Reviews for Dirty Laundry
Dine89 chapter 1 . 3/2/2011
So I finally managed to get my review for this amazing, funny, sweet and freaking hot oneshot done. It took me what? Two months? But here it is, so enjoy! :D

Oh the good, old fragrant sachet. I have a few somewhere hidden in my closet as well. I don’t now where exactly, but I can smell them. LOL. It’s pretty interesting to see how Danny to living together with Lindsay; I guess some of the things Lindsay brought over from her place, he has never seen before. I mean who doesn’t know what a fragrant sachet is? "What the hell is this thing?" he asked, the bag dangling from his fingers by the purple draw-string as if it contained some kind of entrails. "It's a fragrant sachet," Lindsay explained and Danny furrowed his brow in response. "M'kay. I don't know what you just said, but I'm pretty sure you're swearing at me in French."

LOL. Danny is so adorable when he doesn’t understand a thing and is confused. Though I have to say it would be pretty hot if Lindsay would be swearing at him in French. I bet Danny would like that as well. ;-) Anyway, I love how patiently Lindsay explains what this sachet is for; Danny obviously has some problems to understand it, he can’t even pronounce ‘Potpourri’ for God’s sake. But I guess that’s because he’s ‘such a guy’. I still give him credit for trying so hard though. "It keeps them smelling nice, Dan."-"But I'm just gonna wear them again," he said with a shrug of his shoulders. "And then they're gonna get washed again. What's the point?"-"God, you are such a guy," Lindsay bemoaned with a roll of her eyes. "Hey! I did fine for 30 years without needing a little baggie of poe… uh, pope…"-"Potpourri,"

LMAO! “pope…” That’s too good to be true. I don’t think the pope can help him right now. Oh but I should’ve know that this topic would soon turn into something different. As soon as Danny asks Lindsay if he smells bad or even stinks, it’s obvious what’s going to happen. I think just when they use the word ‘clothes’ in their conversation, both of them can only think about trying to find a way to lose them as fast as possible. LOL. Btw I’m not sure how someone can stink pretty, but it definitely has nice ring to it.

Anyway, Danny and Lindsay can’t control themselves anymore and start a hot make out session. A make out session that soon turns into something more. And that something more it hot! Freaking hot! I know I keep repeating myself, but the way you write smut is amazing and simply stunning. No one makes me drool like you do. Since I’m reading you M rated stories my use of tissues is ridiculously high. "You're a very dirty boy, Mr. Messer," she panted as he began to trail a series of wet, open-mouthed kisses down her throat. "Throwing your clothes on the floor like that? Tsk tsk. What would your mother say if she saw you do that?"-"Well, my mother's not here," Danny mumbled, his mouth latching on to her collar bone and causing Lindsay to moan with longing. "So I can do whatever I want." … "Montana… Baby, I need you."-"You have me, Danny. I'm right here," she whispered, running her fingers through his hair and cupping the back of his head while arching her back into him and guiding his mouth back to her breasts. "Tell me what you want."-"I want… I… oh, God. I want…" he panted, squeezing his eyes shut and resting his forehead against her bare chest. "Fuck, baby. I want to come inside you."-"Well what are you waiting for, cowboy," she purred and he looked up to see her eyes darkened to pools of thick, molten molasses. "You need an engraved invitation or something?"

You see what I mean? Smoking hot! And what I love the most about you smutty fics is the mix between passion, lust and need and true love. No matter how rough and naughty their sex is, you can still always see how much they love and worship each other. And of course the teasing… Seriously they just can’t stop all the flirting and teasing, not even for a minute, can they? "I love you, Lindsay," he whispered in her ear, slipping his hand beneath the underwire of her bra and teasing her nipple with the pad of his thumb. "Even if you are a weirdo with a thing for keeping bags of dead flowers in your underwear drawer."

LOL. That’s so cute. I really love the whole love making scene, it’s wonderful! And always when I think Danny can’t get any more adorable you prove me wrong. The last scene where Danny ask for manly smelling fragrant sachet cracks me up. I mean manly smells like motor oil? That the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Why would anybody want his clothes and underwear smell like that? "You know that smelly flower bag thing?"-"The fragrant sachet," she corrected. "Yeah. That thing."-"What about it?"-"Do… do they come in manly smells?"-"Like what?"-"I don't know… like steak or motor oil or something."-"Danny!" Lindsay moaned, smacking his chest as he shuddered with laughter beside her. "God, you are such a weirdo sometimes."-"Ah, come on. I had to ask."-"Of course you did," she sighed. "You know, if you really don't like it, you don't have to keep it."-"Nah. I'm good. I think I'll keep it."-"Really?"-"Yeah. That way whenever I sniff my undies I'll think of you."

LMAO! Danny is such a dork sometimes, but we wouldn’t want him any other way. :D Brilliant job hon!
kleinepfoetchen chapter 1 . 2/22/2011
Smut and fun always is a great mix. Danny and Lindsay are perfect for some romance and hotness mixed with funny teasing! And oneshots are always nice to read. :)
Juliab chapter 1 . 1/20/2011
This is an aewsome one-shot. This is loving , funny, fluffy, smutty goodness. Oh yes, I want to read more of them adjusting to living together. Now I have to get caught up on Wicked and High School Daze.
unlikelyRLshipper chapter 1 . 1/13/2011
I really don’t know how to start off this review, so you’ll have to excuse me while I fumble through it. It’s been a couple of days since I first read this story, and I still don’t know what to say. I’m still in shock and awe that you decided to dedicate this one to me – it’s a lot for me to take in. While I can’t really express what I’m feeling right now, I want to let you know that I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart and that you touched me by doing it. You really made my day with your kind words, so thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again. *hugs*

OK first off, I have a confession to make: I had no idea what a fragrant sachet was until now! Mind you, I’m not as clueless as Danny as I know what potpourri is (and I do know how to say it – a fantastic little bit, by the way! – just not how to spell it – thank you spell checker!), but yeah, I had no idea what it was either. My mom always just used bars of baby soap to keep clothes smelling nice in boxes and trunks, but I hate it because the soap smells bad! So thank you for the informative lesson! Man, your fics are teaching me all kinds of stuff I didn’t know before like new words and phrases – so long as I stick around with you, I’ll be all set in life one of these days! And now we all have another reason why we should be writing fanfic – we’re educating our readers while also giving them hot, hot, hot, HOT smutty fics! :P

Alright, I have another confession to make: it took me a couple of times before I got Danny’s double entendre about his drawers! *facepalm* When I finally got it, I felt like such a doofus! I’ve never claimed to be the sharpest tool in the shed, and once again I’ve witnessed just how correct that is! Oh well, there’s no sense in dwelling on what you can’t change, now is there?

I really think ‘stinky pretty’ is about one of the biggest oxymorons that I can think of, as are any of the other synonyms that Lindsay comes up with under duress, but who cares in the grand scheme of things when it leads to what it leads to? I love the image of Lindsay backed up into a corner with no where to go and with Danny eyeing her like a predator with his prey – damn! *swoon* And I love that she’s still not willing to give up any ground to him, coming up with cute and adorable before he silences her with a kiss.

I’m loving that the clean and folded laundry is completely disreagarded by both of them in their lust-filled minds, and that they still manage to bring up the banter when their brains are obviously elsewhere at the moment (the one about the engraved invitation was fantastic!). And then you go and throw in that heartfelt speech from Danny, and you got me swooning again! For a supposed playboy, he certainly is more than content with the domestic aspect of their relationship – and the fact that he even loves her ratty laundry day bra because he’s the only one that gets to see it just makes it all the more better. He clearly loves everything about her, and that’s fantastic to see!

Thank you so much for giving me more than enough reason to have to return to the Arctic – sure, it’s freezing there, but I’m getting used to it – it seems that every time you bring the smut, I’m jumping in. And for the record, I am in no way complaining – I may not be able to swim (no joke) but I always keep a pair of floaties handy! To paraphrase Lindsay from earlier on, that was f*cking HOT!

The thought by Lindsay that Danny smelled like home, and then her commenting that he smelled like ‘my Danny’ had me seriously squeeing over here. Then you added in the comment about Danny smelling his underwear, which kinda killed the mood for me! I can’t stop laughing at that image because like Lindsay said, that is gross, it really doesn’t matter that they’re clean, why the heck would you go around sniffing your underwear? I’m gonna stop talking about this subject now, because otherwise I won’t be able to finish your review, I’ll just spend a couple of hours laughing about underwear smelling! *hehe* (Full disclosure, I’m really only about as mature as a three year old, so this image alone with provide me with hours of entertainment, so thank you!)

And why am I not at all surprised that Danny’s lucky underwear would actually be him going commando? Cheeky little bugger, but you gotta love him! And you’re a bit of a tease yourself, leaving us with Danny ‘trying’ to convince Lindsay for round two – yes, I do realize that this is a oneshot, and that you alright brought the smutty goodness, but I’m greedy like that!

Umm, do you really need to ask if we want to see more from this stage in their relationship? I think you already know the answer to that – f*ck yeah! (pardon my French) So, I hope that you’ll be returning to this motif when you have the chance. Other than that, a superb job on this oneshot and sincerely, thank you again. *hugs*

Caitlin :)
afrozenheart412 chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
Shameless Drabbles should be the name of this story and Dirty Laundry the first chapter! Because you can't say you are quitting on us now. :D Not only was this HAWT but I'm surprised that they didn't burn up the bed with all of that love! I can totally see Danny wondering what a fragrant sachet was, because of him being so darn masculine it would be a new concept to him. He should ask Don if knows what one is. LOL!

This may be smut but it is the warmest smut in that sense, there is so much love here that it made me cry with Danny's thoughts that he won't ever have to let her go, she is with him now. Not only in his heart but in his life permanently now. That and seeing how much Lindsay is in love with him. Its not easy to give up stuff or even give away memories that have made you happy, but for him she would come to him with the clothes on her back. I don't know, this was just one lovely and heartfelt story. I hope we get more of this from you and your other smutty drabbles! :D

Favorite lines

"She smacked his arm and he chuckled lightly, his breath tickling her ear before he pulled back and looked down at her, his expression one of loving adoration. "Thank you for moving in with me," he said quietly. "I love that you don't gotta go anywhere else to get clean clothes when you stay over 'cause they're already here. I love seeing your toothbrush beside mine in the bathroom. I love waking up next to you in the morning and knowing that I'm gonna get to go to sleep with you beside me at night." He bent and pressed a soft kiss to her lips and rubbed his nose affectionately against hers. "And I even love all the girly little things you got squirreled away all over the apartment because it means that this isn't just my place anymore – it's ours. And it means that when you walk through the front door, you're home. Your home is with me… and you're not going anywhere."

An unexpected rush of tears filled Lindsay's eyes at Danny's sweet and heartfelt words. She ran her fingers through his hair and drew his face down for a kiss that she desperately hoped imparted to him that she felt the same way. She knew that they had raised a few eyebrows when they announced their decision to move in together, and she had been nervous about it initially herself. Neither of them had ever had a relationship that had progressed to the point that living together was even an option. They had only been together for a few months, but she knew she loved him and that he felt the same. They were committed to one another and when her landlord had informed her that her lease was up, moving in together had been the logical next step.

The move had been rough – they'd both had to say goodbye to a lot of their things, making some painful decisions about what would stay and what would go. But at the end of the day, it was worth it. She loved the fact that she got to share her life – both professionally and personally – with her best friend. That at the end of every day she got to come back to the home that they shared and crawl into bed with him – their bed. Surrounded by their things. Not his things and not hers, but theirs. It was a whole new experience for her and one that she cherished more than words could say. And so it was that when Danny pulled back from their kiss and gently wiped the tears from her eyes, she had no words to offer him for how good she felt in that moment.

"You alright, sweetheart?" he asked, his concern for her evident in his voice.

She simply nodded her head and pulled him down for another kiss, snaking one hand down his back and under the hem of his shirt, her fingers dancing lightly against his warm skin. She ran her tongue along his lips, begging for entrance to his mouth and she raked her nails down his spine when she felt his tongue moving wetly against hers as he deepened their kiss.

"I love you so much, Danny," she whispered, pressing a tender kiss to his temple while he buried his face in her neck. "Make love to me, baby.

Danny made no verbal response, instead slowly kissing his way down her chest, pausing to mouth her breasts before continuing on his path. He lifted the hem of her shirt and she sighed when his warm lips made contact with the sensitive flesh just above the waist of her jeans. He ran his tongue along the exposed skin of her belly while his fingers worked to undo her button and fly. Gripping her belt loops, he tugged gently, urging her to raise her hips so he could free her legs from her pants. She acquiesced without complaint and he quickly tossed her jeans over his shoulder before giving her panties the same treatment.

He took one of her legs in his hands, lovingly caressing her limb from thigh to ankle while he slowly kissed his way down toward his prize. Lindsay's entire body was aflame with desire and as he settled on the bed between her thighs she reached down and stroked his face with her fingers.

"I love you," she said.

Taking her hand in his, he pressed a kiss to each of her fingers in turn before smiling up at her. "I know, baby. I love you too."

"He stared down at her breasts encased in her plain white bra – the material old and faded - and he smiled, lowering his face to nuzzle in the valley between them while his hands worked behind her back to undo the clasp.

He marvelled at how such a simple garment could turn him on so much. Lindsay had lingerie – God, she had some really, really great lingerie – sexy, flimsy little things that he just couldn't wait to rip off her body. But this? This was just a bra. And it wasn't even a nice one. It was the one she wore on laundry day because all of her good ones were currently hanging over the shower rod in their bathroom to dry. But he loved this one simply because it was something special between them. Only he knew about this bra and something about that fact – that she felt comfortable enough to let him in, to let him see her in something nobody else would ever get to see – well, it was a real turn on for him. It was seriously, seriously sexy."
ev chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
Just as long as you keep posting stories, I am a happy camper. Loved this one shot, have loved all of your other one shots and stories, and will love all future writings of yours as well. Keep them coming, please!
juels4ya chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
What a great one-shot! Even though I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter of something wicked this story is to cute to be aggravated about it not being an update! Can't wait to see what you have for us next! (hopefully the next chapter of something wicked because I'm dying to know what happened to the hostage taker!) haha!
KTmac09 chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
Well, let me just inform you that there is no such thing as a drabble when it comes to writing about DL. This was fun, sexy, hot and I want more, please.

I'm going to forgive you this time for bypassing your other in-progress stuff because this was a good enough compensation. But see I now have a conflict because I want to see where you're going with this kind of time period in their relationship and I'm very very curious. The conflict is I don't know which one to ask for first...

HS Daze, Something Wicked, or something else... Can I ask for all three? I promise to be good!