Reviews for But you'll always be my hero
a tattered rose chapter 1 . 11/15/2011
Well, I'm crying again. This day is officially ending in another wash of salt. (In a good way ;) ) I found it a bit hard to follow, especially in the beginning, but the plot is more than a little provocative. I love the clashing of personalities, the mirror between Erica trying to save Leo and DrT trying to save Erica... Even though he knew it was going to fail.

I expected DrT to show up, at the end, because I was told that's what happened - but it makes so much sense. I did NOT see it coming that he wasn't leaving, he wasn't there to watch her die but to die with her. It's the result of such a fatalistic view of the future, but so satisfying from the perspective of needing to be able to see them as deeper, more intense than the show gives us/has given us. The appropriate abbr standins here: JULIANNE JULIANNE JULIANNE BRENT BRENT BRENT