Reviews for Journey through Highschool
Ethan chapter 42 . 9/27
Pleas make more chapters they are so dang good
no one important chapter 24 . 7/27
your memory of the events of dbz was almost perfect except goku didn't get his saiyan personality back with his memory
Jtyler12 chapter 1 . 5/13
goku was a baby when he was on planet vegeta. i could see chi chi giving gohan that punishment not goku, and it just takes me out of the story. plus goku hit his head and became nice, you cant undo that just because you regained your memories that shouldnt exist
dragonDraw chapter 42 . 5/5
awesome story cant wait for more :3
Guest chapter 1 . 4/5
After that we would go through a 2 hr practice where at any point our coach could stop us and have us do as many sprints as he see fit. Sometimes our practice consisted of only sprints. Clearly the author knows nothing about sports to make such a meak warm up "difficult" in the eyes of athletes.
Guest chapter 9 . 4/5
You do realize that 20 laps, 100 pushups and 50 pullups is nothing for athletes, right? I mean everyday for warm up we would do at least 60 pushups, atleast 60 situps, at least 50 bicycle kick, at least 50 crunches, at least 1min of planks, at least 100 quarters, at least 40 pants(dont know their actual name), 20 laps, 10 full sprints. We also did a bunch of things with ladders w/ and w/o dribbling balls. It would take us at most 45 min to finish the warm up that I described.
Guest chapter 42 . 3/21
I liked reading this chapter
Guest chapter 8 . 3/21
I loved this chapter
TriplechangerSpeedster1 chapter 42 . 3/15
This is brilliant; how come you haven't updated it recently?!
Please continue it, good Gohan goes to Highschool fic's are so difficult to find and this is one of the best I've read.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/12
Lmfao this nigga Goku ran outta dick and acts like one by putting Gohan in school! XD
Guest chapter 42 . 3/12
I hope you update soon this is a good Fanfic
Gohan chapter 42 . 2/25
Finish the story
Gabriel H. Sapphire chapter 42 . 2/24
Dbz fan2269 chapter 42 . 2/9
Great it's so great keep the story coming
wolfy chapter 1 . 1/31
Lol, that prank want even funny though
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