Reviews for Mistress of Mirrors
NoFacesOnlyMasks chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
Very interesting start to your story. I've never seen a Ming Xiao backstory before and I always thought she was a very interesting character. I liked her a lot in the game and I was always disappointed that siding with her gave you what I felt was the worst ending - after all, even death seems better than eternity at the bottom of the ocean. I really like the way you've made the main character so obnoxious - really helps to make Ming a sympathetic person. I also like your use of the lore - I don't know much about the Kuei Jin, and I was always curious.

I would recommend making a few grammatical improvements, though it's good for the most part. Overall, I think you manage to keep a narrative voice that is reminiscent of the original character. Very good work.