Reviews for Harry Potter & The New Life
Dayside chapter 1 . 11/19
This whole twin brother who's an 8000 year old godly whatever is a bit too out there for me.
Shame, it seemed interesting to have unique magic and what not.
Vape.Catt26 chapter 32 . 11/6
To the one reviewer who said that Dorea Potter nee Black and Charlus Potter are the names of James's parents.

Actually, according to Pottermore, James's parents are actually Fleamont Potter and Euphemia Potter. Charlus Potter is the younger brother of Fleamont, I think? Some authors just use Charlus and Dorea so that they could write that Harry is related to the Black's through Dorea.

Milagro626 chapter 32 . 10/23
This is an interesting fic. I see that you have not posted in a while, and wondered if this has been abandoned or on a long hatius. Please let me know

Milagro626 chapter 22 . 10/20
Not the sisters. The way you wrote the story it would be wrong. Even is he is from another world, it is still wrong
Zara1017 chapter 7 . 10/17
You made Sirius and James sound like Ranma's and akane's fathers witch is funny
2rubs4u chapter 1 . 10/5
dam my guy now i know why u stop writing this, its full of errors wierd characters inappropriate moments that make me cringe plus the fact that this basically copying some chapters from the original work from silver A. and others trying to finish his work to say that this a cringy incestuous and badly written would be an understatement, but if you want an edgy cringy incestuous trashy smut trying to grasp some magic from the original this is perfect, well it would be but it is abandoned so no luck there friends, do yourself a favor and read something else. Happy reading mates!

ps. And here i was thinking that this could add more to the original, well it did but in a bad way.
pss. harry is so creepy with Lily its disgusting.
MayaviPanchi chapter 11 . 10/1
Wow. Seriously your reasoning for Harry not loving Ginny is as bullshit as Harry allowing his parents and uncles to dictate his fate.

The one characteristic that Canon Harry has that he hates people lying ir hiding the truth from him, ir trying to dictate to him what he can or can't do.

So i find it highly improbable that Harry would be okay with his parents and uncles pushing him towards Yuna.

Normally a person will then be on his guard around the other girl and try to avoid her and think that their every action has the motive to make him fall for her.

There are several things that are severely unrealistic in your story and several flaws in your characterisation of Harry, like dispite having much sexual experiences with many girls including a Veela, Harry gets flustered with just hugs and kisses from Yana.

Sorry but i can't continue any more.
Kirito Restituyo chapter 22 . 9/6
Siendo sincero seria divertido ver eso jajaj
RavenUchiha333 chapter 7 . 7/24
I just read the A/N, very sorry if I came off rude!
RavenUchiha333 chapter 5 . 7/24
While a fantastic story I do see room for improvement, I've been trying to read this but I have seen tons of errors throughout your story and I was wondering if you could either come back to edit or have someone beta for you. Other than that I really do like this story, very fun that he has siblings. Although I will admit I'm not a huge fan of Neville right now because he sounds like a huge asshole.
RavenUchiha333 chapter 4 . 7/24
Okay before I continue to read can you please go through your chapters and fix any mistakes? While you're not a bad writer or anything the grammar is throwing me off.
RavenUchiha333 chapter 4 . 7/24
Okay before I continue to read can you please go through your chapters and fix any mistakes? While you're not a bad writer or anything the grammar is throwing me off.
Guest chapter 12 . 5/24
CrazyMr chapter 1 . 5/23
I thought this would be decent but I hate Ginny and you lost me with the 8000 year old brother. I thought he was joking at first. Dumb af.
SurplusHook chapter 32 . 5/23
Plz continue
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