Reviews for By a Flower
Wind Paradox chapter 1 . 1/13/2011
Thank you Yamadori for writing this fic as a birthday present for me! :D I love it!
Inita chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
I know you were sorta expecting this review to be from Rune [sorry; I couldn't help myself after reading such a well-written story ;)], but I like it. And when she (Rune of course) finally has enough time to sit and relax, I'm sure this will make her happy.

I noticed that you two seem to be the only ones here writing Nene/Himiko fanfics... I would write for them too, it's just I can't really get either one in character.

Oh, I totally forgot about Nene saying he was a king... Or did I? ; I guess you sorta reminded me of it. Though I think you did a fair job of using that piece of information to your advantage. The star lilies and those white flowers... reference to the star and moon theory expressed throughout Plus. [I know I shouldn't really mention this here when it mostly revolves around Nene and Himiko, but you should try out that idea in Blue Dragon Beyond or maybe the sequel to Beyond only direct this towards... maybe Jiro and Kluke ;) Sorry, I just can't help myself from talking about that pairing xD]

Updates are slow, huh? Welcome to the club; I've been pretty busy myself lately and I'm trying pretty hard to get the "Blue Dragon: High School" fanfic on its next update... Only has one chapter... Well in any case, try not to worry too much about us, Yamadori-san [;)] and just take your time when it comes to updating.

~ Inita