Reviews for Camp Half Bloods Saviors
JordanMathias chapter 2 . 2/14/2011
Short but not bad length. I really liked the random ConnorxTidus fight. :D That was me and it makes me smile!
Armpit chapter 1 . 2/14/2011
This is actually terrible

All characters seem to fit the usual 'We're sticking it up to the prep'.

Not that I had a high expectation on it; also, consider this creative criticism, because this clearly needs improving.
ashKITTYKAT77 chapter 2 . 2/13/2011
longer chapters next time please! hahah nah it was really good update soon!
silent-ninja-twins chapter 2 . 2/13/2011
Ha... Connor, Connor, Connor x)
lissa chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
Name:Vasilisa Dragomir [lissa] or Alexandra Dragomir[lexa]

Age:same as others

Godly parent:zeus

Appearance:golden blond hair to waist,jade green slmond shaped eyes,high cheekbones,ivory skin,5'9 and slender,and stunningly beautiful

Personality:kind,witty,calm,passionate of things she beleives in,caring,starcastic

Weapon of choice:braclet that changes to any weapon

Powers:like thalia's and she can fly

Normal abilities:really flexible,and a good sword person as good as percy

Bio:she was born in new york and her mother was a model,her mother died in a plane crash when she was seven lissa was the only survivor zeus protected her and she is her father's favorite child

Romance (Optional):apollo or his kid

Other (Anything else you would like to add):her fatel flaw is that she is to loyal you can give her a hero's death she died saving a friend
Lionclash chapter 2 . 1/22/2011
I realized that my submition nicholas shade didnt have a favotite animal in the submition form so here it is

favorite animal:eagle (owns one)

romance:meh anyone
Silent-ninja-twins chapter 2 . 1/22/2011
Hey great chapter, Smitty is officially my favorite character, Hudson has a gun? No excuse me, GUNS? Cool, lol "stuffed her nose and mouth with moss" update soon! Or I'll kill you x) seriously I am anticipating the next chappie!
Dreamin'OfABlondeFang chapter 2 . 1/22/2011
Are you still accepting OC's? Please tell me that you are!

Here's mine!



Godly parent:Hermes

Appearance:Silky, jet black hair that goes to the middle of her back and has royal purple and dark blue streaks that you can only see if she's standing in the sun. Her eyes are bright green with flecks of blue. She is short and skinny with semi-tan skin.

Personality:Bubly, funny and sarcastic.

Weapon of choice: Her sword, MistRain. (its celestial bronze with violet tinged around the edge.)

Powers:None really.

Normal abilities:She can be sneaky. And she can steal stuff with out getting caught. Most of the time :D

Bio:Was brought to Camp Half-Blood 2 monthes ago. Friends with(pick anyone ;D)

Romance (Optional): None actually.

Other (Anything else you would like to add):I think I'm good!

I hope that you like her and that your still takin OC's!
Thecoolioschecks chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
Name: Grace

Age: 15

Godly parent: Demeter

Appearance: Wavy blond hair, blue eyes, Tall and a beach body, tanned, Strong, nice features.

Personality: loves video games, Genorous, trustworthy, scared of a broken heart, nice to everyone but terrible to her enemies. Waiting for the right guy. smart and witty, anger can get the better of her. Shy.

Weapon of choice: Vine covered dagger.

Powers: normal children of demeter powers

Normal abilities: Martial arts

Bio: was brought to camp half blood after siblings got killed by a hellhound. cant trust people easily.

Romance (Optional):YES!

Other (Anything else you would like to add): anything you want ;)
ashKITTYKAT77 chapter 1 . 1/20/2011
Name: Ashyr Wood

Age: 14 turning 15

Godly parent:either Poseidon, Hades or Apollo (preferably Poseidon though im writing this bio for a Poseidon kid :)mortal parent died while giving birth, raised by her brother who is now 21

Appearance:long brown hair with a full fringe, big brown eyes but when underwater turn green, long legs, b cup boobs, pretty but she doesnt think she is and when she dresses up she is amazing. usually wears retro t-shirts (like those baggy singlets) with her blue and purple bathers underneath just in case she wants to go for a swim, high waisted black shorts and purple nike airs ( sounds gay looks awesome i know from experience :P)

Personality:crazy ( in a good way) a bit sick-minded, likes having a good time,likes someone ( you choose) but is afraid of a relationship because her brother is kind of a man whore so she hasnt really seen a real relationship and she doesnt want guys just to use her (like her ex boyfriend did) can be really sensitive when she wants to be and is always there for her friends, popular but sometimes can be a massive bitch if you get on her bad side, likes making jokes and can be really defenive sometimes.

Weapon of choice: a double sword that if you see it in the mist it looks like a badge that has crossed swords on it ( you press it and it turns into the real thing) also martial art expert ( she learnt from her brother) my life long dream so im making it go in with the character :P

Powers:normal Poseidon powers but if you get her really angry she will lose control of her powers and they will go haywire ( like water every wear and it just goes crazy) unless someone calms her down you will be in a lot of trouble

Normal abilities: martial arts expert

Bio: given you most of it already

Romance (Optional):DEFINITLEY! :D

Other (Anything else you would like to add): anything you want to add :)

please start this story soon sounds awesome :)
JordanMathias chapter 1 . 1/20/2011
Name: Tidus Snow

Age: 15

Godly parent: Ares, Human mother Abigail Snow she is a swimsuit model.

Appearance: He has short dark brown hair, he is built like his mother, long muscles that are very toned but strong like his father. He is about 5'10" Eyes are a emerald green. He has a scar that goes from his forehead down the middle of his right eye. He is basically blind in that eye but he uses contacts to clear it up some.

Personality: He is shy even though he is a son of Ares. He doesn't fit in with most of them because he is shy and slightly smaller but just as strong. He tends to hang around the Aphrodite and Athena children because they don't tease him about his size and his intelligence. Because he is shy he never really gets angry. Only when he sees a man hurt a woman. Then he is deadly. Extremely protective of women.

Weapon of choice: He has two throwing hatchets and a golden broadsword that Aphrodite and his father blessed. His father made it so its unbreakable and Aphrodite made it so it turns into his leather bracelet and the hatchets strap to his back.

Powers: When he is angry he gets stronger...kinda like the hulk except not big and green.

Normal abilities: Normal Ares kids, strong and a talented fighter. Smart considering all he does is hang out with Athenian kids when he's not with Aphrodite's children. He reads lots. He is accepted by Athena's kids because he hates Ares' other children.

Bio: I've given you most of it already.

Romance (Optional): Definitely :D

Other (Anything else you would like to add): Whatever you want!
Sun E. Day chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
Name: Chrisma (Rizzie) Moore

Age: 14

Godly parent: Iris

Appearance: Rizzie has straight light brown hair with rainbow streaks that she dyed and bright hazel eyes. she has three paralell scars across her right cheek from an encouter with a sphix. Her skin is fairly tan and she has freckles across her nose. She normally wear very bright graphic t-shirts and skinny jeans with colorful sneakers. She is lithe like a runner.

Personality: She is a bright cheerful girl who can be strange and has lots of friends and almost no enemies. Although some find her annoying, most people see her as a nice person. She is an animal lover and cannot resist helping them. She spend lots of time in the pegusas stables and even sorta owns one named Iridesence or Iri as Rizzie named her.

Weapon of choice: A silver and bronze sword that instead of if this is the sword - the vertical part is shaped and colored like a rainbow and the sword is sliver and bronze with a rainbow striped hilt.

Powers: Incredible memory and speed from her mother

Normal abilities: Fast runner and good swordfighter

Bio: She was born in Maine and came to Camp by accident while visiting NY with her father. She is a year rounder camper because her father doesn't want to put her in danger.

Romance (Optional): Yes, but you choose with who

Other (Anything else you would like to add): her dad's name is Charles Moore. She is loves pegusas riding and is terrible at archery and hates spiders and snakes. She loves animals of any kind except for monsters of course. She has a pegusas friend named Iridescence or Iri.
DementedEvilNinjaFishies-Lacey chapter 1 . 1/15/2011
Name: Mirabell

Age: 15

Godly parent: Athena

Appearance: Pretty ,very dark grey eyes, shoulder length straight blonde hair, pale, tall-ish (5 foot 6) and athletic looking

Personality: Quiet, shy, but not afraid to speak out for her friends, loyal, preferrs reading over camp activities, not sure whether she wants or should be a demi god.

Weapon of choice: Anything

Powers: Can feel peoples' emotions

Normal abilities: Very smart (of course XD), is the best in camp at driving and stuff of that nature, very good singer

Bio: Her parents both died when she was 8 years old, she went to an orphanage and was adopted by two rich parents. She loved them like they were her real parents, and was extremely upset when she had to go to Camp Half-Blood

Romance (Optional): You can choose

Other (Anything else you would like to add): Has a secret no one knows about... a dangerous one (ooh, mysterious) and you can choose or I will, whichever

This sounds like it will be good. Update soon!

BergamotAndRevolutionaryFervor chapter 1 . 1/14/2011
Name:Neko Tamori


Godly parent:Hecatae

Appearance:long black hair usualy pulled in a thick braid at her neck,and amber 's very skinny and has asian-ish skin.

Personality:most people think she's the daughter of ares when they meet 's aggresive,ferce,and pretty 's sarcastic and a smart she's also clever and cunning,can think on her feet,and very street 's mischievous and a 's a total tomboy and refuses to wear dresses or anything pink or says what she thinks,even if it's offensive,and seems to make an enemy with every other person she you're her friend,she's very loyal,but she'll still tease,blackmail,and argue with you.

Weapon of choice:her staff,(her height,made of ebony,and has a silver spike,that sorta loonks lke a long fang coming from one can transform nto a sword,a sythe,or a spear)

Powers:magic(levitating things,creating fire,making bursts of energy,creating illusions,etc)

Normal abilities:pick-pocketing,lock-picking,moving quietly

Bio:She was reaised in an orphange her whole she was 7,she ran away and joined a small street she learned how to steal,break into houses,fight,etc.

Romance (Optional):pls no

Other(Anything else you would like to add):she has a familier,a black cat named Night.

If you have any questions/problams,Pm me.
Hmseneca chapter 1 . 1/10/2011
Name: Sammy Davis

Age: 14

Godly parent: Aphrodite

Appearance: Black hair, Green eyes, olive skin. She would be stunningly beautiful if it werent for the terrible accident she got in at the age of 7. Because of this accident she is missing her left hand and ear. She also has horrible scarring all over the left side of her body (Including her face)

Personality: Sammy is very shy. She smile and laughs and acts VERY nice when she is happy. But when she is upset (when someone teases her) she lashes out and can be violent (takes after her mother in that sense)

Weapon of choice: Dagger. "Only cowards use crossbows or guns of any sort" and long swords are bulky

Powers: Normal demigod powers. VERY slight charmspeak (If she says "Dance" People feel minorly compelled to tap there foot

Normal abilities: Smart, despite her ADD. Has very good reflexes

Bio: She was in a car accident with her parents when she was 7. So the next 3 yrs of her life where full of surgerys and almost no human contact. So she can be rather awkward when talking to people

Romance (Optional): (You can put her with whoever)

Other (Anything else you would like to add): You can do ANYTHING with her or to her.
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