Reviews for The More Things Change
Arrowkid21 chapter 15 . 12/14/2015
I loved this one of the best stories I've read.
Arrowkid21 chapter 14 . 12/14/2015
Tuckers eulogy was beautiful and described their friendship perfectly.
Arrowkid21 chapter 12 . 12/14/2015
Awww poor Danny.
esoulix chapter 15 . 5/24/2014
I'm a little slow on the uptake, but I love it nonetheless.
I feel that this is basically how their relationship works, and you know what? Bravo, encore, and of course, brilliant. You captured everything perfectly, and had I not been straining my eyes already just to stay up to read this I would have been crying in some parts. It's five AM in them morning and you've successfully caused me to waste my night away, and I can't say I regret it. You accentuated what I feel is Danny's personality perfectly, and Sam's hurt and anger and reluctant, steadfast devotion and love is what I imagine Sam would be like. Jazz's personality seems almost perfect, and your Tucker characterization was wonderful. The plot and presentation was perfect, both complimented each other wonderfully, and again I say that I feel that this is how the Team Phantom works on the most simple of levels.
Danny would do something inherently naive, noble and stupid, suffer for it, tear himself down for it, and try to save the world while dealing with it. Tucker would, despite his bitterness, would continue to be Danny's best bro through it all, putting on a mask of optimism and cheer for his oldest friend and trying to deal with the implications of whatever action Danny did himself, feeling hurt and possibly tired through it all. Sam would get angry and stoic to hide her hurt and would stubbornly refuse to forgive Danny until quite possibly the last moment, or even would feel frustrated with her beau with a hero complex, trying to convince him that perhaps there is another way out. Jazz would be, through it all, the rock that kept calm for as long as she could, even as she strained under the weight of her responsibilities and worries, simultaneously scolding Danny and comforting him, and sharing her resignation to Danny and Sam's antics with our favourite technogeek and hoping for the best.
Overall, you captured their characters just as I would imagine them, and I have to applaud you for a job VERY well done, and to top it off, you finished it with a line that was completely satisfying given the circumstances and implications.
Thank you for writing it, it was really a joy to read and I hope you do continue writing because this is very well done and I'm sure many other's would want for your style and execution.
Poison's Ivy chapter 15 . 7/29/2013
Crying like a baby. This was beautiful. I want to say more but I don't know what I can say that won't have me reduced to looking like a waterfall... I'm still sniffling and crying and I'm sure my eyes are red, but man it takes a powerful story to make me cry like this and feel for characters that are actually just fiction.

Love it,

Guest chapter 15 . 7/18/2013
This story's plot, your writing, the way it was paced, the emotion... Brilliant. It made my eyes water, yet I couldn't cry, because it wasn't the simple blatant tragedies that somehow trigger my tears... It was bittersweet and beautiful and believable and raw and real.

I've been in many a fandom, and I've read many a tragedies. Most are generic death, no complexity, no real plot besides "S/he is dying. I am terribly sad" - not saying they are terrible, as the writing can be beautiful and tear jearking - but yours shall be one of the few I will look back on and remember.

Seperation and reunion stories can be found, true, but yours was written and made so well. Their characters had matured, which I loved, and you could tell the world had chipped away their naïve, childhood views. The imperfect, human qualities shown were so realistic; their varying reactions and coping mechanisms to Danny's departure fit them well.

Thank you for contributing your talents to the sad void that is fanfiction.
Vinny chapter 16 . 12/5/2011
The more things change the more they stay the same
An Anonymous Admirer chapter 16 . 7/22/2011
I used to be involved in this fandom in its hayday, and what a journey that was. I recently wanted to revisit it, only to be sorely disappointed. I weeded through the less-than-satisfactory writing and rampant OC fics by changing the setting to be completed, all ratings, and 20,000 words. I was delighted to find this fic the moment I began to read.

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first. I wasn't sure if it could be pulled off. However, I've always been a sucker for tragedy, and the concept compelled me to read on if only to allow my own imagination to develop a story to go with the plot-bunny. I was not disappointed.

Your writing is fluid, intelligent, and in the most honest of terms absolutely gorgeous in nature. I enjoyed every poetic word of this work, as it took me on a journey through emotions, revenge, and horribly deep feelings of depression and longing twisting up into confusion and doubt. I love the characterization of each part of this story, from the old and weary tone of Tucker's voice caught in little sprinkling moments, to the sparks of the old, stubborn, spunky Sam in her flares of sarcasm, anger and torment. It was beautiful from beginning to end.

I don't know if you are still active here, or still write, but I hope that you do. The world could use more work by you, and I see a bit of a stroke of genius beneath your words. I may be over-flattering, but it is the truth in my heart that you truly are a great writer, even from just this small sample. Don't let go of your talent. Your story pulled me in from the very beginning, and I congratulate you for your great success. I also assure you not to get discouraged by a lack of reviews! Everyone is only missing out on this gem of a story by passing it by.

I bid you farewell on a final note, that I did enjoy the ending. To have Sam return as a ghost is as heartbreaking as it is sensible, though the somewhat happy ending ties up the loose ends I feared would stick after Sam's demise. While I think of it, what a beautiful eulogy! Ah, there are just so many things I could say to you right now that I can't quite pinpoint, but I hope this suffices.

Good luck on your writing endeavors, I will be watching and waiting and this story will be on my mind for a while after this,

An Anonymous Admirer.
Captain Kork chapter 16 . 3/17/2011
*bursts into tears* b-beautiful story
The-Lost-Wanderer-07 chapter 16 . 3/16/2011
You definitely deserve three times the amount of reviews you received. It's hard nowadays to find an author who actually has a plot, dead on characterization, and something that makes SENSE! Sorry for not reviewing for your other chapters, but I was skeptical. That fear has been put to rest. I'd gladly read and review one of your Danny Phantom stories when you post it next.
2Belle26 chapter 16 . 3/16/2011
Perfect ending to a GREAT story! XD I loved it, and sorry that I haven't reviewed before (I think...?). But this was awesome! I hope you write another soon! :D
ShadowDragon357 chapter 16 . 3/15/2011
I LOVED This ending, I enjoyed this story so much. I love the ending was still a tad, just a tad, fluffy, and not all


I cannot wait to see more from you, maybe some happier stuff, not that I do not like this, I just want to see you write for all kinds of things
DBack47 chapter 16 . 3/15/2011
I am surprised that you posted this. A final cry of the story that was as sweet as satisfying. Perhaps those cries for a sequel will be quelled now, with Danny and Sam finally united for a long time. Its up to the reader to dream their own happily ever after.

I speak the truth, and only the truth here. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon such a high caliber author such as you. I wish you the best and offer my advice, so please take these few words as such. What I wish to say could be rather presumptuous of me, so please do not take offense.

You are a high caliber author, but not a great one...yet. I find that the best authors are the ones that not only make the reader stretch their minds, but also appeal to a wide audience. You already know that, but my message is-simplify! Your writing is highly complex, a achievement unto itself, but the long way is not always the best. If you examine such legends of DP fanfiction, such as Cordia, Choas Dragon, and Anniera Wings use writing that is not necessarily complex but delivers message with the maximum amount of punch. I have been experimenting with simplistic writing within a few of my most recent stories. Its an art really to convey a message and what you are conceptualizing through the least amount of words, but in the end, produces writing that is as tantalizing to read as it is powerful and make the reader think. If you wish to get a sample of a the best example of simplistic and effective writing in my opinion, try reading "Two Step" by "Disrupted Original". A different fandom and VERY VERY scary, but exactly what I am thinking of in terms of simple but excellent writing. Of course, your taste in stories is different from mine, but I still recommend it highly. You can find it in my favorites (which I need to clean out badly) HOWEVER

On the other hand, complicated writing can be among the most profound and moving writing there is, which is highly visible in The More things Change. Writing in a complicated fashion, be advised, is even more difficult than writing simply (intuitively) and takes a while to perfect. Tolkein and the Lord of the Rings proves the merits of complex writing, which I feel is what you lean towards.

The best writing combines both, which sums up the art of writing altogether. The best example of this comes from an ancient and often forgotten DP author, but the best I have ever come across. She is the revered "Twisted Creampuff" and is unfortunately an extinct author (like an extinct volcano). You may have read her before, but if not, she is a MUST READ! She writes somewhat like the Twilight Series, but her story "Anathema's Abode" is absolutely incredible. I have never come across a writer of her skill, even Cordia and Choas Dragon, and without hesitation recommend reading hands down.

I am glad to see a active writer of your talent come along. The old stock of talent is rapidly vanishing, Corida, Choas Dragon, Grumbles, Nylah, WTF wonder, Niori, Ryuuko 1, all of them are extinct authors. I often wish I had been on fanfiction during the heyday of DP fanfiction, but alas I came a year and a half to late. Now I hope you, in company with Hornswaggler, Anneria Wings, and Pearl 84 can usher in a new day of wonderful DP fanfiction, and I feel honored to collaborate so closely with you.

I hope my comments help and boast your confidence. You have done the same for me. An author like you is worth a 10 review average story any day.



PS: Sorry for all the suck up, I'm just in that kinda mood right now.
DBack47 chapter 15 . 3/13/2011
Quality: 9.1/10


Grammar: 9.9/10

Plot: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10

This review is a comprehensive overview.

The story as a whole was very well thought out, well put together and has one quality many stories fumble with, unity. Except for the digression over Danny going to a ghost party earlier, and a few minor details, every word and sentence lead up to the conclusion. Excellent in my book, considering its one quality I'm searching for in my own writing, making this story a new model. The plot did end up slightly dry, and suspense was notable in its lack in areas, BUT in this story it would have been inappropriate to inject such aspects, so in such a sense, its actually commendable that the story achieves interest without somebody throwing a punch, or a ecto blast in Danny's sense. The story had a few issues with balancing dialog with monologues and reflections, but still did very well and flowed. What was wonderful to read was that you asked the reader to stretch his mind and figure out what the story was saying, which is a refreshing change from the general dumbing down of American mass media.

Originality was near perfect, due to the fact that the story took a path very seldom taken of Sam dying in the serious, not flimsy and whimsical sense, and Danny's reaction to it. What made the originality so high was how human Danny turned out. Human in the mental sense. It shows how prone he is to error, just how susceptible he is to human emotions negative and positive alike, overall making him a very realistic character. That is a mark of superb writing.

Grammar puts you on par with Quill N. Inque, another author I can rave about for hours on end. It was sophisticated and well done, save a few run on sentences used during the introduction. But overall near perfect

Finally Plot. Please don't find a baseball bat and smash my skull open for a harsh review. But I feel though that a critical review will be more satisfying for you over one that raves and craves. The characters were realistic, Danny most of all, although I would think that old age would affect their thinking considerably right? One crucial category within plot is whether description was well balanced with action. It was although there were some unbalanced sections. The way Sam expired, the whole process of doing so and the angst that Danny had earned many gold stars, it was excellent, beautiful and above all, true to life. The moral of the story was clear, and fantastic, "you don't know what you got till its gone" A moral rarely visited and even more uncommonly exploited. The ending was slightly on the cheesy side, but necessary, otherwise this story would have become a tragedy fit to equal a horror fiction, which to the relief and content of all readers, it was not.

OVERALL I love this. Wait, love is a chicle term so to more properly say it, I have a very deep respect and admiration for this tale you have woven. I'm sure you are beaming with pride over your new tapestry, and I am glad I was on the ride to assist as you painstakingly crafted every stitch into this. For certain, any intellectual reader should give their review, and I'm sure you'll be receiving reviews for months to come. The question now is, "now what?". The ending was much like the ending to the movie, inception, which your truly recommends as a movie to watch, as it left a question that was more rhetorical. A sequel is possible, but not demanded. In fact, please don't cheapen the story by making a sequel. Perhaps connect it to another one of your stories and that would work, but for me, the story ended on a good note that commands commendation without the often botched sequel (I'm saying in general, sequels retain little of the original's quality, but with your writing, that can be very different)

I hope my review satisfies your crave for critique. I enjoyed writing it almost as much as I enjoyed reading this story.



PS: Stay in contact okay! Its nice to have correspondence on fanfiction. Makes it worth coming here at all.
Ghostdragon101 chapter 15 . 3/13/2011
i was not expecting that... LOLZ great work! its a good chapter and story XD

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