Reviews for The Bet
ShipperQueen93 chapter 1 . 3/4/2011
ROTFLMFAO! "Oooh, wouldn't it be cool if I did cum Wheaties?" that had me dying. only thing that made it better was "Nice to see you too Jason." He took a few steps forward before stopping and smacking Jay's ass. "Call me." He gave the now red faced Jay a wink and then walked away as if nothing had happened at all."

love this!
Terrahfry chapter 1 . 1/14/2011
Eee! *squeal* Oh, seeing this made me so happy! It doesn't hurt having something fun and light-hearted from time to time. Or maybe I just really love to giggle. & boy, did this make me giggle xD

Oh-no, Jeffy. I agree you do not ignore Adam over anything.. but they are Skittles.. I know! You should try eating the Skittles off of Addy. That way, you eat Skittles and Adam is not ignored. You both win _

I favor your dramatic goof-ball Adam over just about anyone's. I love when you write him like this.

Awe, but Jay, isn't they cute? C'mon, their little process is adorable. Also, I like the concept of Adam and Jeff laying all over each other, hehe.

Yes, *clears throat* Jeff all authoritative like that makes me giggle. He knows he has Adam wrapped around his little finger :P

But ooh, Adam's such a brat. Trying to pout, lol. Jeff's puppy pout owns all.. except for maybe Sam Winchester's...

*gasps* Jay, Adam making out w/ Jeff is the point of everything, XD. I agree w/ Addy, they are the best entertainment for miles.

*giggles* Jeff smacking Adam for being mean :P "There's no need-ow! Abuse! Abuse! Help I'm being abused!" ROFLMAO! *luff*

Lulz, Adam's always bitchified by Jeff. Like I said, wrapped around his little finger. It's what Jeff sez goes ;D

Creepy little bastard, ha!

"Being on the losing end of a Hardy bet was never doctor recommended." Oh, gawd. Jay, you poor bastard.

"Actual intelligence wise Jay was smart, but he lacked common sense at times so he had the tendency to come off stupider than he was." In other words; Jay has his "blond" moments, lol.

Ooh, Jay, I don't think grabbing Adam's crotch was a very good idea. *shakes head*

Adam molestation is always nice though :P

Pissing Jeff off was a very bad idea. Cheating and groping his Addy? Bad bad move.

"Jay winced and shook his head. "Jeff-" "I said you're going down," Jeff repeated. "Now sit down, shut the hell up and take it like a man!" OMG *dying of laughter*

Mhmm.. I'd only feel bad for Jay if it would've been someone gross.. but hey..

Tsk-tsk.. Jay, rule one; don't piss off Jeff Hardy during you losing a bet. It won't be pretty.. Oh, hell, who'm I kidding? *cackles* That's the fun part.

*blinks* What? Jay doesn't think Adam's strong? Ha, Wheaties! He said his vitamins and ate his prayers too (I intentionally said those backwards)

"Jeff's cum isn't Wheaties Adam." *giggles madly* Jeff's cum is fucking magic! Yes! That's how Adam got all strong, slurping down all of Jeff's cum, XD!

Lulz, Jeff! I'm surprised he didn't think it'd be cool to cum Skittles.

Haha, hai, Jeri! XD! OMG, Jay! That was priceless!

"Nice to see you too Jason... Call me." & He smacked him on the ass! Perfect. Chris, just lulz! Poor Jay.. But, hey. It was win/win. Jay got to watch the movie w/out Jeff & Adam making out (even if he couldn't focus on it for fear of losing) he got to grope Adam (even if he did get hit, but it'd be worth it!) and now he has a potential date (even if it /is/ with his ex) It's not so bad! & it could've been worse, right? ;)

Oh, thanks so much for writing this! & for using my pairing idea. I simply LOVE it! Awesome job as always, XD.

ilzehs chapter 1 . 1/13/2011
Aww this was so adorable! Specially Jeff/Adam. Adam being all childish and just annoying...LMAO I love it! Oh oh yes, you don't ignore Adam for skittles or any other thing or being EVER! Addy comes first!

Hehe grumpy poor Jay-Jay. Seem like Jeff & Adam being all coupley and shit ain't helping his annoyance. And I love when Jeff is being non-childish, and actually decent lol!

Oh Adam, you naughty little doll...Jeff's authoritative... Yummy! Haha lol...Come on Jeff, its Adam being SHOULD affect you..but I see your point. Moving on...

OMG I am adoring this Adam to pieces! Love reading him like this, specially in Jedam pairing! It freaking cute as hell! He ain't behaving ;) *Shudders* Ordering Jeff...hehe, maybe Jeff you need to MAKE him behave *raise eyebrows suggestively* ;)

OKAY LMAFO...LOL...Adam's abuse fit made me giggle like crazy...Its adorable as fuck! Haha Addy got bitchfied by Jeff..AWESOME! I would die to get to read Jeff/Adam characterized like this cause its so damn funner this way! It is really making my day in a big way! Aww pouty least his pretty mouth is shut for the time being ;) Jeff, you are making me so hot ;P

Oh God...the way you descibed Jay's lack of common sense...*cackles* Poor guy..he's so losing it..

HAHA Adam molestation rocks! But you big dummy Jay...not in front of Jeff...LOL serves him right. You don't touch Addy there lol! Haha and Jeff being annoyed is so fucking HAWT!

LOL Adam being strong IS surprising...LOL the cum bit...OMG i am giggling so hard.

LOL! That was so damn cute! Hehe at least Jay got himself a date. Love Jay/Jeri pairing too! This was such an adorable entertaining light-themed piece and I loved how you wrote Jeff and Adam's characters in it. Awesome work. Plus the promise to Asylum sequel made me so fucking happy!
Esha Napoleon chapter 1 . 1/13/2011
takers dark lover chapter 1 . 1/13/2011
Well at least it wasn't someone gross like The Miz.
Always Straightedge and proud chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
is that even a word or something you thought up off the top of your head? (bitchified)

but i'm soooooooo very happy that i got up to get my food or i'd be on the floor laughing and crying right now, and i still might end up that way soon after reading this.
NeroAnne chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
LOL! That was too damn cute! Loved it!