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Zehel2010 chapter 34 . 4/3
We're still so far away from canon events, the again maybe not.
If you're lacking in knowledge of ancient Jedi, try the old republic with their detailed archive of war efford. You'll likely find someone fitting for that role among their ,heroes,.
Amortal chapter 34 . 4/2
I was really excited when I saw this was updated today, great work as always since I enjoyed the chapter a lot. I like the idea of the new ship, it's interesting. The gatekeeper for the light side holocron should be the Revanchist since Naruto is following in the footsteps to a degree of the Sith Darth Revan and that makes things rather interesting. I look forward to the next chapter.
Naruto9tails chapter 34 . 4/2
I looked this up 10 minutes after you updated it and I was jumping for joy. Awsome chapter, loved the part when Naruto got "sent" away to the moddel sector to fight pirates, slavers, and drug runners. That would be interesting to see him be the force of law and I think that the next chapter should have padme in it in some way, like the king sends her to the moddel sector to check up on his'progress' and they 'meet again'.if you could say what the statue is to that would be great it is killing me, and I don't want to just look it up online. Also if those people in charge of the cadets need to meet with somebody from the Moddel sector about "Mennma's" appointment it should be the demon brothers they don't have cover identities and you could make them, captains of the anti piracy force or liaison to Naboo's training cadets so they could get more info on the king and such. Is Naruto really going to have whine tasting parties or is Juugo just going to transform into him? Thank you so much for the second update, and I look forward to the next, if you get writers block just update your page and all us fans will pour out ideas for you to use.
FinalKingdomHearts chapter 34 . 4/2
I look forward to the next chapter.
Also the chapter is vary long.
l3loodKnight chapter 34 . 4/2
Interested in what's Jabbas will. How long will you have Naruto journeying till he get's his drive and other galaxy events start to move?

Which holocron does Clone Naruto have and what are it's contents supposed to be?
cruailsama chapter 34 . 4/2
great work as alwas keep up the good work
I Judicator chapter 34 . 4/2
Interesting developments!
TsknRaider chapter 34 . 4/2
Good stuff, glad to see this is still going.
VFSNAKE chapter 34 . 4/2
Awesome! Naruto and his clone are doing their own thing. Interesting. Also Juugo admitting he's with two hot women was hysterical when the reactions from the others was mentioned. Nice! Looking forward to seeing how else things are going.
coldblue chapter 34 . 4/2
Thanks for updating and great chapter!

Right now I can't research any information on "Star Wars" on Forty-Two that Ship Naruto has found or the possible Gatekeeper of the Holocron for Uzumaki Naruto/Clone on planet Ibonihs. I will try to write about that and research that in later review.

Uzumaki Naruto/Clone back home with Scrolls/Items left by Menma Rudshar/Original Naruto:

It does not seems that Menma/the original Naruto hated Clone/Uzumaki Naruto. Sort of makes me wonder what Naruto ideas for the clone. Menma Rudshar left his Biological Clone/Brother the Durasteel to forge a Force Sword, the Lightsaber Naruto/Clone created, and the Jedi Holocron. That a lot of tools to give someone, even a former enemy or clone at that. It makes me wonder how that will work with Uzumaki Naruto will do with these items when get to Konoha and probably questioned/interrogated when gets there. Having Orochimaru head would be a good way to appease Konoha or Senju Tsunade. Not to mention the Curse Seal Formula. A lot good things that Naruto/Clone has to fix his life before Menma Rudshar/Original Naruto could permanently damage Clone/Brother.

Darth Plagueis thoughts/reflections of his life/Naruto to this point and training the Shinobi Group:

I liked it. It really showed Plagueis reflecting about his life to this point in the chapter. I was surprised that Plagueis told Karin, Sugietsu, Demon Brothers, and Juugo his life story. How the Sith truly worked. I found it in good and morbid humor that Sugietsu thought Kirigakuren/Village Hidden in the Mist was ruthless and brutal, but compared to Sith the Kiri Shinobi practice of Blood Mist graduation for their Genin down right pleasant. Still, there a lot that Darth Plagueis could teach this ragged tag group of Shinobi. Karin picking up Kenjutsu, but she could do very well with some Genjutsu. Sugietsu getting comfortable with his Massive Broad Sword and hopefully Plagueis can teach Sugiestu more of the Galaxy sword styles and Jedi primary Sword styles. Demon Brothers are working on there Taijutsu with Vibranium Swords, but I hope the Demon Brothers can learn more Ninjutsu. Finally, Juugo trying to master his Kekkai Genkai, but I hope Plagueis can teach Juugo more abilities and be better well rounded as a Shinobi.

Menma Rudshar/Naruto journey with HK:

Well, it was interesting. It seems that Menma/Naruto found Darth Palpatine base and other items that Darth Palpatine has yet to Learn about. What more interesting is the Charka Armor to absorb Blaster base weapons, but can't block more blunter attacks such as Physical fist or a blade. That was interesting to read how Naruto is progressing with Charka Amor and is building them for his team, while also distributing the Charka Armor field in the Arms, Legs, and Waist. HK at least had some fun, but HK just ended up destroying other droids and it was not Flesh Bags. It seems that Naruto latest creation name Sneak is a good scout and also can be used for getting into places. Vago of Black Sun was interesting and it seemed that Naruto profited off having Jabba having a Will without having a knowledge until now. Though, I hope with Naruto exploration of discovering his place in the Dark Side of the Force, that he becomes leader of Black Sun and hopefully OWN the Planet as a base of Operation.


1) Any chance we could get a Time Skip to move along the story, adventure, or training to read how much Menma Rudshar/Naruto, Darth Plagueis and Shinobi crew, and Uzumaki Naruto/Clone been doing and discover over their time? Would it be to much to ask for a year or two past?

2) Is there a chance we get to read what Kabuto doing in all this, since he was not in this chapter? Is Kabuto creating Darth Plagueis Muu body or creating Tayuya Clone body to help them with there problems on Naruto/Menma Rudshar orders?

3) Will Naruto/Menma Rudshar actually recruit anymore people to his group and whom?


1) That what I liked about the beginning of "Out of the Unknown" from chapter one to ten. The progression of Naruto skills and Darth Plagueis plans was great to read and understood why these characters were progressing. Sure it may seem summarize, but I kind of hope we get to a point where ONE or TWO years past before we consider what happens with the next course of action/plot in the story. I just hope that Menma Rudshar/Naruto actually finds a holocrons or something to help him progress as Force User with the Dark Side or possible Plasma Ability he develops with. Not to mention how Darth Plagueis handles Charka based Life forms and are Shinobi group learns more skills/to fight Force Users. Not to mention Clone/Uzumaki Naruto progress on planet Ibonihs along with Holocron, but you could keep that a secret until you have a idea for the Gatekeeper for the Holocron.

2) What happened to Kabuto? Last I read Kabuto was working with Clone data and the possibilities along with healing Naruto and the Clone. I hope that Naruto/Menma Rudshar is giving Kabuto orders to create clones WITHOUT conscious for Darth Plagueis and Tayuya to inhabit. Seriously, that would be something useful for Kabuto to do.

Besides learning and being licensed as a Doctor in the Galaxy, I hope Kabuto is doing something very important and would explain why it too so long. Like it difficult to have a Clone or the process of the Programing to create a Clone without Conscious, even if Tayuya can use Orochimaru Jutsu to transfer her soul/conscious to her Clone or for Darth Plagueis to just possess his Muu body. Seriously, I hope something like that happening.

3) I don't know about this, but it seems like a good idea. Naruto only has Darth Plagueis, Ibonihs friends he made, and HK. I feel that possible some other "Star Wars" Characters would be good. Like Savage Oppress or something. Maybe some Legendary Outlaws or Mercenaries. Not Jango Fett or Boba Fett, yet. Just some characters that would be useful or had possibilities that they never had in the "Star Wars" Universe in both Cannon Movies, Cartoons or Books that you felt deserved more time and put them in "Out of the Unknown" and be apart of Naruto group. Naruto still needs more ties and allies if he wants to SURVIVE and Thrive in the Galaxy. Possible leaders or Planets or something.

Keep up the good work and I will try to research Gatekeeper for the Holocron for Naruto on planet Ibonihs.
MEleeSmasher chapter 34 . 4/2
What is Naruto's end goal, especially since he is now a mere mortal instead of jinchurriki? In honesty, it makes him slightly boring, since he has no reason to return to his home planet whatsoever.
Guest chapter 34 . 4/2
Mabye some like the Barsen'thor (the Jedi counselor from SWTOR) or some one else

-Air of infinity
OBSERVER01 chapter 34 . 4/2
Excellent chapter
So you want to be an Author chapter 34 . 4/2
Awwww... still no Padme?
Kouwen chapter 34 . 4/2
I always get excited when this story gets updated. I just wonder when it will start to interact more with canon.
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