooked and bypassed nowadays as they soap writers hurtle us from one BIG event to BIG event. Those family moments are what I loved most about 80s Days and you've captured that so beautifully.

I'm principally a J&J fan, but I don't mind Jack's characterization in this story (far better than what he got in canon during this time period!). The only quibble I have is Kim's reticence in the aftermath of what she endured-she finally gets her wish and her prayers answered and her rationalizations are difficult for me. However, I freely admit that I didn't focus too much on Kim and Shane prior to reading this story (though your story has prompted me to see their best moments on YouTube and I really didn't realize how charming Shane was with Kim since before I saw him mostly as Mr. G-man). So there are likely subtleties of her character that I really don't understand as well.

I'm also in that dilemma where I want to keep reading, keep reading and see what happens next, but I don't want to read too fast because I want to stay in your story's universe for as long as possible.

Also, one thing that struck me about Steve's and Kayla's conversation in this chapter is that many of Kayla's phrasing seemed reminiscent of her conversation with Steve when she was telling him that Jack had raped her. I was wondering if that was deliberate. If so, great job as she was probably feeling a lot of the same emotions of helplessness and would express herself similarly.

Anyway, amazing story! You are so capturing the spirit and greatness of 80s Days!
Stephair chapter 192 . 1/12
I'm about 1/3 of the way through your story and I'm loving it! You have such a wonderfully intricate and complex story and complete with such vivid detail. I love getting lost in it. This era (late 80s/early 90s) is my favorite part of Days and I love getting l8st in your story. My favorite couple is Jack /Jen from that time, followed by Steve/Kayla which is what prompted me to read you story. Honestly, I never got enamored by Shane and Kim, but I must say that I am starting to do so now and searching for the scenes on YouTube that you wrote about based almost entirely on your characterization.

I'd love to see more Jack as I loved the burgeoning bromance between them up until the boat accident, but it looks like you're going another direction -did Jack do something not so nice in the bar?

Steve right now in the story is being a little bit unfair to Shane. I hope that's largely due to the PTSD and hope that's remedied later on. Anyway, I just had to write how amazing, suspenseful, and excellent your story is. What a marvelous effort!
TazoClarity chapter 547 . 9/6/2016
Wow. That's all I can say about this story. That, and I can't believe there were ANY complaints about your writing. Your characterization was completely spot-on and anything that I didn't agree with, you gave perfectly valid reasons as to why the characters would speak/behave the way that they did. Kim calling herself a whore? We've seen her do it on the show, we've seen that shame come out especially in front of Shane, who has sometimes been indelicate about that when he was angry with her, therefore giving her some good reasons to be wary and refer to herself that way. Eve being terrible? Yup, even after their good year in 1989, Eve went right back to hating Kim. And I loved that you explored the reasons WHY. I was especially impressed with your idea that Eve is protective of Shane's feelings. It fits with what we've seen, but you put the pieces together in a less subtle way during the conflict that arose over Shane's shooting by Cal. I believe Kim was extremely patient with Eve, and did grow to love her, while though Eve did seem to want maternal guidance, she was too immature to really find it in Kim in her jealousy. Eve's development in this story was some of the best. As was ROMAN! I was pleasantly surprised to see how you handled him. He was irritating, but complicated. His ever-present anger was understandable and yet you just want to shake him. You gave him a soft spot for his sisters that I believe was true to character, even while he had that big brother compulsion to be right about everything. Nevermind the fact that he hasn't been around for years. He still thinks HE knows more about his sister's husbands than they do! Lol. How very Roman. And he straightened up in the end and did what was right. Also very Roman-like! I immensely enjoyed your smarter, less goofy and bizarre Cal Winters characterization. It was so much better than what we got in 1991 when he returned. You stayed true to his character. And I have to say that you had the BEST Steve dialogue I've ever seen from any fanfic. I literally lol'd at some of your dialogue for him. It was PERFECT. It was very apparent that you knew ALL of these characters back and front.

The only thing I really struggled to get through was the Shayla bits. That was very hard, I'll admit. But it was well-worth the payoff and a necessary evil. I liked the suggestion that Shane was kind of projecting onto Kayla and Stephanie what he wished to give to Kimberly and Jeannie, had he been able to face up to the pain of Kim's "infidelity" and his feelings that she moved on too soon. The PTSD that the respective characters faced was utilized in a powerful way. It always amuses me that soap characters can go through terrible trauma and just shrug at the end of it all. You didn't allow your characters to get away like that. Every action carried weight and brought so much to the story. The conflicts and their developments and the motivations of the characters were just SO GOOD that I wish that the show had done half of what you did with these characters. Even the children (Andrew in particular) were so well-crafted that I just tore through this story. My only regret is that I didn't get to read this story sooner. I hope you get to see my review even though it's been 2 years since this story was finished. You both deserve every inch of praise and more.

All I can say is that I hope so much that you write another story featuring Kim/Shane and Steve/Kayla, if only so that I can review every chapter. If you need a suggestion (haha, I'm clearly begging you to write another story) I always thought that the Drew storyline could have been so much better in the hands of different writers. I've always loved the old fanfic excuse that Drew was impersonating Shane during the Shayla year. It makes it much easier for me to swallow lol. Anyway, thank you so much for this story. It was absolutely excellent and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
Marauderish Mischief Maker chapter 2 . 2/17/2016
Right, Shane, finding a man's not-so-dead after making out with his wife would be awkward. I got a sports injury recently, so this is the time I promised myself I would get through every fabulous chapter. I'm working on writing a more recent where Kim and Shane work together on an ISA mission, but this is post-2010 when they're back together.
eyre482 chapter 358 . 1/19/2016
eyre482 chapter 323 . 1/4/2016
Marauderish Mischief Maker chapter 1 . 11/7/2015
Sounds like an interesting framework for a story.
Guest chapter 547 . 7/18/2015
Love this story. You did a great job. I hope you write another soon.
80sDaysFan chapter 547 . 8/6/2014
Thanks, Holly King. Yes, the story is finished. We are glad you enjoyed it.
Holly King chapter 547 . 8/6/2014
Are done writing this? I really enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 547 . 5/16/2014
I have loved every minute of this story. I'm sad to see it end and hope you write again. Thank you.
sung21heart chapter 542 . 4/22/2014
Sigh! Outstanding. Thank you!
sung21heart chapter 384 . 4/21/2014
Sorry to be so vocal! I'm recovering from surgery, so you've been a life saver. I'm reading this more like a novel than in chapters. I have to say, your character development is so good and so on target. I so appreciate an accurate portrayal of what people put themselves through. My day job is as a psych nurse so I can vividly see (and have seen) things develop in just this way. I read in the reviews something someone wrote about Marlena's skill as a psychiatrist being somewhat lacking (coughNONEXISTANTcough). I have to acknowledge though, the medical professions are rarely accurately portrayed in shows or movies. Gray's Anatomy is a great example of this, 90% of what the "doctors" do are nursing responsibilities and even then they don't follow any nursing protocol. Anyway, back to the chapter, your ability to weave stories together is just so, so terrific! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this. My only regret is that it isn't in novel form for kindle so I could stay curled up in bed and read it (and take it with me everywhere I go, since I can't stop reading!),
sung21heart chapter 271 . 4/21/2014
Sorry, I realized I was posting under my son's account, Jarob.

Kim: Kim was always a bit frustrating for me due to her narcissim. She really can't get past the idea that everything she does is justified and should be accepted. However, any trangressions (real or imagined) by others is unforgivable. It is a testimony to how many unresolved issues Shane has that he would continue to engage in such an unhealthy relationship. (The same can be said for Kayla and Steve). Sigh (of course we keep coming back for more so what does that say about us? HA!) At any rate, sometimes I just wanted to kick every character in the ass and tell them to snap out of it and grow up! The same is true for this story, which is always an indication of great writing!

Last thing, one of the best tools I have found as a writer is a good proof-reader. I would encourage you to find someone you trust to proof your work. They will catch things like peace instead of piece, Carter instead of Carver, things spell check won't catch. They can also assist with repetitive phrases, something we writers have a tendency to fall into because we love phrasology.

I have enjoyed your work thoroughly and truly hope you are pursuing orginal works, you ARE that good!
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