Reviews for Letter's to the Marauders
Guest chapter 3 . 12/1/2013
Dear Marauders,

What was the best prank you've ever pulled?

Marvelgeek42 chapter 7 . 11/24/2013
Hello Mauderers
I...well Im a muggle from the future! I know you all, because James son is so awesome eve muggles have books about him! Im not sure how they found out though...

James: I think you are amazing, but dont be so arrogant. If you stop that Lily WILL go out with you. You would either way, but it two years, so I thought, why not give you the chance to give him more time with her., before YOU BOTH DIE AT 21, THANKS TO SOME PEOPLE (Ill come to that part later)! AND YOU LEAVE A ONE YEAR OLD SON BEHIND! AND LILY WAS PREGNANT AGAIN! AND, believe it or not, YOU AND SEVERUS WERE STARTING TO STOP TO HATING EACH OTHER! Sorry for yelling, I just needed to. Well, there is this propercy, which is heared by Sn- Severus, which basically said, your or Frank Longottoms son would have the power to kill the dark idiot. You and Lily went hiding with the fidilus charm. You wanted to make Sirius secret keeper, but he told you to make Peter secret keeper. Peter is a spy for said evil dunderhead. On halloween 1981, he comes to your house, which remimds me: ARE YOU A COMPLETE IDIOT? HOW ON EARTH WOULD YOU MANAGE TO STOP VOLDESHNORT WITOUT. A. FUCKING. WAND!? you and Lily get murdered, Harry (your son) survives the killing curse and gives your world a break of Voldemort. Sirius gives Hagrid his giant flying motorcycle. Hagrid juses it for bringing Harry safe to his..."realtives" aka the magic hating, bulling, abusing Dursleys witout any parentong skills! Hagrid wants to give this bike back, but never got the chance for it.

Sirius: You are awesome. Arrogant but awesome. Well, you read the letters toghter, dont you? If not read James part. You went after Pettegriew...Peter and he made it seem like you betrayed Lily and James, murdered twelve muggles and pretended his death. You were brought to Azkaban, lifelong, without. A. Fucking. Trail! You stay sane...or whatever you are now... and manage to be th first person to break ou dinglehanded! I would congrat you, but you have not done it yet. And I hope you never have to. Well, you go after Peter again, who is the pet rat of Harrys best friends pet rat and well...everyon (even Remus) thought you were after Harry. Ill not tell you, what exactly happened, cause I hope it doesnt happen this time. You convinced Remus, Harry, Ron (said best friend, who is a bitlike you) and Hermonie (a Remus like friend). You and Remus (he was teacher that year) wanted to kill Peter, but Harry stopped you. You were on the run and even had to live on rats, till Moldy Voldy returned at the end of next year and Grimmulad Place is the new headquarter of the order of the phoenix. By the way, your Mum is making a painting of herself and she useds the spells, you did on your room. Its in the entrance hall. Narcissa is not as bad as she seems, she lied into Voldysface. Say hi to Andromeda and Nymphodora from me, they dont know me, but I like them and Nymphodora is Remus future wife. Oh, and dont die by drapery. Youre cooler than that!

Remus: So, read the other parts, if you dont read them together. You are NOT a monster and neither are you a pervert, if you thought so because of Tonks (she wants to be called that in the future). Tonks basically begged you for over a year and you always said "Im too old too poor and too dangerous". Well, tecnially, so is Harry (About the dangerous part)! Voldemorts favourite sport in the future, even higher up that muggle hunting, is Harry Hunting or killing people next to Harry. AND Harry is a Horcrux of Voldemort. Are you saying, he shouldnt date? The to old and to poor part are no arguments. When you meet a Hermonie Granger, encourage her to go into politics. She is against any kind of discrimination and the brigtest witch of her generation. She WILL change laws. I forgot: You and Tonks have a son! No, hes not a werewolf, but hes a metamorphogus (tourqoise hair). Unfortunally, you and Tonks died in the final battle agains Voldemort on May 2nd 1998. When hes noot even half a year old. Something else: Destory Voldys horcruxes (A diary at the Malfoys (1992 at least), Ravenclaws diadem in the room of requitment, 7th floor, behind the statue of the troll, think "I need the room where everything is hidden" or something like this and walk up and down three times, Slytherins ring, in a ruin near Little Hangelton, (Dont destroy the stone, give the stone James or Lily to give it Harry!), a...necklace at sirius house (brought by Regulus during the try of destroing Voldemort), hufflepuffs cup , in the lestrange vault (1998). The other two dont exist yet.

Peter: Well, I hate you, but I try to understand you. You were probably crucioed. You are not as brave as the others. I honestly have to say, Id prehaps do the same. I only hate you, because this was the start of ten year abuse for Harry, twelve years Azkaban for Sirius, insanity for Frank and Alice twelve years alone for Remus and Death for Lily and James. Okay, AND because you brought Voldie back. But you tried to do this withou Harry. You save Harry and his friends in the end. You havent done anything...yet. Help Remus, if he does the task Ive given him. efore they are destroyed, the dark idiot cant die. When you do this fast enough, someone can kill him earlier.

Mauderers: Try to lay of of Severus. I know, its impossile for you to stop, but do...less violent or embrassing things. There is a reason Harrys second son is named Albus Severus Potter. Dont worry: His first son is James Sirius Potter. His daughter is Lily Luna Potter. Luna is Latin for moon. You can do this to Vernon Dursley (he hates Harry, magice and motorcycles).

Marvelgeek42 (dont ask me)

NOT THE LETTER: I know, this is abdorned, but I wrote this because a) I had to and b) if you ever continue this story...
stardustedgirl chapter 7 . 8/13/2011
Dear da best prank players in the world-

Well I have a bunch of tings to say.#1:DIE AND GO TO HELL PETER!YOU WORTHLESS PEICE OF SCUM!

2:Ya'll(Minus Peter)Rock!

3:I'm gonna find you Peter and make my crazy,rabid rabbit eat you!MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

4:Don't worry Remus!The cure will be found!YOU WILL SURVIBVE!I WILL KILL PEEPS IF THEY SAY OTHERWISE!

5:Just to let you know I have dangerously low sanity and ADHD so I'm a bit crazy...

6:You guys(Minus Peter)Rock!Keep on pranking!:)

- Squishy!
slugston chapter 1 . 4/26/2011

Has Sirius ever eaten your homework? Do you think he would eat mine?

-burden of homework,

marauders4ever chapter 7 . 4/25/2011
Dear Marauders:

Prongs - Lily Evans won't go out with you because of your arrogance, cursing anyone for fun, treating Snape like you do, etc. You may be talented, but you are not the best at everything, so don't act like it. Also, lay off Snape. If you want to know why, just see Padfoot's part of the letter.

Padfoot - Lay off Snape. If you think your home life is horrible, his is even worse. And bullying Snape (yes, you are BULLYING) the way you do is very Slytherin of you, picking on someone. Also remember to always trust Remus. No matter what the evidence may seem, he is trustworthy.

Wormtail - You are brave, deep down inside, that is why the sorting hat put you in Gryffindor. I do not believe you are completely evil. Just stick by your friends, and remember your Gryffindor bravery.

Moony - Stop with the "I should avoid people because I'm a werewolf" act. It's not your fault. Get out there. Have a life. If some predjudiced gits are against you, so what? There are others who are not. And also, trust Padfoot. There will come a time when everything may point against him, but trust him. He would never betray any one of you. Regarding relationships, remember that you are not too old, or poor, or dangerous. And don't worry about any kids you may have being werwolves. There isn't a very high chance, so don't abandon them. You are my favourite Marauder (if Padfoot and Prongs annoy you about this, just tell them to shut it), so live a good life. And if you meet Greyback, kill him, please.

Marauders - Just remember what I told you. Hopefully, you will all live long and happy lives.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!

phoenixflight chapter 7 . 4/25/2011
Dear Marauders:

Please remember that Snape is not all bad. His home life is horrible, probably comparable to yours, Sirius. So lay off him. Just because he can act like a git doesn't mean you have to.
slugston chapter 7 . 4/24/2011
I love chapter Seven! It is so far the best of them all. Seriously, it's understandable that you need a break. It hits every author from time to time. I go into hiding myself. Use a different name so I can relax, read, review and then after writer's block clicks away - I face the world once more. so take all the time you need. :)

Dearest Marauders,

My feelings are a tangled mess as I read many of those letters that were posted for public view. I noticed that some of those letters openly point out their view on the topic of Mr. Snape. How he is really a good sheep in wolves clothing( no offense Remus), how you shouldn’t hex him as he is truly a brave and brilliant man…or will be in the future. I understand their reasoning of it but I must say that my views lay in the direct opposite of their own.

In their view, Snape tried to save Lily. He went begging to a most sinister, murderous, old man full of self-righteousness to save a life of the very same existence that he which to extinction. Yes, Snape took a chance with the temperamental wizard. Yes, he could have been named a traitor or a mud blood lover, or whatever they whish to call him when he begged for dear Lily‘s life to be spared. Yes, yes, Voldy did give Lily the chance, one that she refused and yes, it all changed the course of invents as in exchange of her life, she was able to save the child - Harry. Yes, yes all that does SEEM noble.

Now let me drawl you into my contemptible thoughts of his actions. You see, when the deathly deed took place, then and only then did ‘Loyal’ Snape switch sides. When it was too late to change the fate. That is what perplexes me. I see him as no hero. A hero would have felt compassion for a helpless child. Compassion the family, for your family. A family that the one he claims to love so dearly, so unconditionally, lived within. Instead of keeping his loose mouth shut - he ran with pride and expectation of being praised for a job well done to the feet of Moldy Morty.

Never once did he ask to save the child. A babe of only a short life hood, who could not even wield a wand. Never once did he offer another way to let the boy live, to let the family live. Never once did he stand up for those lives of many before that very moment that he had helped take from the world. Never once did he feel the repentance of the innocent lives that passed because of his own action. Never once did he ask to save your life, James. No, it was only Lily’s life that he wanted to spare and for his own self, psychotic, pervert reasoning in how to ’get’ the girl. His idea was to eliminated all threats of competition in order to get to Lily. So he could comfort her while she weep over the lost of her child, of her husband. So he could slither into her heart when all of her walls had crumbled and she had no one else. No, Snape is no hero but a coward. So I say - hex the bloody soul out of the dirty bastard and show no remorse…after all, he will not you.

Oh by the way, why do you think you would name the child Harry? Was he exceedingly ‘hairy’ at the time of birth, you think? Did you fear him to be something of a Sasquatch?

Voicing my view,

Sir Gnome the Giant chapter 6 . 4/24/2011
Dear Marauders,

I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes!

Love, Sir Gnome the Giant.

Potter- Overall, I think your personality is one of the most revolting. Honestly, you bully a poor boy because you don't like the way he looks and the fact that he's in Slytherin. How pathetic can you get? In the end, what goes around comes around, and you get what was coming to you. That's what we call karma. Sucks huh?

Black- Geez, you say that you're nothing like your parents, yet you ridicule, belittle, abuse, and crush the soul of an innocent young man. And really, you sent him to his death and you don't feel even a little bad because not only did you almost kill him, but you almost turned Lupin into a murderer? Harsh.

Potter and Black- You know, you think you guys are all high and mighty because you can beat Severus in a duel when it's four on one, but let me tell you that if any of you tried to take him on single-handedly, you would get your asses handed to you. Oh, and he knows more about loyalty and courage than either of you.

Lupin- What kind of a prefect are you? Abusing your power and joining in on the hazing of another student. You're an insult to anyone who tried their hardest to be a good prefect.

Peter- People always say they hate you and that they're glad you die, but I have to applaud you. Potter and Black got what was coming to them, and you gave it to them on a silver platter. Congratulations.

Evans- If I could meet you face to face, I'd take you out, Muggle-style. I don't care what you say about how you broke off the friendship with Sev because of who he hangs out with. That's like saying you can't love your parents because they drink Dr. Pepper while you only drink Diet Pepsi.

With hate and disgust,

Sir Gnome the Giant
Epiphany chapter 1 . 4/24/2011
Dear Marauders,

I'm going to start with Peter. I know many people hate you (and I'm no exception) but, I guess you used to be a good guy. I mean you always inflated James' ego which must have been nice. I suppose. I'm trying super hard to find a nice side to you. But ... yeah.

Next is Sirius! You're my favourite :) Mainly because we both have stupid names. I mean I suppose you get millions of "Why so Serious" jokes which must suck. Nobody believes me when I tell them my name is Epiphany so I totally sympathise. Not to mention you're god damn sexy :D I'm glad Bellatrix gets whats coming to her after your death. No more spoilers on that topic. One more thing though, what do you think you'd see if you looked into the Mirror of Erised?

Now Remus :) You're amazing and smart. It's so sad that you suffer with a furry problem but, don't worry the people that care don't matter and the people that matter don't care :)Ur your question is seeing as your friends dislike Snapey what do you think of him?

Ugh and lastly James. I hate you you big headed bully! You're so mean to Snapey for no reason. But, you are awfully nice by the end and have a son with that special someone. Hmmm so I guess it's not all bad. Still you're so awful to Sev it's mean. You're question is ... hmmm ... OH! What do you think of Regulus? Sirius' brother and the Slytherin seeker. He dies but, he dies for your side :D

Lot's of love,

Epiphany x
thesporktheives chapter 6 . 4/23/2011
Dear Marauders,

I'll address you all individually.

Peter- I'm not going to blame you for the future. Also… I know somewhere deep deep down your a good person. Don't don't take all the hate mall to heart. But do heed the warnings.

James- I would like to offer my congradations on eventually getting Lilly to go out with you- eventually marry you. How many times did you ask her out anyway? Because if it's over 300, she might have just agreed to shut you up; and then I'd be even more impressed for getting her to marry you.

Lilly (if you guys could pass on the message for me) - Please don't judge Severus too harshly. He means well…it's just…he's Sev.

Remus- Ah, Remmy. ( if you don't mind me calling you that.) Your son turns out adoreable. It seems as though he got your charming good looks. Don't let anyone judge you on your chocolate addiction. And Remmy, even when things appear bleak, keep on going; in other words, remembe that even though it might be stormy now (or then), it can't rain forever.

Sirius- Siri (I'm calling you that regardless if you hate it or not), you sexy beast you, are, by far, my favorite. (NO OFFENSE TO THE OTHERS, I LOVE YOU ALL MOSTLY EQUAL, BUT I FEEL FOR SIRIUS) I'm so sorry for your bad home life and the fact that 9/10 of your family are insane pureblood maniacs. I wish I could've taken you away from them and just given you a hug. Luckily Prongs did. I hope your life is better now.

By the way, if things don't work out with Mary, I'm always available *flirtatious wink*

I send all of you my love,

-One of thesporktheives
Guest chapter 4 . 4/13/2011
Dear Remus,

YOU ARE SO TOTALLY AWESOME! Did you know: 1 you gets job. 2 you get married. 3 you have a kid, and no, he is not a werewolf. 4 everyone thinks you are the best defense teacher EVER! (TRUTH!) AND your the most smoken wizard out there!

Peter: take my advice... Do NOT make friends with the slytherens. Face your fears. Never become a secret keeper and loose weight. (jk on the weight part)

Sirius: bathe. Everyday.

James: did you know lily secretly likes you?

~ girl from the FUTURE!
Teddy R. Lupin chapter 6 . 4/11/2011

Victoire is my fiancée. She’s the eldest daughter of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour-Weasley. But of course, Bill might be a few years old now, come to think of it. He’s the son of Arthur and Molly. So, sorry, Dad, if me having a fiancée makes you feel old…I’m getting married quite young, so don’t worry. I’m just nearly twenty-two.

James: Harry really is a brilliant Quidditch player. He taught me since I was young, and I could’ve played for England if I didn’t want to be an Auror. But catching Dark Wizards has a certain appeal that I couldn’t decline. I still play on my free time, and I come to mentor my old team every once in a while. Yeah, I was around for the fall of Voldemort. Thank Merlin, or I wouldn’t have ever been born.

Sirius: Yeah, I completely understand that Minnie would be suspicious of you. Mind you, because of what you four got up to at school, she never fully trusted me to be innocent, even though I did become Head Boy. Not prefect, though. My friend William became the Gryffindor prefect in our fifth year. I was too much of a troublemaker, apparently. Not my fault…Harry gave me the cloak and the Map. What, you expect me to just let them gather dust? No way in hell. Aww..Paaadfooottt…tell me what you did to him!

Remus/Dad: I’m sure they’re not that bad. But if they are, I’m sorry to tell you that I’ve inherited quite a bit from Sirius, being his third cousin and all. Well, yeah, seeing as my mum is now…like…five years old. Weird, isn’t it? And thanks…I always wished I could hear you say those words. It means so much. I don’t think that Grandma Andy hates Quidditch- she came to every one of my games. But she was so relieved when I told her I declined the offer to play professionally.

Peter: I certainly hope that you mean that. And mate…please, just…please, never give in to fear. Be a true Gryffindor…be brave…be noble.

Prongs and Padfoot: Something to do with switching out shampoo with hair dye. Like…dye his hair purple. But then, I wonder if he ever uses shampoo. If he doesn’t, that could be a problem.

Prongs: It really is; Harry’s commented on that more than once. Not to mention that James and Al’s mum played for the Holyhead Harpies.

Padfoot: After everything Harry taught me about you four (mostly, you three), I vowed to become your successor, so me, Vic, and William became the next generation of Marauders. William was the most like you, being the only Gryffindor in a family of Slytherins. I was mostly like James, being the Seeker and all. Vic was most like Dad, always the level-headed one of the three of us. And yeah, I definitely agree.

Moony: I tend to go mental for chocolate a bit too much. Vic says I’m obsessed, and I say it’s in my genetics. She says that’s impossible. I tend to disagree. But she doesn’t complain, because I make the best hot cocoa around. Well…yeah. I’ve been out of school, and I’m a fully qualified Auror. And Harry taught me how to do a Patronus in my third year, since apparently that was when you taught him. You must’ve been a brilliant teacher…he said that you were the best professor ever. And thank you, Dad…thanks so much.


Teddy R. Lupin
Rachel chapter 6 . 4/9/2011
This is an awesome idea! letter?

Dear Marauders and Lily,

Hi! I'm, all of you are so AWESOME. Even you Peter! I know you've gotten a lot of hate mail, but you're not all bad. You do feel remorse in the end. And that's er...yeah. I apologize for typos, I'm high on mountain dew! :D

James- Deflate your head a bit, my young messy-haired friend. And give up trying to fix your hair...and then mess it up. It ain't attractive to red-headed ladies..(how would I know that? I'm blonde.) And quit thinking your as sexy as Remus, cause you're not. And I apologize for your death, and send my condolences...

Sirius- Gosh, get a girl already! And I mean, ONE girl. Not a dozen. You need to settle down, at least just a tad. Please. You're going to be stuck in a house for a year...and I won't say what house, because I know you'd rather kill yourself than live there again. Get the hint? Good...oh and start studying. And stop laughing...well keep laughing. You need some laughter in life..and be afraid of veils. Very, very afraid.

Remus- Hey...I love you. Sound creepy? Yeah, just a tad..I apologize. But I think you are the sexiest person in the world, ever, dead or alive, and you're scars make you sexier. Yeah, you're even sexier than Sirius (and that isn't saying something, cause Sirius isn't sexy). Oh, and your SO intelligent and kind and respectable and you know how to be the mastermind behind a prank (yeah, I know things). You're EXACTLY what I want in a guy...ah if only we could meet. :)

Peter- It's okay, ignore the hate mail. Forget the whole betraying your friends thing, what comes will come, and you can't change it. So go ahead and feel regret when it comes, and use your Animagus to your advantage. It's okay to feel remorse at times, because Harry saved you, and you saved Harry. It's okay. Just take a deep breath, and move on. You'll find your inner Gryffindor.

Lily- Hello, Lily. Lily-flower, Lilykins. Whatever shall I call you? Anyway, you need to trust that the one who loves you, loves you back. Stop denying, it'll only make it worse. Four years is a short time to spend with the one you love, and the sooner you stop denying stuff, the better. You'll get more time.

AHHH so much to say, so little time! EEP EEP EEP Ah...I love the telly ;) Anyway, good luck with your studies, and make sure you leave the Marauder's Map in the Confiscated Items drawer in Filch's office, otherwise Harry (your son, James and Lily) won't end up getting it from the Weasley twins.

OH speaking of Harry, Voldemort's rebirth in Harry's fourth year is on my birthday. I'm a problematic child, what can I say? Oh, and Harry lives. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. Not something to spread around.

I have to go do my Alegebra homework..argh, I'll write back soon!

Love ya!


p.s. I like cheese. Do you like cheese?

p.p.s. Favorite color?

p.p.p.s. Favorite food?

p.p.p.p.s. Love ya! :D
AllissaMae984 chapter 1 . 4/8/2011
Fantastic story idea! It is so clever, writing a story about others’ letters. That you manage to reply to all of the fan mail is extraordinary! Kudos for the idea!

Dear Witty Marauders,

This relate to each one of you, for I bring a small tale from the future. I know it is implausible but as you know, anything can and does happen in the Wizardly World. It is vital that you comprehend that the following circumstances that shall chance a few odd years from your time…say fifteen to be safe. I know this because a witch ( who ends up killing all the good people in her story in the end) is going to write a series about Hogwarts and its students. Of course, you all will be referenced a few times but hardly enough. She will also speak of your premature deaths! It is truly tragic! I cried for you all, honest I almost did! Then I was thinking that maybe I can help you prevent your early death, sounds good huh!

So here it is:

James, you will die from speeding down a one-way fly zone in fear of missing the World Wizardly Cup Broadcast. You crash into an invisible boundary wall that prevents the Muggles from viewing the Wizard World. Rumor has it that you were seen leaving a place called Burning Brooms on Nine and Seven Street, across from the Troll and Pixie Crossing. My advice is to map all the invisible boundary walls and memorize them.

Sirius, your death will be the most unexplained death of the year. The authority figures are keeping it all hush-hush but it involves a leather whip, duct tape and four unidentified plastic dolls. I would suggest you just avoid duct tape for a long time.

Remus, I am not sure how to tell you this as your death was the most brutal death of them all. Its not easy for me to tell you. I mean, even if you have fleas I still like you. The Whomping Willow Tree spanked you to death. There I said it. It pains me but believe me when I tell you, it will pain you far more. Perhaps you can stuff your pants with extra soft toilet paper. It may help in the long run.

Last but not the best, Peter. Every heard that saying “Got Milk”? Well you didn’t have milk. In fact, your death came about due to the thirst of milk. You seem to be confused of identifying a bull from a cow. You picked wrongly and there was a most jealous cow that did not like what you were doing to her favorite stud. She stampeded you into the ground and well… into other pasture substance. I am going to suggest that you drink at least two cups of milk a day to keep the cows at bay.

Well I hope that helps and I hope you put it all into good use.


Lissa With Love
slugston chapter 6 . 4/7/2011
Wonderful story idea. I didn't mention before, I'm sorry. I enjoy reading the 'letters' and the 'responses'. its a treat :)


Dear Deviant but Ut Most Prominent Hogwart’s Pranksters,

I was hoping you could help me with a 'debate' I am discussing with a friend. Just yesterday, when I was leaving the Quaker Oat Meal Store when out of no where, I was assaulted with cooked baby carrot sticks by some alien being dressed up as Cruella De Vil. I knew it was an alien because of the green, knobby legs. Hence, came about the hot debated question of who makes better companions - cats or dogs?

Oh, if you have time for just one more itty bitty question. Are cabbages really good for you or are they just…well there?
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