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Smarti chapter 24 . 5/1
I can find no words to decribe my feelings in the last few weeks since I started reading your fic. Also started with one chapter twice a week but the last four days or so, I read up to six hours a day, abandoning gaming, eating and sleeping for the expetation of what comes next.
I was writing FFs since 2002 myself and was always searching for good stuff, often it was all in vain. Thought I'd came here from DA and its Fanart and stayed.

The way you give live to this story and its protagonists is so incredible beautyful, every movement and sentence so delicately chosen that I'm still out of words.
When climbing up my houses stairs I stoped and thought about how it must have felt for theese young boys to see this sun tanned assassin in its swaying robes, hand on the handle of his sword pass by like some kind of imaginary person. My skin shivered by first brush of their shoulders on that platform and my heart jumped on what followed. I always was so curious on how you would end this ans also afraid that it will end.

Today at 4am I stopped reading with the entering of Solomons Temple because I thought I could never sleep after what will follow, inevitable it is, ans also known. And now I'm finished and the tears are drying, yes I cried the last chapters all along, mature as I am. And when the last lines where over an sad emptyness was spreading in me. Took me half an hour to take the notebook back to hands to write this.
Being not a natural speaker also, makes it even more difficult for me to describe my feelings about this but I can say that so much of it will be memorised by me for long time maybe some pictures forever, burried in my sponge like brain and popping up when I see a particular art piece or maybe just the next AC in store. After this I feel so much more connected to AC although I thougt I was already in it.
Thank you so much for this story!
Luna Fantasma chapter 24 . 1/30
And When The Earth Shall Claim your Limbs ended, and also my wish of living u.u I almost broke into tears. From the prologue to the epilogue I read with patience, slowly as I like doing, and I enjoyed every word, phrase, chapter of it.
The excellence in your writing really outstands because of the dedication and effort, I am so sad for Malik, that howl at the end! The one he has been restraining since he was a child, that howl of physical, mental and EMOTIONAL PAIN, released after so many years of toughness... I don't find the right words to describe it. I am not an English native speaker, writing a long review is not as easy for me as if I were, but I'm trying to find the words on my head to express the burning emotion whirling on my mind after reading the epilogue.
Altair, being dependant on Malik in a wide sense, not only emotionally and physically, but almost religiously, really doesn't know the right words, but he FEELS, oh damn he does. And I can't imagine what comes next! I do not want to read the sequel yet because I prefer you to finish it, otherwise I don't think I'd enjoy it so much (reading in parts and waiting months to read the next chapter) THAT WILL DEFINITELY KILL ME x_x I am too anxious to do that.

I wanted to tell you that I read your story in 5 weeks, why if it was finished? because I WANTED TO ENJOY IT, so I read one chapter and some days the next. Doing that along 5 weeks really REALLY gave me a sense of time, of continuation, of time passing by since Malik and Kadar were 10 and 6 respectively, and then in their adulthood. It wasn't for me like reading 5 chapters in a day and then all the story in a whole week as if time didn't exist. I enjoyed the reading and sensed the years with each chapter along about a month. I even dedicated fanart to you on Deviantart.
Now, I hope to have made a decent review

Thanks for this, Words Without, THANKS.
Luna Fantasma chapter 23 . 1/25
This last chapter before the epilogue made me so sad, crying was my only way out. Kadar and Malik's last embrace was one of the most memorable things in the whole story. And the explanation of how Malik got his arm lost is magnificent, really really it makes one think that your vision can truly be considered canon because it sounds logic in every sense. In the game it doesn't say anything about Kadar and Malik's terrible fight against the Templars and how the last made his way through Masyaf and got his arm and brother lost. Excellent!
Luna Fantasma chapter 22 . 1/23
I can say many things about this chapter but the end of it really made me dream when I slept after finishing it. It was 5:45 am and I finished reading. Later on the morning almost at lunchtime in my seventh dream I dreamt of Kadar fighting and an Opera orchestra in the background playing an ode song to him. I swear! I dreamt that! Today I had a kind of depression because of that. But it's not a bad thing, it shows how you wrote so well and put strong emotions into it. For me reading your story is amazing, I take my time at about 2 am (yes I have holidays until March) and read until I feel tired enough to stop. Uuhm... Today I almost didn't sleep at all, especially after the end of this chapter. And what amazed me a lot too was to imagine how desperate would have been Altair without the capability to help his lover, and Malik's desperation for his brother, and Kadar's fight OMG! He really outstands in this chapter. Excellent choice of words by the way, 'That he dug at the rockslide until his fingers bled. That he heard the screams and heard them end.'
When I imagine how desperate was Altair, or would be, or will be later when he realises the mistake in his decisions, I really feel sorry for him too.
Luna Fantasma chapter 20 . 1/14
OMG in this scene at the end I could almost close my eyes and imagine I was there, watching anonymously hidden behind a curtain or something. I loved the male toughness you described Malik has. That is WITH I LIKE TO READ: two males acting like who they are, not just a stereotypical yaoi scene with one of them being shy and behaving out of character. I liked what you wrote because of that, you didn't write about stereotypes. Malik and Altair are both powerful and good fighters in ALL SENSES .. you know what I mean ;)
I would only expect later to see Malik doing the same with you know who. I truly wish he grabs Altair and gives him what he deserves mwahahaha I mean, come on Altair... You must know what it feels to be in Malik's shoes. And Malik, you can definitely do it!
Guest chapter 18 . 1/10
Kadar... Kadar oh damn he just saw them \( รถ )/ I laughed a lot because I remember I saw and downloaded 2 digital artworks with that scene. And Altair doesn't give a damn, he just wanna... XD your ability to be serious and then to write something funny is worth reading every time. I don't ever get bored of your imagination
Luna Fantasma chapter 17 . 1/1
(**) ... Is there is an expression I can possibly describe to you after reading this chapter ehmmm... OMG! I hope Malik takes revenge at one point in another chapter I hope Altair will have to know what it feels mwahahaha
Luna Fantasma chapter 15 . 12/30/2014
My Goodness all that Malik has to stand, you did make him sound really really strong in this chapter, don't worry :-)
And yes Altair is still young, that's why I am glad you made him look angry and show emotions, that's good we have enough coolness from him on the AC 1 hehe.
Luna Fantasma chapter 14 . 12/25/2014
Your chapter really surprised me, I wasn't expecting that much violence. Poor Malik! :-( but you write so well and detailed that I had to look the dictionary often _being a non English native speaker _
I could feel the tension on my body while reading this, I become so nervous that I could actually sense a pain on my head and back Mon Dieu what a description of pain you gave XD that only means your writing skills are worth reading
Luna Fantasma chapter 13 . 12/22/2014
When Altair got into trouble with a sheep and then had a funny discussion with Malik I couldn't stop laughing. This pairing is adorable my goodness! And the kiss, oh my Gosh! UH the poor things didn't even had time to TALK ABOUT THAT U KNOW XD
Well I guess they will. Altair and his jealousy, you know what? I feel you have taken his personality from me because the coincidence is astonishing, I am similar to Altair in my thoughts and some behaviour but with the difference that I am an adult person who has to behave politely otherwise I will get kicked out from my college and won't be able to have a decent job XD
Luna Fantasma chapter 11 . 12/16/2014
I liked your explanation a lot, there wasn't in those times anything at all related to the word 'gay', men who were attracted to other men didn't consider themselves homo, there weren't any 'closets to get out', because the concept of homosexuality didn't even exist. So, I totally agree with you that Malik isn't gay, he loves and fancies Altair, you can be a person that doesn't get categorised as homo, straight or bisexual. It is not all like that, categories! So 100% agree with you.
Those times were difficult to write about that's why I admire your fanfiction, it's more a novel than a fanfic. it's serious and doesn't make Malik look anything feminine or having lots of 'girly thought ' as there are shown in other too
Luna Fantasma chapter 7 . 12/10/2014
Oh my God... That only answer from such an angry brat that Altair is seems funny to me XD poor boy he needs some love I guess. Altair I mean. he doesn't know the meaning of families u.u
Wonderful reading I am having with your story dear :-)
Luna Fantasma chapter 5 . 12/5/2014
Wow ... Okey... XD I don't think I can just read the chapter without giving a review :3 lovelove every part of it, you are right : Altair my Goodness what an arrogant piece of kid you are. But I still love you. I just forgive you because you are going to become a gorgeous young man.
Luna Fantasma chapter 2 . 12/2/2014
OMG I almost cried reading this, it's well explained with no need of more words. I swear I was about to weep if I only didn't have to do something else
Luna Fantasma chapter 4 . 12/2/2014
This chapter really made my love the little brothers even more :D it's so deep, my reading of your story I mean. I read it carefully paying attention at the details, Kadar and Malik are lovely pair of children!
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