Reviews for Lessons in the Futility of Love
SesshomaruFreak chapter 17 . 6/19
*cries in joy* Ohhh, Spunky! You've done it once again! You know I'm not much for mpreg, but you write it so damn well! So beautiful! omg I love your writing! And so glad to have this one wrapped up so nicely.
tmp3475 chapter 17 . 4/23
Thanks again this was another great read. Renji is always hilarious. And 2 nice gems, the twins and Aizen and Tetsu having a quadruplets.
PrivateCaller chapter 17 . 4/17
Bliss is what I feel after reading this. Fantastic story!
Lovebot1575 chapter 17 . 4/17
Best Bya/Ren EVER! Thanks. 3
Wildwind13 chapter 17 . 4/16
This story is all kinds of AWESOME!
Winterheart2000 chapter 17 . 4/16
One of my all time favorites! Thanks for the awesome story!
Featherfoot chapter 17 . 4/14
Perfecto! Couldn't ask for more. (Okay, I want more! lol)
Periwinkle chapter 17 . 4/14
Cute! Cuter! Cutest story I've read from you! Okay, obvious is really good too!
Picklez80 chapter 17 . 4/8
What a great ending, although I'm sad to see it done. Definitely a fave and one I'll reread!
ShariBerry89 chapter 17 . 4/8
Love it so much! Thank you for the story.
Willow chapter 17 . 4/8
What an amazing story! Loved it from beginning to end!
Aizenfan6969 chapter 17 . 4/8
This will go down for me as probably the funniest story you've written. Love it to pieces!
ShadowEndowedNiceties chapter 17 . 4/7
Oh, how to describe my feelings for this beautiful work of art? Wonderfully done, I love how you express Renji's POV, it's just like him. Ah the trials of love!
Ottree chapter 17 . 4/6
E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T. (Although I have yet to find one of your Bya/Renji story isn't).
GemNika chapter 17 . 4/4
I just spent all day reading this, and I'm absolutely in love. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about the first person, present tense in Renji's perspective, but I chalked it up to being something I'm not used to from you. I decided to trust your amazing writing skills, and I'm so freakin' glad that I did!

This was amazing! And I'd love to see more of Aizen and Tetsuya (I think you might have a story or two with them that I've overlooked). Renji in the beginning was... God, he was so over the moon in love, and I just love how you wrote it now that I think back to a few hours ago. This whole thing was amazing. I'm sad that it's done, but you ended it perfectly. It was all tied up just enough for me to feel like I had closure without it being a perfect little bow.

It makes me wish I'd taken the time to review each chapter, but real life... Okay, and I just HAD to start reading the next one once I finished.

Also, because of my growing obsession with your writing, I've finally started making my way to writing in the Bleach fandom. Just a couple crossovers for the time being, but I'm still working on getting the voices in my head just right. I'd love to know of you have any pointers on the different characters, since every one that you write is so perfectly executed that I feel like Kubo is secretly writing fanfiction for his own story.

Keep up the great work. You've got a lifetime fan out of me.
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