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Guest chapter 29 . 4/10
Please finish this.
Its really well written and the plot is obviously well thought out. But you're claiming this as a happy/oc story and at present, it has very little juice between them.
If you're gunna abandon it here (I see it hasn't been touched for over a year) you might wanna stick Kip onto the story tags.
False advertising and what not.

But overall, really really wished this was finished. I am into the slow burn you're heating up between Hap and Addison.
Guest chapter 29 . 4/6
Still my favorite story wish for updates
PaigeYO chapter 29 . 3/14
I am totes in love with this story.
More please!
Ang R chapter 29 . 2/19
I feel like the opening with Gemma & then Gemma & Jax just seemed out of place. It didn't feel like it flowed with the story thus far.

As for Hammer, I felt very disappointed in his behavior. I didn't like knowing that he treated the crow eater so bad. I had liked him as a character & I don't know if I do any more. I thought he was a stand up guy, especially for his club & now I question that.

I think the chapter as a whole made me feel unsettled, I'm not sure if that was the goal? I missed addisons journey in this chapter, especially since the story stopped here. I did laugh at tigs excitement over a woman in her period, he's so weird, lol!

I hope that you come back soon. I'm sorry to hear of your accident & im hoping you're doing much better. Also I was glad to hear your dad was doing better.
Ang R chapter 28 . 2/19
I really like this chapter especially the little details with Happy: leaving his change for children's cancer charity, buying her glasses, the sweater & bandana, but my favorite is the icy hot patch. I love that he put it on her! Your details really make the story.
Ang R chapter 27 . 2/19
I like this Marcy character, I like her backstory & relationship to the SONS. I'm glad she went into the bathroom, my guess was right. I laughed that Bull got it, but Happy was just NOT getting it. Men just never get it, lol.
Ang R chapter 26 . 2/19
Typical life of a woman, your period starts when you least expect it & most inconvenient. Telling these guys this would be embarrassing, but if Bull has so many sisters he may not think twice. I'm guessing the waitress came in, maybe she could help?

This chapter is too short! I like longer chapters, lol.
Ang R chapter 25 . 2/19
I like addisons concern for the croweater, it shows her humanity. I liked that when she saw the Bella she saw someone different than herself, different clothing, but when she put it all on it fit. Seemed a bit symbolic.
Ang R chapter 24 . 2/19
I like how Jax was promoted, well done. I was surprised he picked Chibs to be VP & not Opie as I felt Jax & Opie were always the game plan.

I like that you have the shell game going for Addison, the poor crow eater! I like that Happy is going with her, I would've preferred Cooler than Bull as I'm suspicious of an insider. I think it makes sense that Hammer is not going.
Ang R chapter 23 . 2/19
Hammer following her into the bathroom gave me a good laugh. I feel bad that she over heard what Jax was saying, I'd rather they just tell her up front.
Ang R chapter 22 . 2/19
I love that she leaned on Happy not knowing it was him, I'd love to know what he was thinking in this situation.

I like that Juice has found them, but I fear it's just a trap. Great imagery with a Juice cleaning the blood off of himself.
Ang R chapter 21 . 2/19
I loved the push up contest, all the male bravado, your descriptions & the fun lighthearted banter with the guys. I loved how much Addison noticed Happy during the contest & all of her questions for Elli. I'm not crazy about the age difference, I wish she was a couple years older & that he was a few younger, like was an 18yr old prospect. I'm also wonder if you based your younger Happy on the young videos of David Labrava from online?

Clay getting shot was a great twist. The must've had a silencer.
Ang R chapter 20 . 2/19
You left the last chapter with such a cliffhanger! I'm glad it was only a nightmare, I like that she told Clay about it & then told kip what it was about in its entirety when he came back. I'm reallyimg liking your kip, they have a very beautiful innocence together, even though I'm know he's not innocent. I like all of her nervousness & the awkwardness between them.
Ang R chapter 19 . 2/19
The sneaky card was a great detail! It just makes me worried it's someone on the inside, I really hope not.

I'm glad that C,at & Stone told her the truth, it made no sense to keep her in the dark.
Ang R chapter 18 . 2/19
Great twist on Elli being in love with Quinn, do she was the one who cared for Addison when she was little? I was trying to figure out who did that since it wasn't Gemma. Addison doesn't remember at all? Did Quinn love her back?

I liked her telling Elli about kip, it was very mother/daughter like, sweet. I'm happy she told her about creepy Ax & that Elli told Stone. I liked knowing that kip had already done the same. I like that Ahappt confronted Ax.

Kip talking to her was very sweet, loved that.
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