Reviews for Vices
we were here chapter 1 . 1/9/2011
Hmmm, I enjoyed reading this very much. :) It was a great take on how far John goes to get his meds, and even then no one is willing to help him out. This always makes me feel sympathy for him whenever a scene on Southland comes up with him trying to smuggle drugs off a dealer or his ex. On the outside, John seems like a 2D character but deep down, I think he has one - if not the hardest struggles to deal with day-to-day. Michael Cudlitz does a phenomenal job - who doesn't love a bad boy every now and then? ;) Your POV seems directly on - I'm not sure why you would think otherwise.

~ His back was always the last to go numb. - Wow, just a powerful line. That's all I can say.


~ Tie Guy reached into his pocket [,] making John's trigger finger twitch slightly.

~ Dr. Grant smiled [,] revealing sparkling straight teeth...


Other than those 2 little comma misplacements I found, you did a great Jon with this. :) Not to be a review whore or anything, but I was wondering if you'd take a glance at my Southland fic, "Lessons Learned"? I'd like to hear someone's opinion about it.