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neko suke II chapter 29 . 4/3/2012
Hi! This is my first time sending a review for this awesome story! I just wasted a day readig this whole thing and I believe that it is a day well spent! At first, I was thinking that it sucks that the story ended with only Norah and Burt knowing about their relationship, that is why I really enjoyed reading the last chapter! And I cannot help but wish that there is another chapter that is about the New Directions confronting Kurt and Puck. And then I also wished that Kurt would call Puck 'Noah'. But nevetheless, this was an amazing story! And It made me want to read more Puckurt!:) I really hope I will find other stories just as amazing as this. Oh! And I think you have some typos. For example, in this chapter, you used 'sing' instead of 'sign'' regarding the papers Noah signed for their apartment in NY.:)) Thank you very much for writing and sharing an amazing story like this!:)
Insomnia-Calling chapter 29 . 4/2/2012
That was the most beautiful story I've every read and I think i may be hystericly overreacting, but im crying at its beauty right now.
KittyBits chapter 29 . 3/31/2012
I. Fucking. Love. This story!

And I swear, I have never read a story this long this quickly. Or at all I think? I always get tired of the plot, sick of the lack of dimensions in characters - but this! I mean, I started this yesterday afternoon and now it's just a bit after 1 pm and I'm like 'WOAH!'

Your language aren't perfect, but those small mistakes and missing words didn't annoy me nearly as much because they just wasn't enough to throw me off! I went to bed at three am and woke up at eight and went straight to continue reading!

This shit it definitely going on my favorites!
evil-step-sister chapter 29 . 2/29/2012
This was an amazing (italicized, bolded, and underlined since i can't do it on here) story! Seriously, I couldn't stop reading it! The characterization was brilliant, especially Puck. His moronic logic and odd way of working out his feelings never ceased to amuse me (although sometimes I wanted to slap him upside the head just for being so slow). The plot was great and seemed well thought out. The idea for the coma and the pov it gave us, the readers, was unique (I know you got the idea from somewhere else, but it was new for me). Another thing that stuck out was that all the sex scenes were well written. They weren't just smut; it was a large and important part of Puck and Kurt's relationship and the way you depicted it showed the emotions behind the actions and not just the physical aspect. Another point is that you did not glorify the first time. Many slash writers tend to do that in order to not put any angst in what many believe is supposed to be one of the best moments of a relationship. Unfortunately that is not the reality and your version was much more believable and accurate, even if it made me cry a bit on the inside to read Kurt's thoughts during the moment. I also loved the ending. Although I would have loved to see the reactions of the rest of the glee club, not to mention the school, you picked a perfect place to end it and adding more would have thrown it off. This was actually the first Puck/Kurt fanfic I've read. I may have made a mistake in choosing this one first though, because now any others I read shall be compared to this one and will be hard pressed to reach a bar of standards set so high. All in all, this story was a wonderful read and I thank you for sharing :)

(PS: Sorry for such a long review and if it seems rambling. It is much too early in the morning for me to have attempted to write anything coherent.)
Leigh UK chapter 29 . 2/24/2012
This story is so overwhelmingly beautiful that I read it twice in a week! Such an honest and fun portrayal of the development of a relationship. I love how Puck's mind works and how they learn to deal with each other's idiosyncrasies. I love this story!
Seraphiel chapter 29 . 2/24/2012
I'm just starting to read in this fandom but I gotta says THIS is by far the BEST I've read. This is my favorite kind of reading, a focus on the characters/pairing vs others/environment/etc. And I really REALLY adore both Puck and Kurt in this. It takes me several days to actually finished reading it all and still end up wanting MORE :D

I never want it to end. I love reading it so much I barely have 4hrs sleep this past few days but it's so so worth it. I hope you have written some other Puck/Kurt fics so that I have something else to read after this.

Either way, LOVE this story. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING IT!

[ Seraphiel / l7oveless at yahoo dot com ]

ShipWithFervor chapter 29 . 2/17/2012
Oh my God this was amazing, I loved it, there are lots of things I would like to say about this story one of them being it's I think it's my favourite romance story, normally I focus more on adventure and that but I loved this fanfic. These days I've ransacking Puck fics adn this ones my favourite, you have him still being the horribly crude guy that he's but you can't help but find him adorabe. You didn't suddenly make Puck a really deep and sensitive person but the egomaniac that he is, Puck's da bomb. There were some really funny moments really and I loved both of the main characters and their interactions.

Well anyway this is going to my favourites.

PD. I cracked up at Pucks love confession xDD
milkteethbabydoll chapter 29 . 2/14/2012
This. Was. AMAZING. I really wish we could have seen everyone's reaction, haha. Maybe a sequel is in the near future? Or one-shots?
flower pot girl chapter 29 . 2/3/2012
An amazing fic and awesome that it is not in your first language either. Thank you for sharing it.
bifairy21 chapter 29 . 1/25/2012
I loved this story,thank you so much for writing a such a great you will continue and maybe a one shot of them telling the others everything,that would be this story.
PaigeySama chapter 29 . 1/23/2012
Wow. I've been reading this story nonstop for like 2 days. I'm quite sad that its over. I've become quite attatched.

I really liked the way you portrayed the characters. It wasn't farfetched. I liked that Kurt was insecure because I feel if he were really in that situation, he would be like that. And I absolutly loved Noah. You really captured him well. He's crude and mean and completely unromantic. I loved that you made him stay that way instead of turning him into a sap. It was believable and it was a great read.

I will say though, I am quite disappointed that the part with the angry glee mates didn't make it into the story. I would've loved to read that. But I also liked the closure of the story so maybe adding that would be a bit off balance.

And lastly, I was kind of hoping for the "its just you and me. Everyone else can fuck themselves" or however the quote was said, at the end. I'm sad it wasn't the closing line since it played such a significant role but I really loved the story and a fact so miniscule as that won't change my opinion.

Brilliant story. Loved it.
Bree chapter 29 . 1/20/2012
I loved your story. One of the best I have read.
LuluPimprenelle chapter 29 . 1/4/2012
Oh. My. God. It has been such a pleasure to read this story it's almost unbelievable. I'm seriously this close (half a centimeter) to print the whole thing and put it in my night stand, so that I can read it over and over again, whenever I want to.

You are truly gifted, your plot was brilliant and your writing ... I don't know how to say this, but wow, it was awesome. You went from one point of view to another, but it was always clear whose side we were on (does any of this even make sense ? I'm sorry, I'm French, sometimes my english is nothing but shit). You got me crying and laughing and for all of this, I want to thank you. It has been an honor to read this fic and I kind of wish there could be more ... especially the meeting with all the Glee mates !

Anyway, thank you so much ! And congratulations !
Sharzam chapter 17 . 1/3/2012
Every time Puck tells himself he's still straight I want to slam his head against the wall and scream "YOU'RE BISEXUAL, JEEZUS!"
kaiiju chapter 29 . 1/2/2012
I have no words for this story, but if I did they would probably involve ecstatic happiness. Okay, not probably. Definitely. Thanks for the great read!
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