Reviews for Naruto: Shifts In Life
Paradoja chapter 47 . 3h
Esto es decepcionante tiene mucho relleno en ves de hacer algo original copias toda la trama original con relleno incluido y agregas dos o tres escenas
uflesh940 chapter 4 . 11/16
I can't. It's like the entire story is one giant cliche.
GrimStormWind chapter 66 . 11/8
It was great
Horizon 264 chapter 66 . 11/8
Can you make naruto get like a forgotten bloodline from either his mom or dad in this fanfiction or another
kwakes chapter 12 . 11/3
that was an incredible, chapter, filled with its ups and downs, but overall best that i have read so far.
Kwakes chapter 6 . 11/2
The wind affinity for naruto is starting to get old in fanfics, most writers insist on it
Alim fanficker1 chapter 66 . 11/3
end yeaaaa
GeBulg chapter 24 . 10/27
Yo, I just realized that Naruto's bo-staff pretty much just disappeared. Is it gone for good, or?
souravsutradhar94 chapter 12 . 10/25
I really love this chapter. I have been reading from this site for a long time. This is first where I cried. Thank you man for this great chapter.
Guest chapter 20 . 10/19
I feel bad for him he just heard his parents do it
sukhibasra79 chapter 12 . 10/17
is this supposed to be a harem?
CILinkz chapter 1 . 10/14
hm the synopsis is a bit weak for the whole story. the counter argument would be: why the hell would the Hokage takes him on the Hand to teach him something so simple as "you retain memories of the clones you create" that would be obvious to anyone who uses it to the point nobody bothers to explain it. Naruto is just to stupid to think about the stuff he does. Also muscle memories arent transmitted so extra body training would be useless. that leaves the more sophisticated techniques but we already know naruto isnt the sharpest crayon in the box so he would not waste his time studying books and such. Clones are himself after all and if hes not willing to do it his clones arent either.
Latherial chapter 1 . 10/8
Good chapter, looking forward to what happens next.
maydena chapter 50 . 10/5
wow so much drama ... i cant love cause im immortal srsly
your really starting to piss off your readers with those inconvenient theory's for him to not enter a relationship .. it all sounds like bullshit and are pretty damn lame... death is part of life he most accept that he can still die he dont have to live alone lol .. all he can do is drive a dagger through his heart and poof not immortal anymore so i dont know why he is acting like a fucking emo Jesus he is worse then sauske so author .. suck a dick
Glitner chapter 32 . 10/5
sigh... this is so forced its nasty... with him not pursuing a girl or girls who like him it just feel forced not good at all ... its just written so forced ... yeah sure he have s rank ninjas after so what ? its not like they give a fk about his girl/girlfriends
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