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Guest chapter 1 . 4/22
Good Nice
Babyd0ll.MK0826 chapter 43 . 3/12
omg i love this storyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love love love love :)
Clementine Buttersnaps chapter 34 . 11/13/2014
Going back because I forgot to review this chapter.
I love that you made Donna so supportive. Don't get me wrong I like it when she's a jealous bitch too; but nice and supportive is great.
I also get a kick out of a desperate Hyde. And when Donna told him to get over it I got excited when he said he couldn't. I literally can not put into words how much of a creep I feel wishing pain and misery on this character.
But the writers turned him into something terrible and I love seeing him realize was a douche he was and then fighting for her and ultimately losing. Sucka!
Clementine Buttersnaps chapter 43 . 11/13/2014
Loved this!
I love stories where Hyde redeems himself and wins Jackie back but I think I love stories where he makes a fool of himself and then loses her to ERIC! Sick, I know. But I love Jackie and Eric, I wish the writers would have put them together season 8 instead of him being gone and Hyde being a dick.
Clementine Buttersnaps chapter 1 . 11/12/2014
Hyde thought Eric was too harsh? Boy that's rich. On to chapter two!
MistyMountainHop chapter 10 . 7/26/2013
Hyde's still being a jerk. *lol*

Jackie seems to be enjoying her new life as Belle. I wonder if she'll even want to go back to her life as Jackie.

Eric's such a dumbass. *rofl* But I totally buy Eric getting fed up with all this stuff and then being spooked right back into it.

Comments on specific lines below.

(Eric was so firm in his belief that all this haunting was a bunch of hooey, that he ripped off the pouch and dumped it on the spool table. "There it is - your candy necklace, my picture and some hair. What kind of evil is that supposed to protect me from?") - Oh, Eric, it was only ten days out of your life. It wasn't hurting you, even if it was all mumbo-jumbo. Should've stuck with it.

(Oh well, if she could get the bloodstains out of the jacket it would just be another something that she had besides vague dreams to remind her of her she was.) - I like this line, what is says about Jackie's character in that moment.

(Something dark covered the white half hidden face and it was holding something in its white hands. Eric blinked as a bolt of lightning lit the sky and suddenly the figure disappeared into the shadows and the object fell to the ground.) - Creepy!

(The cloth covered piece of hemp with the coal eyes smeared and blood red smile fading - this was the voodoo doll he had brought back from Africa. It was the same doll that he was sure he had put in his rucksack. Then the realization hit him and Eric's eyes bugged out of their sockets.

Dead Jackie brought him back the cursed doll!) - Well, *someone* brought it there, maybe one of Tabby's dogs.
MistyMountainHop chapter 9 . 7/26/2013
Again, Jackie's very lucky to have Tabby.

Hyde's being a jerk. What a surprise. *rofl*

Jackie's got a job, which creates more intrigue. She's all disguised, though, so I think she'll be having an encounter with someone who knows her - but that person won't recognize her. Gah! Tension! :D

Comments on specific lines below.

("What if I pay you back after I get a job? I couldn't just take your car.") - Jackie really does have amnesia, huh? *lol*

(big windows that had raggedy curtains) - Nice image.

(Eric went to work the next day with the talisman tucked under his shirt. Showering with it had been a bitch. If the flannel got wet, then the candy necklace would dissolve and he'd have a wet sock lying against his chest all day.) - Ooh, smart. I can imagine how frustrating showers have to be for him.

(Jackie/Belle was excited. Maybe now she would meet someone who knew who she was.) - Not if you're fully disguised, you won't.
MistyMountainHop chapter 8 . 7/26/2013
I can see Eric wanting the "authentic" shaman experience vs. the shaman-in-business suit experience. And you wrote all the details during the ritual so well. Easy to envision.

I don't know why you had reviewers who had a problem with Eric's *in-character* geekiness/fear. This is who Eric is. He isn't some macho, super-brave guuy. His bravery is more subtle and comes out strongly in very specific circumstances. I'm really enjoying his characterization in this story.

Music really does seem to be haunting Eric ... even though Jackie's alive. *lol* Poor Eric.

Laughs on specific lines below.

(Sanji ripped a tooth from his vest. "This will make you lucky with the ladies."

Eric exclaimed, "Now why couldn't I get one like that!") - LOL

(He paid some guy in a mask a hundred bucks to pull out some hair, stick it in a bag of candy with his photo?) - LOL

(Eric and Fez screamed the entire ride home.) - LMAO
MistyMountainHop chapter 7 . 7/25/2013
Tabby is being very nice to Jackie, treating her like a lost lamb. Jackie's very lucky to be in safe hands.

I'm enjoying Eric and Fez's storyline in particular. Lots of humor, and I'm interest to see what the Shaman has to say (or do).

Comments/laughs on specific lines below.

("Well, one had curly hair and one guy was sort of dumb) - LOL "one guy was sort of dumb".

("The Vista Cruiser is confrontational?" Eric asked in disbelief. "You have to be kidding me.") - LOL

(An olive skinned woman wearing a colorful headdress came out from behind a beaded curtain. "Oh….I am getting bad karma from you." The woman stood back so she could be "out of range" for Eric's bad karma. He looked at Fez, "It's like I have cooties or something!") - I really love Fez in this story.

(The desk was overflowing with paperwork and the calendar was from the previous year.) - Great details.
MistyMountainHop chapter 6 . 7/23/2013
Marla, again, you write the scene(s) at Tabby's Zoo with wonderfully specific details. I can really imagine it. I also like that you paired Eric up with Fez. They didn't get much time together on the show itself, save the one episode in season 6 where Eric helps him with immigration. You write the pair with great humor.

Comments on specific lines below.

("May I make you more beautiful?" Fez's accented voice greeted the caller.) - LOL

(Jackie Burkhart was haunting him!

This is what he got for being mean to her!) - That's right, Eric. *shakes a finger at him*

(Fez didn't touch the note with his fingers; instead he grabbed a G.I. Joe and used the Kung-Fu grip to hold the paper.) - LMAO Great image. I could see Fez doing this on the show.

("You have angered the Ju-ju. We need to see two Shamans now. One for the curse removal and one for a blessing.") - Interesting.

(boys looked over, "Crap it's doing it again."

Alice Cooper's spooky voice crept through the tiny speakers, "Welcome to my nightmare…I think you're gonna like it….I think you're gonna feel like you belong…"

Fez and Eric screamed like girls as they jumped off the bed) - LOLOL
MistyMountainHop chapter 5 . 7/22/2013
Tabby's Animal Zoo and Clinic - you're so good at setting a scene and creating original characters. I could see everything at the Zoo/Clinic clearly.

I wonder if Eric's visit to the Shaman will bring back Jackie's memory.

I also wonder if a guilty Eric will be super-supportive of an amnesiac Jackie. And if/when Jackie regains her memory, will she blame Eric for her losing it in the first place?

Comments on specific lines below.

(she felt like she was lying on a waterbed - a waterbed that had a heartbeat.) - Nice image. Creepy but nice.

(The bigger puppy curled up against the waist of the new "animal" while the black and white puppy nuzzled against her neck. She was warm and the puppies liked this.) - Cute. :D

(Sleepy Sheep) - Such an adorable name.

("Who am I?") - Uh-oh. Jackie's got amnesia.

(It was nearly heartbreaking that Pam Burkhart couldn't fly out just for the simple memoria) - Not nearly. Totally.

(He unfolded the paper and there was a cryptic note:


Eric could feel all the blood drain from his face and he felt faint. Did a student play a practical joke on him? What did it mean? He whispered to himself, "Jackie? Is this you?") - Ooh, more creepy. And Eric either doesn't believe Jackie's dead or believes she could burn him from beyond the grave.
MistyMountainHop chapter 4 . 7/8/2013
I really like how your original character Anna Cantana often shows up in your stories. I smile whenever she does.

Red's feelings toward Jackie are heartwarming. I hope, though, the claims by others about Hyde's heartlessness will turn out to be unfounded.

Fez's theory that Jackie could be a zombie... dude, I wouldn't put it past you. *rofl* That would be quite interesting.

I have a feeling Eric will be visiting that mystic. I know Jackie isn't dead, but how sad that everyone thinks she is? Makes me hope Eric finds her sooner than later.

Comments on specific lines below.

(Suddenly, Stevie Wonder began singing, Superstition. "….Very superstitious, writings on the wall, Very superstitious, ladders 'bout to fall…" Eric slapped the "off" button. Great, now he had Stevie warning him!) - Freaky! And LOL

(Kelso had tears pouring down his cheeks as he shoveled mouthfuls of maple covered pancakes in his mouth. Red started to say something and Kelso exclaimed, "I'm eating my emotions Red! I don't know what else to do.") - LMAO I could totally hear Kelso saying this. Hilarious - even though what he's going through is anything but.

(Fez clapped his hands. "Eric, you will not be sorry. I have to go to work now, but could you give Kelso a ride home? I fear that he will be too fat from eating to fit in my little car.") - Oy. lol.

(I guess I was jealous because you liked everyone else better than me.) - Well, that's quite a revelation!

(the "Jackie Burkhart" banner had fluttered to the ground where the wind caught the slender ribbon sending it on a lone journey through the Point Place cemetery. Then it was gone.) - Haunting image.
MistyMountainHop chapter 3 . 7/8/2013
I like Red's level-headedness - and how he loses it a bit when Jackie doesn't show up for a week. Nice characterizing touch with Red carrying around a rabbit's foot.

But *eek!* I really hope Jackie isn't in serious trouble. Doesn't look good for her, though. Maybe Eric should have listened to Fez from the get-go.

Comments on specific lines below.

(handcuffs tightening around his heart) - Nice image.

("You had an argument? Are you her boyfriend?"

"What? Oh hell no. I don't even like her." As soon as the words were out of his mouth Donna's little statement whizzed through his head. "…I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't become a suspect…") - LOL oops.

(Red had taken to wearing his lucky rabbit's foot on his key chain.) - Even Red succumbs to suspicion.
MistyMountainHop chapter 2 . 6/18/2013
Trouble's afoot in this chapter! Looks like Eric's voodoo has worked its bad juju on Jackie. Eric's really concerned about her, which is nice, while Hyde isn't taking it seriously (not so nice *lol*). And Fez... I'm loving him in this story so far.

You're very good at writing funny, Marla. I always find myself laughing at the humor you put in all your stories.

I have no idea what crazy things are gonna happen in all these chapters, but I'm anticipating them eagerly. :D

Comments on specific parts/lines below.

Ooh, the first scene with Jackie in the car is freaky. Voodoo?

I like that you have Hyde still doing chores and paying rent. Red and Kitty aren't wrong to bring this to Eric's attention.

Is St. Catherine's Preparatory School farming out its students' homework to free-lance graders? *lol*

(a worn blue robe.) - I like this detail.

("I'm sure he'll appreciate the bacon recognition Dad.") - LOL

("Sure mom. I would be so happy to shovel snow."

Kitty kissed the top of his head. "Just for that, you get an extra pancake!") - LOL again.

(Maybe less time with old friends and more time….at the library? Nah, he hated the library at school and certainly wasn't going back just for fun!) - Still more LOLs.

("If you brought that Ju-Ju with you….leave this salon!" Fez said angrily.

"Ju-ju? What is that? Candy? Some kind of Karate?") - I like that Fez is consistent with his fear (or healthy respect) of voodoo, and Eric's ignorance... *snorts*

(Fez covered Kitty's eyes. "No! You do not want to view it. Bad luck will follow you and I love you Miss Kitty!") - Aww, that's sweet!

(Okay, here was the lion tooth, the dead tree frog posed at a miniature piano, the eye of the peacock feather; the polished stone from Blood Creek) - Nice details. I appreciate the care with which you write.
MistyMountainHop chapter 1 . 6/11/2013
This story begins with wonderful specific details, Marla. You really created the scene. And the specific details continue throughout the chapter. You put a lot of care into crafting this.

Eric's return home clearly didn't present him with what he expected. He's not happy with the state of his friends. I wonder what college Eric plans on going to, since he went to Africa to pay for his tuition to Madison (and to go there with Donna).

I have no idea how you're going to tie in voodoo to this story, but I'm intrigued. Loved Eric using it to ward off Jackie "the devil". A funny scene and clever. Too bad Laurie wasn't around.

Speaking of humor, this chapter has a good amount of it. I was laughing and entertained throughout.

This is just the beginning. With 43 chapters, I'm sure there will be twists and turns galore.

Comments on specific lines below.

(Red sighed. "Maybe if you get a job, I can get them out of my house." Red swallowed the last of his coffee and stood up. In a rare display of emotion, he put a hand on his son's shoulder. "Get some sleep – I expect you to be employed by the end of the week."

"I missed you too dad.") - You wrote this moment really well.

(Eric looked at the brunette and when she caught his eye, he said, "You know Jackie…you have no boyfriend, you work in a salon with your roommate, your best friend doesn't like you and your hair is an ugly shade of brown. What are you even doing down here?") - LOL OUCH! Burn-fest.

(Fez saw the doll and gasped, falling to the floor covering his eyes. "Aiiyyy! Take it away! Eric! It's bad!") - Makes sense that Fez would have a reaction to the doll.

(Jackie; this doll is made to protect moi…." He pointed to his chest and then back at Jackie "…from you." He grinned and tossed it back in her lap,) - LOL

(Eric tossed the hemp doll back at Jackie who batted it towards Donna. The blonde laughed and tossed it to Hyde. He held it up to his nose. "Hey, I think I can smoke this!") - LMAO

("Do something." She nearly cried.

"Jackie, I'm not your bitch anymore. If you can't play nice, get out of the basement.") - Ooh... no. *lol*

(and Donna never really even liked her. She is just …in the way.") - Whoa... Eric's the one who reminded Donna Jackie was her best friend [in "Bring It On Home" (519)]. He's transferring all his hostility onto her big-time, huh?

(Kelso laughed, "Yeah…and…and I won't get to see boobs on the weekends that Donna's not here."

Donna reached out and frogged Kelso on the arm. "You idiot, I don't show you my boobs now….how does this make any difference?") - LOL
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