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parabataimorelikeparagaytai chapter 1 . 7/7/2012
Aww damn, right in the feels. *collapses, because Jalec*
Noverael Parabatai chapter 1 . 3/18/2011
I love it! That was really wonderful, and your writing style is still amazing! I really, truly enjoyed this, and that ending was awesome! :p

You really are quite talented, and I really enjoyed that story, as well as each of your other stories. Great job, you. :)
DanyCullen01 chapter 1 . 2/5/2011
So freaking perfect *_*
anonymousanan chapter 1 . 1/28/2011
This fic is incredible! _ I've spent the last half hour reading Jace/Alec stories (not half so many as there should be) and the Malec fangirl in me has been destroyed. I honestly am not sure why, perhaps it's just the special allurement of an unrequited love finally being reciprocated.

Although, it's more likely that I always thought that bit in City of Glass, the 'if you really love me, then kiss me right now.' scene, was extremely suspect. Using Jace as an excuse not to have a relationship? That's not the vibe I picked up from Alec in the last two books. And just as Clary and Alec agreed, Jace may be an exemplary Shadowhunter, but he doesn’t have great perceptiveness of the human psyche.

And what’s with all Jace’s devotion towards Clary? What does she ever do but use Jace as a means to an end?

I think using someone as an excuse to not have a relationship speaks more of an admiration when the admirer has had little to no contact with the object of their affections and sees them as a distant, godlike figure. But Alec and Jace have known each other for the better part of a decade. Alec knows Jace, the good and the bad of him. The only illusion I think he holds of him was that of perhaps, someday, Jace might return his feelings. This was all but shattered when Clary turned up.

Jace didn’t ever treat Alec with a lot of understanding, or much consideration.

Alec’s worried about Jace dying on a solo mission? Jace just thinks he’s being paranoid.

Alec thinks that Jace putting himself into Clary’s situation will get him killed? It likely would have, and Alec may have been more a little expressing jealousy over Jace’s dedication to Clary, but he was still right.

And that comment about Alec and relationships? Personally, I think it says a hell of a lot more about how spiteful and callous Jace can be, that it does about Alec’s love for him. What does Jace know of Alec’s feelings for him? He’s making his own conclusions and forcing them onto Alec, saying that if Alec doesn’t kiss him, then he doesn’t love him. Nor did I ever think Alec could have been over Jace so quickly. That statement, coming from the mouth of the boy he’s loved for years? Of course he’d be shocked!

And exactly how long have Magnus and Alec known each other? It couldn't be more than a couple of months, even by the end of CoG. And Alec's new feelings for the warlock are somehow stronger and more real than his deep love for Jace, which has continued for years?

Nah. I don’t believe Alec ever got over him.

As for Jace falling in love with Alec in return? Impossible in canon. In your story-possible! (Which is why I love it)

But I would love to see the reasoning behind as well, more than just, ‘oh, he never realised Clary wasn’t right for him after all’ Statements like ‘From the moment I saw you, I have belonged to you completely’ and ‘And if there’s a life after this one, I will love you then.’ are going to be pretty hard to explain away, as they’re not normally said lightly.

I’ve just posted my first chapter of a Jalec fic, and I’m currently mulling over the same issue-got to find a way for Jace to fall for Alec without making it seem unrealistic, for Magnus to be let down gently, an explanation that can take care of all the love declarations that Jace has made to Clary, but I don’t think I need to change the original story in Alec's love for Jace-it’s my belief that he never stopped loving him.

That very last line about the lamppost was interesting-my first thought was that it could be seen as a metaphor for Clary’s bond with Jace.

But I did adore that second-to-last last line as well. ‘You didn’t fail.’

Powerful emotional impact on the reader and Alec, but Jace, from that moment, will need to be the one to make the effort if he wants Alec to believe it.

Please, please continue this. There’s so few longer-than-oneshots of Jace/Alec and yours in particular has the makings of a wonderful story. I loved it.

Robin Wolfe chapter 1 . 1/23/2011

Now I can fully understand why you always get an ache on the chest when you write this. I mean O-m-G!


You should start by knowing that i'm really stupid when leaving reviews, they never made sense, but that's a good thing :D

I loved it, every word in this fanfic is perfect, srsly, i love how you write (L), so badly. I felt everything Alec was saying, Jace, .

hdjskwlaqlekmjnrjdks & more of that.

Anyway, I hope you can get to write more :D

Reipersecutoria chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
its a wonderful chapter... i just totally love it! i hope you update soon! ill be expecting
fuckyeahjace chapter 1 . 1/15/2011
ah-may-zing. can't wait for the next chapter! (: even if i am all for the clary/jace partnership, i love this idea, too. (:

you're writing is so much like the book, too. it's really good.

message me again when you have it up, plleeaasee? xxx
WhiteAngel10 chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
Please write more. The story is great